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Posted 18th March 2015 by Josh Schouten

Having goals and ambitions is a great thing. But how would you feel if someone is stealing your gains. ┬áThe journey to achieving goals involves coming in week in and out and smashing workouts until you are either stronger, fitter, leaner and definitely meaner. Falling off the wagon happens now and ┬áthen but what’s worse is when someone steals your gains and takes a spot in a class you wanted to attend and did have the chivalry to unregister.

In case you didn’t realise Momentum’s management system (TeamUp) has a unregister button. You’re able to take your self out of classes before 10pm the night before a morning class and 1h 30min before an evening class without being charged for that class. You’re still able to remove yourself from this class after this time however you will loose a session. Either way do someone else a favour and if you know you can’t make the class unregister as soon as possible. Use Josh’s motto and “Don’t be a shit bloke”.

Currently in the last 2 weeks we have had 130 late cancellations and 78 no shows. On my calculations that’s a load of gains lost.

The boys and girls of Momentum have decided to put a stop to this. Starting APRIL every fortnight we will be naming and shaming all those who are regularly abusing the system (missing more than 1 per week) and stealing others gains. Every Monday you will find your name on the whiteboard and your warm up WILL be 100 Burpees. Don’t argue with this happened and that happened. Suck it up. Do the Burpees and don’t let it happen again.

Take this as notice.

Lots of love

Momentum Training