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Invest in your Health

Posted 5th February 2015 by Josh Schouten

Its not the first time I’ve posted a blog regarding blood tests.   I though it might be a good time to mention some of the tests availible to our members, as many of you are currently taking part in the Whole Life Challange.   A small group of the 2014 Momentum members attended a talk hosted by Gore BioScience regarding nutrition for performance and understansing the importance of vimatins and minerals, so some of this may sound familure.

Momentum Training has a partnership with Gore BioScience, The London Doctors Lab, and the London BioLab.  There are liturally 100’s of different test that can be done at these labs.  The team at Momentum have a basic understanding of many of these tests.  If we are unable to help, we don’t bullsh^% our clients,  we will refer you to either the team at Gore BioScience or to our holistic nutritionist Glen Matten.

Some food for thought:

Vitamin D Testing:

The Vitamin D Test monitors vitamin D levels and can highly specific recommendations for supplementation and/or dietary advice. Vitamin D deficiency in western countries (UK vitamin D crisis) is highly reported and linked to many health issues, including osteoporosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.  A recent study shoed that increasing vitamin D3 “could” trigger improvements in aerobic metabolism & performance . Not toe mentoion all the additional health benifits, visit for more information


– London BioLab £46  

– Doctors Lab £51


Omega 3:6 Ratio Testing:

Omega 3:6 testing measures the ratio of the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, giving recommendations on maintaining current levels or supplementing to rebalance the ratio. An imbalanced ratio is highly reported in favour for omega 6 in western diets due to high grain consumption and low seafood intake and is linked to inflammation.


– London BioLab £70  Essential Fatty Acids

– Doctors Lab £71


ZM Testing:

 ZM testing measures the level of zinc and magnesium available to the body highlighting any excess or deficiency allowing safe and accurate dietary and supplementary recommendations. Zinc and Magnesium are cofactors for many enzymatic reactions in the human body; deficiencies can lead to multiple health implications.  I’ve posted about the health and performance benefits of zinc in the past.


– Doctors Lab RBC Zinc £31

– Doctores Lab RBC Mag £56.50 = £87.50

Food Sensitivity & Candida IgG Profile

A blog post worth reading is The Lack of Recognition of Food Allergies, to give you an idea why this is important.  Personally, if I have a new P.T client come to me for body composition goals I will not take them on unless they do this test.  Its that important!  If they say its to expensive to do the test, my response would be “don’t train with me for the next 3weeks, go and spend that money on the test.  When we get the resiults we can start training.”   People struggle to belive that they have food sensitivities and this test will prove what foods they need to avaoid.  Digestion health is CRITICAL to overall hwalth, performance, weight loss, lowering stress levels, boosting the immune system, improving mood and lowering depression….. the list goes on.  Fixing the gut should always be a high priority for EVERYONE!

The London BioLab (95 Foods) £133.00


Carbohydrate Tolerance Testing:

The carbohydrate tolerance test / glucose tolerance test determines whether or not a client has the ability to handle carbohydrates without converting them to fats. It is well established that too many carbohydrates and lack of exercise causes weight gain leading to obesity and diabetes. This test enables accurate recommendations for the level, type and timing of carbohydrates in a clients diet to achieve effective results in weight loss. 


London BioLab Glucose Tolerance Test £93   

London Doctors Lab Glucose Tolerance £33.00 – £101  (price ranges depending on detailed level in test)

Macronutrient Testing:

By measuring key analites in the blood assessments can be made on the current level of carbohydrates, fats and proteins highlighting any deficiency or excess giving highly specific recommendations on dietary macronutrients for health, or weight loss.


GBS Advanced Testing 


GBS Food Sensitivity Testing: 

The GBS Food Sensitivity Testing highlights foods that are causing an overreaction by the immune system that is resulting in chronic low-grade inflammation due to them foods being eaten each day. Food sensitivities that contribute to chronic low-grade inflammation can result in an inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammation of tissues and joints, removing these reactive foods can result in weight loss and remission of any symptoms caused.



GBS Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Testing:

 A complete test that monitors analytes that relate to health, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals allowing a comprehensive dietary and supplementary plan to be recommended based on the results. Too often generic dietary guidelines are prescribed without taking into consideration the unique biochemistry of an individual; the GBS Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Test gives an insight into the unique requirements of a person’s dietary and supplementation needs improving on any goal that is set.


GBS Bacterial Analysis:

There are over 100 trillion bacteria living in the human digestive system the GBS bacterial analysis catalogs this bacteria and grades it in terms of population, and pathogenesis. Any imbalance in bacteria is termed dysbiosis and is related to many health conditions including digestive cancers, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and disease therefore and assessment and subsequent rebalancing of the bacterial balance can lead to improved health.