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CrossFit Training program 28th – 3rd April

Josh Schouten | 26-03-2022
  As we take on a new program and a slightly different structure for the days we will need some time to adjust. To begin with, we will be working on triples on the big lifts, these will be at percentage ranges that should be adhered to for best results, later on, we will be aiming to improve the rate... [Read more]

Crossfit Program 4/2/2019 – 10/2/19

Josh Schouten | 02-02-2019
Welcome to February, with a change of program and the CrossFit open in 3 weeks we will see some changes to the programming coming in. Sundays CrossFit classes will be the Open workout - we may modify this for those not wishing to count their score. Maybe a team and/or partner workout, yet if you're entering a score the workout... [Read more]

Crossfit Program 28/1/2019 – 3/2/19

Josh Schouten | 27-01-2019
Last week of the first phase of training of 2019. Working towards the next phase of Squats, Deadlifts, Pulls and Press. Tie your bootstraps and hang on in there for the last week of Phase one for the year. As we are moving through the phases we will see some of the structural exercises disappear and some of the big... [Read more]

Crossfit Program 7/1/2019 – 13/1/19

Josh Schouten | 05-01-2019
People of Momentum Training welcome to what we are sure is going to be an amazing year. We feel year on year we have built and tweaked the programming to get even better results and more fun. This coming year is going to be a pretty hot one with lots in store and hopefully some new paths to skip down.... [Read more]

Crossfit training program 24/12/2018 -30/12/2018

Geoff Stewart | 21-12-2018
Welcome to week 5 of our Xmas and New Year training program. Week 5. It was always going to be a funny week this one. You'll note we have put some park workouts in for you peeps who want to work off - or pre-empt - the Xmas blow-out. People, have a great time. Enjoy yourselves, rest well, eat well,... [Read more]

InBody Scanning for Body Composition

Josh Schouten | 11-11-2016
What can be measured can be improved Recently, I was told by Andre Benoit that “strength is the mother of all qualities". This certainly rings true in the world of body composition training. Train for strength and shape will follow. Some bodybuilding gurus still preach that if you train for shape, strength will follow; as this false gospel spreads, so do distended... [Read more]