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FREE Injury Assessment

Posted 3rd August 2013 by Josh Schouten

Got any niggles?anatomy, muscles

If so you should take advantage of our “FREE to Crossfit Hackney members” injury assessment session on Saturday 10th August between 11am-1pm.

Our in-house Physio, Emerson, has kindly offered to assess any of your injuries, aches and pains.  Since launching Momentum Training all of our members have experienced the aches and pains of serious strength training.   CrossFit is an awesome tool that quickly uncovers an athletes weakness and past injuries.

The first step in sorting these out is a good diagnosis which then allows you to understand any disfunction or possible injury waiting to happen.   The next step is preemptive massage, exercise and stretching to help improve movement pattens and minimise the chance of injury.

If you would like some advice, please feel free to book in for a 15 minute assessment this Saturday by emailing Emerson [email protected] or texting your name and preferred time to 07903247247, first come first served!

Train hard, train smart, and take care of your body.


Emerson will be offering Physio to members in house on Wednesdays and Saturdays in August.’