CrossFit Muscular Endurance & Movement Efficiency

Posted 30th December 2015 by Josh Schouten

What is one of the best ways to get good at CrossFit?  What’s the best bang for your buck training?  What’s the best way to “tone-up,” improve body composition, and become a machine in the gym?  We hear these questions at Momentum Training all the time, and the answer is not always what you might expect.  Many people believe the hype that High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) is the best way to achieve these goals, but this is not always the case.

MuscleEnduranceThe concept of workout INTENSITY is often misunderstood amongst many people because they use the term “intensity” to describe workouts that are “difficult.”  The fact is that the majority of CrossFit workouts use relatively light weights, compared to Power Lifters, Olympic style weightlifters and other athletes involved in strength-power sports.  CrossFit workouts are less about “intensity” and are more about MUSCULAR ENDURANCE. (more…)

London Box Battles – 2015, Round 3 Results

Posted by Josh Schouten

Round 3 Overall Results + 2015 Overall Rank

Box Battle 1 Box Battle 2 Box Battle 3 Cum Rank Overall standings
CrossFit Hackney 5 3 2 10 1
CrossFit Perpetua 1 1 8 10 1
CrossFit Ivy 3 5 3 11 3
Sunbury Performance CrossFit 2 2 9 13 4
CrossFit Thames 7 4 4 15 5
CrossFit Blackfriars 4 8 7 19 6
CrossFit Bold 6 9 5 20 7
CrossFit London 8 6 9 23 8
CrossFit Evolving 10 6 11 27 9
CrossFit Muswell Hill 12 16 DNS 28 10
CrossFit Hammersmith 11 14 6 31 11
CrossFit City Road 9 13 13 35 12
CrossFit SE11 14 11 12 37 13
 CrossFit Central London 15 12 14 41 14
CrossFit Vauxhall 13 15 16 44 15
CrossFit Gonfu DNS DNS 15 NA


CFH Training Plan 28/12/2015 – 02/01/2016

Posted 27th December 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 8 of 10 Energy System Training


It’s a funny time of year where many people start thinking about new goals for the upcoming year.  The new years resolutions to get off the couch and start training or the commitment to train more, eat clean, and get fit.

NYResSo what’s the difference between this year’s resolutions and last year’s resolutions?  What are you going to do differently to achieve the results you want to see?  We all know that doing the same thing and expecting to see different results is insanity.  So how about you try something different this year?

Most of the typical health and fitness goals are something like getting lean, training harder, losing weight or eating healthy.  These are all great goals to have, although how many people actually achieve these goals?  Most of the people who set these goals never stick too them, why is that?   Why are these goals so hard to obtain?

As a coach and personal trainer I think education is a huge factor that many people fail to think about when it comes to their health and fitness goals.  Many people look at the wrong material, read the wrong books and articles and fail to understand the complexities of their goals. You want to get lean, you want to get stronger, you want to get fitter, where should you start?  Eating a diet of carrot sticks and rice crackers is not the answer, and neither is training 6 times a week.  There is a huge misconception that eating less and training more equals results.  This is exactly the opposite of what you body needs.  Others believe that they can increase their training volume and not pay attention to their nutrition, recovery and or sleep.  So many elements that need to be taken into consideration, so many aspects that cannot be ignore.

Where are your weakest links?  What are the areas that you have limited knowledge on?  Who are the experts in the field with the knowledge you need?

Do you honestly understand how to train to achieve your goal? When should you focus on strength?  When is the right time to do aerobic training?  Can you do both?  How much rest and recovery do you need after each style of training session?

How much should you eat?  Should you eat more or less on a rest day?  If you eat less on a rest day, where do you cut your calories?  Less carbs, less protein, less fats, or less of all three?  When should you eat protein, fats and carbs?  You body needs all of them to function correctly and a low-carb diet is not the answer for everyone, neither is a low-fat diet.

We are all individuals, and what works for one person will not always work for another person.  You need to educate yourself with the tools you need to learn about your personal nutrition, your training requirements and the best way to achieve you individual goals.  Where will you start?  There are so many “self proclaimed” health and fitness professionals publishing books and articles that are full of useless information.  Who do you trust?

RECOMMENDED WEEKLY READING: How to Crawl Your Way Back to Shoulder Health – Moving naturally is not only one of the best ways to develop strong, stable, and mobile shoulders, but also to rehabilitate them if you’re recovering from an injury Magnesium supplement helps you perform to the max despite lack of sleep – A modest-dose magnesium supplement can reduce the negative effects of lack of sleep on performance capacity. Feed Your Cardio: An Argument Against Using Cardio to Get Lean– Cardio isn’t great for fat loss, dollar for dollar, you are better off with resistance or weight training for building muscle. Put simply, the body functions better and processes nutrients better when it’s carrying more muscle. If you want to speed up your metabolism, weight training is the ticket – not cardio. Why Leaving Rowing Out of Your Workout is a Big Mistake – In terms of training value for time spent, there is little that comes close to rowing. How To Beat The Assault Bike – In this video, CrossFit Games top 10 finisher Amanda Goodman and James Fitzgerald (OPEX) chat loosely about set up on the assaultbike.


CrossFit Hackney Energy System Training Log Book


Heavy Metcon 23/13/15

Posted 22nd December 2015 by Geoff Stewart



Warm up

Yoga flow 5 mins

BB / BW warm up 5x

Power cleans 5

Press ups 10

Front squat 5

Ring rows 10


Follow the leader format in teams of 3 or 4

8 rounds of each circuit


power cleans 5 70% bw

KB walking lunges 20 50%bw

farmers carry back to start


Bench press 5 70% bw

DB plank walks 20  50%bw

OH carry back to start


Pull ups 5

Traveling burpee 10

Spiderman press ups to start