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CrossFit & Barbell Club Foundations Course

Posted 30th December 2017 by Geoff Stewart

What is our foundations intro course and who is it for?

Our course is a comprehensive introduction to simple and complex lifting (more detail below) and it is suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level or prior gym experience. Read on to find out more, or if you’d like to try out our CrossFit Trial Class first, book yourself into one of our CrossFit Trial classes every Saturday 9am.

What does the course involve?

2 x 1-hour sessions with a coach to get you that basic understanding of what is needed to get through a CrossFit and Barbell class. Doing this 1-2-1 ensures you get lots of coaching time. You can do the 2 sessions back to back or in 2 separate hours depending on your schedule. There is more detail on the content of the different sessions below.

When is the course? 

The course is 1-2-1 so it will be at a time that suits you. Availability is mostly mornings, during the day and on weekends. Purchase the course at the button below then contact Josh to set up your 1-2-1 sessions.

What does the course cost?

The course costs £130.

How do I sign up?

Buy the course here and contact Josh to book yourself into the Foundations sessions.

Can you tell me a bit more about the course content?

Session 1 covers

Split squat
Air squat
Back squat
KBDL technique
Front Squat
Overhead squat

Session 2 covers

Strict press
Push press
Push jerk
Split jerk
Bench press
Pull ups
Ring rows
Double unders

What else do I need to know? 

Very importantly: it’s a lot of fun. Almost everyone who does the course tells us this. If you’re not an experienced gym goer or lifter then this is the perfect environment to learn with no intimidation factor and plenty of friendly support. If you’re more experienced then we’ll make sure we challenge you – the small group format provides for a bespoke approach for individual members as well as the benefits of the social side of group training.

What happens after the course?

You can come to any of our timetabled classes (come and chat to us before jumping in at the deep end with Heavy met con – our more hardcore programme).