Heavy Metcon 30/8/2017

Geoff Stewart | 29-08-2017
  In a 6min window work through the following complex at a steady pace immediately followed by 3min window of the below.   A. 1xBB weight for whole complex – weight challenging 5x Deadlifts 5x Power clean 5x Front squat 5x Push press /jerk   ME Lengths on sled as possible –medium weight As many meters as possible on Bike... [Read more]

CF training program, phase 2, week 5 28/8/17 – 3/9/17

Geoff Stewart | 25-08-2017
Week 5 of our new training phase, Louie is here. Read more about Louie here. last week looked like a good week from where your coaches where standing. Well done. This week we are looking to build upon week 4 you'll have a good idea of the movements and what weights, tempos and effort levels are expected of you. Im going... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 23/8/2017

Geoff Stewart | 22-08-2017
Inverse relationship.   Working with a partner ideally AFAP but all with great form and a good weight on the bar work through the below. We'll give you 30min to get as much done as you can.   Working down in 2s from 20 > 2 air squats Working up in 1s from 1>10 Heavy back squats   Working down... [Read more]

New membership system

Geoff Stewart | 21-08-2017
We are currently transitioning between membership systems, please contact us to purchase a membership. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Teamup/membership FAQs

Geoff Stewart | 16-08-2017
Where do I access the Teamup site? The timetable will be live on our website from 1 September or you can follow this link and save it to your phone (instructions below):   Cancellations and downgrades You can do this yourself in Teamup and no longer need to email Elena, hooray! Cancellations and downgrades are subject to a 2 week... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 16/8/2017

Geoff Stewart | 15-08-2017
Folks back to basic this week with me and my smelly knee sleeves but no less fun thats for sure. Warm up Working with a partner EMOM 8 min per station Bench press x5 Press up x10 Squats x5 Box jumps x10 Power cleans x5 KB clean n press x5 ea Clear the floor... Working in teams 3-5 in a... [Read more]

Crossfit Weapons 13/8/2017

Geoff Stewart | 11-08-2017
          8 min of continual movment: 4 x Turkish Get Ups ea arm 8 x Front Rack Lunges el 45 sec Hollow dish   In pairs- 4 Rounds of: A1.Row 500m @ 75% A2. 15 x Med Ball throw for height A3. Rest 2 mins   In pairs follow partner once they get off the rower.... [Read more]

CF training program, phase 2, week 3 14/8/17 – 20/8/17

Geoff Stewart
Week 3 of our new training phase, Louie. Read more about Louie here. Week 2 Seemed to have gone down well and you peeps got to grips with some new skills. The energy days seemed to have fooled a few by looking simple but being f****** hard.   If you spend some time looking at quality strength and conditioning theory and... [Read more]