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Making mind gains?

Posted 27th September 2016 by mtadmin

making mind gainsGains! All of us are trying to make gains.

Every week we turn up at the gym, we put the work in, we get uncomfortable, and we even put up with the coaches’ banter. We know that being fitter, faster, and stronger benefits our health in all sorts of ways, but does training at Momentum help our minds as well as our bodies?

Help me find out.

I’m doing some research into how our training and our lifestyles impact our mental wellbeing. Whilst we measure our progress in the gym in weight, reps, and time, when it comes to measuring mental wellbeing we have to make do with asking questions, so I’d love you to answer this survey on training and wellbeing. It’ll take just a few minutes, and is completely private and anonymous.

So why am I asking? Well, when I’m not being the ‘glute maximus’ (the ass) of Momentum, answering your emails and doing the behind the scenes stuff, I spend my 9 to 5 working in the mental health sector. The benefits of training and physical health are intrinsically linked to having a healthy mind, but it’s impossible to have perfect mental health all the time.

Think it doesn’t apply to you? I bet at some point your life has been affected by feeling overwhelmed, stressed, being unable to sleep, obsessing over food or nutrition, losing interest in things you usually enjoy.

Life has its ups and downs and it’s normal to experience these things from time to time. It’s just that if these issues persist they can wear us out, make it harder to enjoy life, and most tragically of all, affect our gains.

Don’t panic though, just like we make physical fitness part of our lifestyle, we can do the same for our minds. And perhaps we already are? This is where the survey¬†comes in.

How is our mental wellbeing? How do our current lifestyles affect it? Could we being doing more to keep our minds healthy? Could a few tweaks to our lifestyles improve not only our performance in the gym, but our performance in life?

Help me to find out how we all are, and to get articles, sessions, and speakers to Momentum to keep us on the gains train.

You can take part in the survey here.