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CrossFit Programme 6th November – 12th November

Posted 5th November 2023 by Anthony Waller



Week 6/10 

And just like that we’re through the first block. Loads of improvements across the board and some huge PBs in the bag already. Month one has seen a real rise in barbell efficiency and technique along with some epic handstand walking and the unlocking of those notoriously illusive muscle ups.

So on this wet Sunday, drink your tea, nurse those DOMs, dry them tears and get ready for block two. For tomorrow we walk through those iron gates of paradise to do it all over again as we take our strength and skills to the next level.


🚨‼️New Training Cycle‼️🚨

With your fresh programme starting on Monday 2nd October I wanted to give you a quick idea of what to expect as we close out 2023


  • The training cycle is 10 weeks long. Taking us up to the week commencing 11th December


  • Strength elements will cover ; Back squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Strict Press & OH Squat


  • Olympic lifting


  • Skills will cover Dips, Muscle Ups and HSPU


  • You will have structured skill focused warm ups throughout the week to use if you wish as well as normal warm ups and or time to focus on your own thing as usual


  • To allow for more accurate tracking you can use the 5/3/1 app


Overall you’re locked and loaded to achieve your goals and smash those targets, all you gotta do is show up. See you at work!


Monday – Squats & Dips

Tuesday – Press & Cleans

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – OHS & Snatch

Saturday – Deadlift & Bench

Sunday – Sunday Service



A: Squat

Reps 5 x 3

B1. Bulgarian Spilt Squats x 10 e.s
B2. Dip Skills ~ Kipping

Or if time allows

B1. Bulgarian Spilt Squats x 10 e.s
B2. Cossack Squats x 12 Total
B3. Dip Skills ~ Kipping


Today’s Workout:

Solo ~ 5 Rounds ~ 12 min cap

Burpees x 20

Double Unders x 50



A1. Press

Reps 5 x 3

A2. Leaning DB Lateral Raises x 8-10 e.s

A3. Dual DB Cuban Rotations x 10-12

Cleans : Complex – Alt every ~ 90sec

x 5 Rounds (15 mins)

B1. Pull + Power Clean & Jerk + OH Hold (1+2+3sec)

B2. Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk (1+2+1)


Today’s Workout:

8 Rounds ~ 8 min Total

Min 1: TTB x 8

Min 2: Power Clean + STOH (6 + 3) @ 70/50kg


Wednesday – Conditioning

Part A ~ Ring Muscle Up ~ Skills & Drills



WOD 1 ~ RETEST ~ This is your second run at this WOD. Let’s see how we’ve done!!


Part A ~ Conditioning x 10 mins

Y.G.I.G – Per Round

Cals x 10/14

D-Ball GTS x 2 + D-Ball alt Lunges x 4 Total


Part B ~ Partner Chipper ;

Total Reps 50:50

KBS x 120

Wall Balls x 100

Alt DB Snatch x 80

Chest – Bar Pull Ups x 60

Pistols x 40

Wall Walks x 20


Thursday – Gymnastics




Reps 5 x 3

Snatch : Complex – Alt every ~90sec

x 5 Rounds (15 mins)

B1. Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch Balance (1+2+1)

B2. Halting Snatch (3)


HSPU ~ Skills & Drills



Today’s Workout:

Solo ~ 10 min Cap

Cals x 10/15

Push Jerk x 5

Cals x 10/15

Push Jerk x 10

Cals x 10/15

Push Jerk x 15

@ 70/47.5kg




Reps 5 x 3


Reps 5 x 3


Today’s Workout:

Waller Special


Sunday – Service

6 Rounds BB complex ~ Build weight each round

5 x Deadlifts

4 x Power cleans

3 x Front squats

2 x Push press

1 x Cluster

Rest 1 min 


4 Rounds

16 x pistol squats

8 x pull-ups

4 x HSPU



50 x T2B every break do 12/15 Kcals