Crossfit Weapons 6/8/2017

Geoff Stewart | 04-08-2017
            8min Alt with a parnter - light 10x KB swings 5x KB cleans ea 10x KB goblet squats 5x KB push press     3x5min Rounds A1.Run 400m A2. ME alt arms KB clean and Press -Heavy   5x2min Rounds B1. Row 200m B2. ME over rower burpees Rest 2 mins Between Round  ... [Read more]

CF training program, phase 2, week 2 7/8/17 – 13/8/17

Geoff Stewart
Week 2 of our new training phase, Louie. Read more about Louie here. Week 1 is done and dusted and week 2 is on you like another episode of Game of Thrones. So how did you find week 1?  A few people have mentioned that we have added some  longer rest periods. Resting isn't a crime and although experience tells us... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 2/8/2107

Geoff Stewart | 01-08-2017
  Working with a partners 2min work 2 min rest cycle thought stations for 40 mins. Make note of each rep count at each staion   Row 16/20cals Pull ups ME   Assault bike 16/20cals DB man-makers ME (no squat)   Row 16/20cals KB swings ME   Assault bike 16/20cals DB thrusters ME