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Keep the Paleo movement growing

Posted 6th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


As a modern day caveman (80-90% of the time) I’m always looking for the most efficient and effective ways to stay fit and healthy. I know I’m not the only one, as many of us have busy lifestyles and wish we had more time to train, eat the right things, relax and recover. Balance is such an important factor to achieve our goals and feel AWESOME.

There are only so many hours in a day, and if you’re going to thrive and survive as a modern day caveman/woman you need all the help you can get.  My experience of working with many different clients over the years has taught me to find the solutions to the limiting factors that prevent them from eating well, training smart and getting plenty of rest.

These limiting factors often come down to a lack of time and preparation for most people.  This is where a service like My Paleo Box can make a big difference to your food choices.   Simply having some healthy essential food options readily available can make all the difference to your lifestyle.  If you’re like me, you might be a little skeptical when you first hear about a Paleo box of goodies.  So I decided to hunt down a box of Paleo foods and test the product myself.

The Positives:

  1. – Easy to order – the website was easy to use and the box arrived in 2 days
  2. – Solid packaging – the box arrived in one piece and was packed tightly with an excellent selection of Paleo foods
  3. – Great mix of products  – two different kinds of coconut oils, two different kinds of almond butter, cinnamon, naked ape snacks, nakd bar, raw chocolate company bar, almonds, organic avocado oil, coconut baking flour, Paleo spices, Himalayan salt, some banana leaves and a handie little recipe card
  4. – Post workout snacks – my box arrived just after my training session and both the Nakd bar and Naked Ape snacks were gone in a matter of minutes
  5. – Kitchen essentials – many of the Paleo essentials are included in this box. I cook everything in coconut oil, I’ve been know to eat almond butter from the jar, and I love avocado oil on a salad.  I’m familiar with most of the products and it was an easy way to restock the cupboards
  6. – New ideas – I’ve never considered Nakd bars, The Raw Chocolate Company, banana leaves or Paleo spices before.  This was a nice introduction to some new Paleo products for me
  7. – Variety is the spice of lifeI was thinking that variety might be a negative, but the website says that some of the products will change each month.  Finding Paleo friendly foods can be challenging, so having someone else to introduce you to a variety of products is nice
  8. – Cost – £49.00 for all of these items delivered to your cave is good value. A quick search on Google comes back with the following prices:
    • Biona Coconut Oil £13
    • Raw coconut oil £6
    • Organic almond oil £5
    • Paleo spices £8
    • Coconut flour £6
    • Himalayan salt £2
    • Biona almond butter £4
    • Naked Ape 2 x £2.75
    • Nakd bar £0.88
    • Suma Almonds 250g £3.50
    • Bart Cinnamon £9
    • Meridian almond butter £3
    • Raw chocolate bar £2
    • Banana leaves £6 =
    • Rough Total: £71.00

The Negatives

  1. – Reoccurring monthly payment by default – Initially this was an issue for me, as I didn’t really want to purchase a box every month.  Some items in the box, the Paleo spices, will last me longer than 1 month.  However, it is possible to put the payment on hold in PayPal and then resume the payment when you are ready for your next box

MyPaleo Box is a food subscription service that makes life a little easier for those who want to eat healthily.  It’s affordable Paleo essentials that are delivered to the doorstep. Their goal is to help connect Paleo eaters and Paleo food producers across the country. Personally I think MyPaleo Box is a fantastic idea and a great way to keep the Paleo movement growing.