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CrossFit Programme April 22nd – 28th

Posted 20th April 2024 by Anthony Waller




Week two complete and things are taking shape nicely. Brick by brick we build our way to the target, letting no stone go unturned. Trust the process and enjoy it too, it’s a privilege we sometimes forget to appreciate. What a gift these bodies are and what weapons we can turn them into if we just keep it consistent.

Rep by rep. Set by set.

See you at work.


Monday ‚Äď Press + Dips¬†

Tuesday ‚Äď Pulls + HSPU + Clean & Jerk¬†

Wednesday ‚Äď Conditioning

Thursday ‚Äď Gymnastics

Friday ‚Äď Front Squat + Snatch¬†

Saturday ‚Äď Deadlift + Bench + Pull Ups

Sunday – Sunday Service




A1. Strict Press – 5/3/1 App

A2. Single Arm DB Row x 8-12 e.s


B1. Dips x 10 (Use Bands if Needed)

B1. Leaning DB Lateral Raise x 10-12 e.s

B3. Ring / Band Face Pull x 12-15


Today’s Workout:¬†


In the fastest way possible complete ; 


Power Clean x 30 @ 60/45kg 

Front Squat x 30 @ 60/45kg 

Push Press x 30 @ 60/45kg 


Time Remaining РCals x Max Effort 




A1. Snatch Grip Deadlift x 5 – Tempo @ 31×1

A2. Single Leg / Split Leg RDL x 10-12 e.s

A3. Strict HSPU + Kipping HSPU x 3+3


B. Clean & Jerk ~ E2MOM x  5 Rounds


Hang Pull + Hang Power + Power Clean & Push Jerk (1+1+2)


Today’s Workout:¬†


Partner Both Working 



Dual DB Renegade Row x 12 Total @ 17.5/12.5kg 

Dual DB Sumo High Pull x 12 

Dual DB Alt Lunges x 12 Total 



Cals x 9/13 

Toes РBar x 9 


Wednesday ‚Äď Conditioning¬†


WOD 1 

Cals x 15/20 

Single Arm Devils Press x 10 Total @ 22.5/15kg 

Wall Balls x 20 


WOD 2 

Deadlifts x 2-4-6-8-10-12-14 @ 80/60kg 

HSPU x 8 


WOD 3 

Max Effort Hand Release Push Ups x 200 


Every time you break complete ; 


Thrusters x 9 @ 45/30kg 

Cals x 9/13 


Thursday ‚Äď Gymnastics




A1. Front Squat – 5/3/1 App

A2. Single Leg Box Step Ups x 10 e.s

A3. Knee Up External Rotation x 10 e.s


B. Snatch ~ E2MOM x  5 Rounds


Hang Pull + Hang Power + Power Snatch (1+1+2)


Today’s Workout:


Double Unders x 40-50-60-70-80

Hang Power Snatch x 10 @ 50/35kg 

Burpee o/ Bar x 15 




A1. Deadlift – 5/3/1 App

A2. Bench Press – 5/3/1 App

A3. Pull Ups x 5-10 (Use Bands if Needed)


Today’s Workout:


Waller Special


Sunday РService 

3x15min workouts

Deadlifts x30 @120/80

Power cleans x20 @70/50

Squat clean and jerk @70/50


DB burpees @2×20/15



Kcals and rope climbs