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CrossFit Programme April 1st – 7th

Posted 31st March 2024 by Anthony Waller


The Reshuffle.

The first cycle was a huge success with heaps of barbell PBs as well as some epic gymnastic feats. So after a well deserved bank holiday weekend, it’s time refocus and get ready for phase two.

This week you still have the opportunity to hit some big lifts whilst getting used to the new schedule. With the new programme starting next week it’ll give you the chance to adjust your mindset and prepare for the second training cycle of the year.


See you at work.




Monday – Press + Dips 

Tuesday – Pulls + HSPU + Clean & Jerk 

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Front Squat + Snatch 

Saturday – Deadlift + Bench + Pull Ups

Sunday – Sunday Service


Monday – Bank Holiday 


4 Rounds


A1. Strict Press x 1-5 Reps (Build to a Max)

A2. Banded KBS x 12 (Red Band + 16-20kg KB / Blue Band + 24kg+ KB)


3 Rounds


B1. Dips x 10 (Use Bands if Needed)

B1. Dual DB Lateral Raise x 10-12 e.s

B3. Dual DB Zottman Curls x 10


Today’s Workout: 


*Rounds & Reps – Coaches Choice


Partner – Both Working 



Wall Balls x 20 



Dual KB Deadlifts x 12 @ 16/24kg 

Cals x 6/8 




A1. Snatch Grip Podium Deadlift x 5

A2. KB RDL x 15-20

A3. HSPU x 5-10


B. Clean & Jerk ~ E2MOM x  5 Rounds


Power Clean & Push Jerk x 1-4 (Build to a Max)


Today’s Workout: 


Partner Y.G.I.G Per Round 


Double Unders x 20 

Hang Squat Cleans x 6 @ 60/45kg 

Pull Ups x 6 


Wednesday – Conditioning 


WOD 1 

Cals x 4-8-12-16-20 

Alt DB Snatch x 4-8-12-16-20 @ 22.5/15kg 


WOD 2 

5 Rounds 

Burpee Box Jumps x 8 

Toes – Bar x 8 


WOD 3 

Air Squats x 300 


Thursday – Gymnastics




A1. Front Squat x 1-4 (Build to a Max)

A2. Alt Box Step Ups x 20 Total

A3. Knee Up External Rotation x 10 e.s


B. Snatch ~ E2MOM x  5 Rounds


Power Snatch x 1-4 (Build to a Max)


Today’s Workout:


4 Rounds 


Cals x 8/10 

OH Squats x 15 @ 40/25kg 


4 Rounds 


Cals x 8/10 

HSPU x 20-16-12-8 




A1. Deadlift x 1-4 (Build to a Max)

A2. Bench Press x 1-4 (Build to a Max)

A3. Pull Ups x 5 – Tempo @ 3112


Today’s Workout:


Waller Special


Sunday – Service 

5 rounds

3x BB power clean @75/50kg

6x back squats

9x burpees

18 mins-EMOM

2-3 rope climbs

10-12 Kcals

3-5 wall walks

10-12 Kcals

12-15 box jumps

10-12 Kcals

4-5 Abb rollers

12x KB side bends