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Olympic Lifting – Cycle 1 (2022)

Posted 28th January 2022 by Anthony Waller

Olympic Lifting Cycle (1) 

The first of our 2022 Olympic Lifting Cycle is here and by the beard of Zeus we shall make it rain gains. The programme consists of three different days, each building over the course of 12 weeks to the peak of Mount Olympus where the sweet nectar of the gods shall bless you with almighty strength and power.

All the info – Dates, Lifts, Percentages can be found in the link, so you can have your numbers ready upon arrival leaving nothing but the lifting to remain.…/Momentum-Training-Olympic-Liftining-Cycle-1.xlsx

So if you’re keen, I’ll see y’all in the Iron Paradise and be ready to tackle this glorious journey to Valhalla and back with ya.

Lifters on, Belts tight, Straps at the ready… LESSS GOOOOOOO!!!!


A x