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CrossFit Programme February 5th – 11th

Posted 4th February 2024 by Anthony Waller



Week 4/10 ~ Deload


With the first wave of 9/6/3 complete, we allow the body to recover as much as possible this week as we look ahead to percentage increases and some new filthy accessory work in the second wave.

The year is still incredibly young with opportunities and time still very much in our favour. The base is building, growing stronger and stronger with each passing day and workout.

Competition teams are forming and bonds are being forged. If you’re feeling lost or perhaps unmotivated I encourage you to pause for a second and meditate on André De Shields’ Cardinal Rules:

  1. Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you coming.
  2. Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be.
  3. The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next so keep climbing.

No one gets left behind under the arches at Momentum.

See you at work.



🚨‼️New Training Cycle‼️🚨


  • The training cycle is 10 weeks long. Taking us up to the week commencing 11th December


  • Strength elements will cover ; Back squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Strict Press & OH Squat


  • Olympic lifting


  • Skills will cover Dips, Muscle Ups and HSPU


  • You will have structured skill focused warm ups throughout the week to use if you wish as well as normal warm ups and or time to focus on your own thing as usual


  • Overall you’re locked and loaded to achieve your goals and smash those targets, all you gotta do is show up. See you at work!


Monday – OHS & Snatch

Tuesday – Deadlift & Bench

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Press & Cleans

Saturday – Squats & Dips

Sunday – Sunday Service




4-5 Rounds ~ E4MOM


A1. OHS x 10 @ 50%

A2. DB Knee Up External Rotations x 10 e.s

A3. Ring / Banded Face Pull x 15


B. Snatch ~ E2MOM x 5


Low Hang Power x 4 – Build to Max


Today’s Workout:


Solo ~ AMRAP


Dual DB Hang Power Clean & Press x 8 @ 22.5/15 kg 

Box Jumps x 6 @ 30/24″ 

Strict Toes – Bar x 4




4-5 Rounds ~ E3MOM


A1. Deadlift x 10 @ 50%

A2. Bench Press x 10 @ 50%


B. Strict Deficit HSPU x 1-3 + Kipping Deficit HSPU x Max Effort ~ E2MOM x 5 Rounds


Score = Total Kipping HSPU


Today’s Workout:


Partner – Y.G.I.G – Per Move 


Cals x 10/14 

BB Squat Cleans x 10-8-6-4-6-8-10 @ 60/42.5 kg

Wall Walks x


Wednesday – Conditioning


Muscle Ups 


A1. Weighted False Grip Ring Pull Ups x 1-3

A2. Jumping Ring Muscle Up Transition x 3-5 


Today’s Workout:


Benchmark WOD 4 – Partner – Y.G.I.G 


Part A –  5 Rounds – Y.G.I.G – Per Round 


Bar / Ring Muscle Ups x 3-5 

BB STOH x 7 @ 70/50 kg 


Part B – AMRAP 


Cals x 15/20 

Alt KB Snatch x 10 Total @ 24/16 kg 

Wall Balls x 15 


Thursday – Gymnastics




4-5 Rounds ~ E4MOM


A1. Strict Press x 10 @ 50%

A2. Single Arm DB Row x 10 e.s

A3. Dual DB ~ Front Raises + Lateral Raises + Reverse Flys x (7 + 7 + 7)


B. Clean & Jerks ~ E2MOM x  5 Rounds


Low Hang Power & Split Jerk x 4 – Build to Max


Today’s Workout:


Partner – Y.G.I.G – Per Round – AMRAP




OHS x 7 @ 50/35kg 

Pull Ups x 7 




D-Ball Chest Hold x Until Switch 




5 Rounds


A. Back Squats x 10 @ 50%


B1. FFE ATG Split Squats x 10 e.s

B2. Dips x 10 (Add weight here if possible)


C1. Lying DB Tricep Extensions x 10

C2. BB Reverse Bicep Curls x 10 + BB Supinated Bicep Curls x 10


Today’s Workout:


Waller Special


Sunday – Service

Warm up W.O.D x8min

Kcals 12-16

BB Cluster x4

BB lunges x 8

Seven 3min rounds

12x deadlifts 70/50kg

9x power cleans.

6x push jerks.

Cash-out W.O.D x8min

Double-unders x30

Walk walks1,2,3,4 etc