Teamup/membership FAQs

Posted 16th August 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Where do I access the Teamup site?

The timetable will be live on our website from 1 September or you can follow this link and save it to your phone (instructions below):


Cancellations and downgrades

You can do this yourself in Teamup and no longer need to email Elena, hooray! Cancellations and downgrades are subject to a 2 week notice period – if you cancel or downgrade after the 17th of the month your cancellation/downgrade will not take effect until the end of the following month e.g. if you cancel on 20th November, your membership will continue until the end of December. When you cancel, Teamup will tell you clearly when your membership will end. Please note that all sessions and memberships are non refundable. 

Is there a Teamup app?

Nope, although there is a good mobile version of the desktop site with full functionality (you can buy memberships and update payment details as well as making class bookings, unlike in MindBody). If you’re on an iPhone you can add the teamup site to your home screen, which is basically like an app anyway. To do this:

1.Go to the Teamup site in Safari and select the Action button:

Teamup_membership FAQs   

2. Select the Add to home screen button:

Teamup_membership FAQs-2

    3. Bob’s your uncle, fanny’s your aunt and our Teamup site is on your home screen:

Teamup_membership FAQs-1

Billing dates 

Regular monthly memberships are aligned to the calendar month and you will be billed on the 1st of every month. If you buy a new membership or upgrade in the middle of the month it will take effect immediately and teamup will automatically prorate your first payment from the date of your purchase until the end of the month. Subsequent payments will be taken on the 1st of the month. 

If you buy a class pack (group PT, 10 packs, single sessions or Foundations), you will be billed for this on the date you purchase it (although the time limit for the class pack will not start until you make your first class booking). 

Credit card payments 

We prefer you to pay with direct debit and this is the default option in the system for recurring membership payments. This is so we don’t have to chase up failed membership payments due to credit cards expiring. If you don’t have a UK bank account, or if paying via DD is an issue for you for another reason, then drop us a line and we’ll enable credit card payments on your account.

Holiday freezes

We do not offer any freezes or extensions of sessions or memberships. If you are on a monthly rolling membership you can cancel anytime you go on holiday, subject to the notice periods above. If you are on a legacy 12 or 6 month contract then you can cancel when you go away (as long as you are past the first 12 or 6 months of your membership) but please note that when you return you will go onto the monthly rolling rate. 

What happens if I don’t add payment details to Teamup?

We will keep charging you through MindBody unless and until you tell us that you want to terminate your membership (remember we need notice by the 17th of the month). This will be a pain in the ass for everyone – you’ll find you won’t be able to book in automatically via Teamup and we’ll have to manually credit your account to let you book classes.

Heavy Metcon 16/8/2017

Posted 15th August 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Folks back to basic this week with me and my smelly knee sleeves but no less fun thats for sure.

Warm up

Working with a partner EMOM 8 min per station

Bench press x5
Press up x10

Squats x5
Box jumps x10

Power cleans x5
KB clean n press x5 ea

Clear the floor…
Working in teams 3-5 in a follow the lead 20 min work.
Bike 12/10 cals
Rower 12/10 cals
Object carry / move there and back…
Boxing bag
Heavy plate hug plate
Double heavy DB farmers walk
Sand bag move
Sled rope pull

Crossfit Weapons 13/8/2017

Posted 11th August 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons






8 min of continual movment:

4 x Turkish Get Ups ea arm

8 x Front Rack Lunges el

45 sec Hollow dish


In pairs- 4 Rounds of:

A1.Row 500m @ 75%

A2. 15 x Med Ball throw for height

A3. Rest 2 mins


In pairs follow partner once they get off the rower.

In pairs-3 Rounds:

B1. Row 250m 85%

B2. 20 DB Walking Lunges

Rest 2 mins Between Round


In pairs follow partner once they get off the rower.

8 rounds -AFAP

C1 Row 125m

C2 25 air squats

C3 2mins betwwen rounds

CF training program, phase 2, week 3 14/8/17 – 20/8/17

Posted by Geoff Stewart

Week 3 of our new training phase, Louie. Read more about Louie here.

Week 2 Seemed to have gone down well and you peeps got to grips with some new skills. The energy days seemed to have fooled a few by looking simple but being f****** hard.   If you spend some time looking at quality strength and conditioning theory and CrossFit programming and read a few CrossFit articles from 2003 you’ll note that a lot of it is simple couplets (2 exercises) and/or triplets (3 exercises) of various modalities with different emphases on time, distance and reps to mix it up. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity; it can be super effective.

This week we are still building those skills. Remember on those ME days we want you to work hard but remember we like to practise solid form not failed reps. On our DE days think about moving faster. Even if it doesn’t feel like your pace is hugely different, it’s all about the intention and the cognitive and neural patterns.

Have a sweet week x


Crossfit Weapons 6/8/2017

Posted 4th August 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons







8min Alt with a parnter – light

10x KB swings

5x KB cleans ea

10x KB goblet squats

5x KB push press



3x5min Rounds

A1.Run 400m

A2. ME alt arms KB clean and Press -Heavy


5x2min Rounds

B1. Row 200m

B2. ME over rower burpees

Rest 2 mins Between Round


5 Rounds for time:

C1. 50m Farmers Carry -Heavy KB/DB

C2.20 x Wall Balls -9/7


2 rounds for time

A1. Bike 800mtrs

A2 Rest 2min between rounds