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Heavy Met-con 4/02/2015

Posted 3rd February 2015 by Josh Schouten

A little treat for those who love a Heavy Met-con class.  StreTch will filling in for Geoff this week – February 4th. 7:30pm – to deliver judgement day!  Rest up, eat well and try to have a good night sleep in preperation for:


Truster and Clean Tekkers

10min Clusters 

With a continuously running clock complete the following repetitions every minute. 

From 0:00-3:00: 5 Clusters at 50/35kg   (light)

From 03:00-06:00: 4 Clusters at 60/45kg   (medium)

From 06:00-09:00: 3 Clusters at 70/55kg   (heavy)

*Cluster is a squat clean into a thruster

Split the class in 2 groups over part A and part B.

Part A. Working in Partners

16min to climb the ladder

YGIG Every 2 Minutes for 16min both partner must perform:

2 Pull-Ups

2 Back Squats 75/50kg

4 Pull-ups

4 Back Squats

6 Pull-ups

6 Back Squats


If you fail, rest for the next 2min and then try again to complete the required reps 

– change groups over 2min –

Part B.

16min to climb the ladder

 YGIG Every 2 Minutes for 16min both partner must perform:

2 Deadlifts   100/70kg

2 Double Kettlebell STOH 24/16kg

4 Deadlifts   100/70kg

4 Double Kettlebell STOH 24/16kg

6 Deadlifts   100/70kg

6 Double Kettlebell STOH 24/16kg


12min :30/:30 YGIG (4 Rounds of each)

Count each others reps:

00:00 – 04:00 Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9inch

00:00 – 08:00 RKBS  32/24kg

00:00 – 12:00 Burpees 

Lowest scoring partner runs 400m at the end of the class…. BOOM!!!