Lockdown 3.0 training program 11th – 17th January 2021

Posted 10th January 2021 by Geoff Stewart

So how is lockdown 3.0 treating you people? Any major disasters? Have we fallen into bad habits? Or are we keeping those peckers up and getting on with it…..


We are keeping it going in the gym, it’s a bit quiet, bit cold and there is a bit to much space. Josh has found a line in really bad jokes, Geoff things anything sort of mother joke is funny and has rediscovered the original “OG” doughnut. Steve is still wearing shorts. Anthony B hurt his back watching telly so can’t do much but is eating like a true king and Bruce the dog is just being spoilt and eating anything including, gloves, coats, knee sleeves (used) wrist straps, plastic bottles, empty coffee cup but not much real food.


Away less about us and more about training. New week new program. We have switched the days around and got 2 new complexes for you to master. Remember with the complex work we want you to try and flow from movement to movement -steady and strong is the key. The stick work isn’t going any were people so please just do it because it’ll keep your form on point and help with your mobility.


Good luck, keep it clean and safe.


Momentum massive.


  • We will be putting out some mobility video over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.


Lockdown 3.0 training program 4th – 10th January 2021

Posted 3rd January 2021 by Geoff Stewart

Ok, so have been doing some thinking as well as eating, mastering call of duty and waiting for yet another tier announcement and we have put together a plan to carry us through 3.0. We feel it needed to be a bit more structured for many. The Zoom classes is still an amazing thing and gets you moving and jumping around. You also get to see Anthony W, Anthony B and our Carolyn’s smiling faces.


We have put together a program which will allow us to train with minimal equipment. Our suggestion is 1x kb and 1x Db or both, go as heavy or a light as you fancy but be aware if you go to light, you’re going to be doing lots of reps if you go to heavy, you’re going to struggle in the early sessions. There is also a stick complex to maintain tekkes and help with your general mobility -DON’T skip this people.


We can make lots of gains on many levels with some clever programming, change of movement and mindsets. Single arm / leg work is a great way to build stability, robustness, unilateral strength and working on balance (side to side) as well a testing out capacity


We primarily build lower body strength with front, back squats and deadlifting while lunges and single leg work are kept as an accessory tool. The reason for this is we can add load safety and monitor good form with a barbell from a rack. The dumbbell game is different. We don’t think squat movements are the best way to build strength after reaching a certain level.


Goblet squats can’t be loaded heavy enough but are better suited for high-rep work. In our experience it’s a fucking mess to handle really heavy dumbbells – and for most people, the front rack, upper body and grip is going to sink long before it gets really hard for the legs.


With the dumbbell, Kettlebell game we are focusing on building lower body strength with lunges and single leg work and upper body robustness with simple movements. Capacity, coordination and mastery of movements will come from complexes and the ability to flow from movement to movement whilst maintaining form.


Good luck be positive and try not to break your telly if working out in the lounge.