Lockdown 3.0 training program 18th – 24th January 2021

Geoff Stewart | 17-01-2021
Another week in lockdown and let’s focus on the good stuff. Yes, peeps the good stuff, breathing, moving, lifting, shifting and being able to do thing. Embrace. So the weather hasn't been so great and the sky has been a rather dull shade of grey but we can still get training and get the blood flowing. This week we are... [Read more]

What’s what @ Momentum Training – How to find your ideal class

Josh Schouten | 04-01-2021
Welcome to Momentum Training, As some of you are new to us we thought we would skip the awkward part and introduce ourselves first. As we're not your typical leisure facility we thought it might be best if we let you know what is the main difference between our classes and what might suit you and your fitness thirst. (more…)

Lockdown 3.0 training program 4th – 10th January 2021

Geoff Stewart | 03-01-2021
Ok, so have been doing some thinking as well as eating, mastering call of duty and waiting for yet another tier announcement and we have put together a plan to carry us through 3.0. We feel it needed to be a bit more structured for many. The Zoom classes is still an amazing thing and gets you moving and jumping... [Read more]