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New Year Membership Offers

Posted 18th December 2015 by Geoff Stewart


Everyone loves a bargain going into the new year and everyone needs/knows someone who needs to kick start their training plan so in the months of January and February 2016, we at Momentum Training will be running two membership offers:

  • Refer a friend* for a 25% discount on one month’s membership. If you refer a friend during January or February 2016 we’ll give you both a 25% membership discount on one month’s membership. If your friend hasn’t CrossFitted before then he/she can do the newFoundations course  with a 25% discount off the first month. You both need to purchase your memberships then email [email protected] and tell us your names and we’ll credit your accounts with the relevant amount.

10% off your first month’s metcon membership. For those of you who aren’t sure you’re ready to CrossFit,

*Must be new to Momentum Training.