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Crossfit Program 4/2/2019 – 10/2/19

Posted 2nd February 2019 by Josh Schouten

Welcome to February, with a change of program and the CrossFit open in 3 weeks we will see some changes to the programming coming in.

  • Sundays CrossFit classes will be the Open workout – we may modify this for those not wishing to count their score. Maybe a team and/or partner workout, yet if you’re entering a score the workout can be done standalone
  • A slight shift towards the barbell and mains lifts in the programming
  • Movement flows at the beginning of each day to get us moving quicker in these cooler climates. These will be simple, with an aim of getting warmer before we touch those barbells.


Crossfit Program 28/1/2019 – 3/2/19

Posted 27th January 2019 by Josh Schouten

Last week of the first phase of training of 2019. Working towards the next phase of Squats, Deadlifts, Pulls and Press.

Tie your bootstraps and hang on in there for the last week of Phase one for the year. As we are moving through the phases we will see some of the structural exercises disappear and some of the big bang ones appear, keeping in mind that if you still need some work on these please keep these going in open gym or before class if you can get in early! Put those little black books away this week, have some fun and most of all keep warm.


Crossfit Program 7/1/2019 – 13/1/19

Posted 5th January 2019 by Josh Schouten

People of Momentum Training welcome to what we are sure is going to be an amazing year. We feel year on year we have built and tweaked the programming to get even better results and more fun. This coming year is going to be a pretty hot one with lots in store and hopefully some new paths to skip down.

Phase 1 will start on the 7th January 2019 and run for 10-12 weeks.

To introduce this new phase, we will start with some basic mantra stuff that is vitally important to the training plan and community at Momentum Training. We love a good chat about training cycle, strength gains, max effort sets, accommodation methods etc. and all your coaches are indeed training heads themselves. One thing we all have in common is that we believe that training is vitally important on many, many levels, improving health markers, fitness levels, body composition, mental fortitude and personal satisfaction but most importantly it needs to be fun and enjoyable and you’ll want to keep on doing it. We don’t design 8-12-week body blasts and promise you the earth (although you’ll get a pretty good result in that time), instead we plan for a longer game with a GPP program (general physical preparedness) and reminding ourselves we are generalist not specialist (great a lot’s of things and magic at non). 

We are starting our 2019 program with a solid base of structural balance exercises with some short, medium and longer workouts with some team work on Saturday’s. These first 2 phases of programming are there to make sure we educate ourselves on the basics. Bear in mind that if we need to keep these after the phase has finished you are welcome to use these movements as warm ups before classes. Tempo’s will be slow and there will be some deliberate pauses in the difficult positions to make sure we are comfortable when things get a little tough.

So, tie your boot straps and pull on that lycra, put in the hard work and let’s make the most of the beginning of 2019!


25 Minutes continous work:

A: 45* Db Incline Press x 12-15 @ 30×0

A2: KB Sumo Deadlift x 12-15 @ 30×0

A3: Powell Raise x 12-15 @ 30×0

A4: Front Foot Elevated Split Squat x 12-15 @ 30×0

Move though while keeping the rest to a minimum. No longer than 60 seconds.


Minute on, minute off. 6 rounds. Count the burpees completed over all rounds

Push Press x 10

DU x 10

Burpee – for remaining time


12 minutes:

A: 3 position Muscle Clean

High Hang x 1

Low Hang x 1

Floor x 1

12 minutes: B: High Hang Power Clean x 4


5 Rounds – One every 2 minutes

Power Clean x 3

Double Kb Swing x 8

Tuck Jumps / Squat Jumps x 10


25 Minutes continous work:

A: Cyclist Front Squat x 8 @ 30×0

A2: 1 Arm Db Row x 12-15 @ 30×0

A3: Banded Pull Through x 12-15@ 30×0

A4: Cuban Rotation x 12-15 @ 30×0

Move through while keeping the rest to a minimum. No longer than 60 seconds.


4 Rounds of:

Db Clusters x 10

DB Box Step Up x 20 (total)

400m Run


12 minutes:

A: 3 position Muscle Snatch

High Hang x 1

Low Hang x 1

Floor x 1

12 minutes:

B: Power Snatch + Sn grip Jerk x 2+2

C: Kb Sots Press or Kb Windmill 3 x 8 each

C2:Walking Lunges 3 x 16 steps


EMOM. Rolling Stations. 3 Rounds

1 – Row x 10cal

2- Db Snatch x 5 ea

3 – Bike x 10 Cal

4 – 1 Arm DB Thrusters x 5 ea


A: Strict Press banded w/ kettlebells x 5

A2: Chest Supported YTW’s x 8 each

4 Rounds

B: Thruster (paused @ full extension, 2 seconds) x 6-10

B2: Hollow Dish / Plank/ KB Flutter kicks / Seal Walks x 40-60 seconds


In Pairs – time cap

400m Run (together)

Followed by:

2 rounds of:

40 Thrusters

40 American Kb Swings

40 Down Ups

40 Sit Ups

400m Run (together)


20 mins of:

A: Paused Back Squats x 3 @ 33×0

A2: Sliding Leg Curls / Nordic Curls x 12 / 6-8

A3: Kneeling Palloff Press x 30-45 sec each

10 mins of:

Kettlebell Pyramids


A1: Double Kb Squat Clean
A2: Double Kb Thruster
A3: Double Kb Push Press
A4: Double Kb Down Up

10 mins of:

Double KB swings x 10 (challenging)

Side Plank x 30 seconds each

Front Leaning Rest x 30 seconds

Run 200 mtrs (rear alley)

Aim to use a weight that you can keep moving comfortably with

Crossfit training program 24/12/2018 -30/12/2018

Posted 21st December 2018 by Geoff Stewart

Welcome to week 5 of our Xmas and New Year training program.

Week 5. It was always going to be a funny week this one.

You’ll note we have put some park workouts in for you peeps who want to work off – or pre-empt – the Xmas blow-out.

People, have a great time. Enjoy yourselves, rest well, eat well, work hard, be nice to people and go easy on the pudding.


InBody Scanning for Body Composition

Posted 11th November 2016 by Josh Schouten


What can be measured can be improved

Recently, I was told by Andre Benoit that “strength is the mother of all qualities“. This certainly rings true in the world of body composition training. Train for strength and shape will follow. Some bodybuilding gurus still preach that if you train for shape, strength will follow; as this false gospel spreads, so do distended bellies. Strength is your base.

Strength gains come with lean muscle gain.  More lean mass allows a greater energy expenditure along with higher metabolic rate, all leading to fat loss.

We now have ourselves an Inbody 270 Body Composition analyser that is capable of measuring a number of great health markers and establishing an accurate means of measuring your training results.  Let’s be honest, the scales are useless when it comes to measuring your training results.  If we build some lean muscle mass and increase your bone density (lifting weights increase bone density which is very important for longevity) you will lose body fat while the weight on the scale might not move. This may dent our motivation although in reality your body composition can be changing dramatically and those pesky scales won’t budge.  This is where the InBody analyser can make all the difference.