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CrossFit Hackney: 16 Week Juggernaut Method – Part 2: The Programme

Posted 19th March 2015 by Josh Schouten
Juggernaut Training:

In part 1 we looked at the guidelines for the Juggernaut Method (JM).  So now let’s take a look at the programme and how we plan to use it at CrossFit Hackney in the next 16 week macrocycle.

The JM is a simple but effective way to build strength.  JM is divided into 4-waves (10’s, 8’s, 5’s, and 3’s),  each wave consists of 4 microcycles (1 weeks each) that focus on a 4 day training system. No prizes for guessing that each session will have a major lift (Deadlift, OHP, Bench and Squat).  In the next 16weeks we will also be adding 3 Jim Wendler components to the weekly schedule (see plan below).

Each consecutive mesocycle (or wave) contains the following 4 microcycles (1 week):

Microcycle – Accumulation Phase:

This is the beginning of each training wave.  These are high volume (high repetitions) sessions designed to groove the technique and the skill of each lift, increasing work capacity and becoming masterful with the rep range.  It’s not about chasing weight, it about chasing repetitions.  The critical point here is to know your percentage and stick to them, if the weight is above the percentages your scores (number of repetitions) at the end of the cycle will not show any improvements.

Microcycle – Intensification Phase:

This phase will increase the intensity (weight) from the accumulation phase and gradually lower the volume by approximately 60%.  Again you are chasing the total number of repetitions performed and not the weight on the bar.  This week will be less repetitions, lower volume, but more total mass moved (higher intensity) than week 1.

Microcycle – Realization Phase:

The realization phase is the moneymaker.  This is when the GAINZ of the past 2 weeks come to fruition in one set of maximal reps. #BoomTown #MakeItCount #EgosWillFall

Microcycle – Deload Phase

The deload phase is a chance to recover and reload in preparation for the next wave to start. Each consecutive wave will progressively increase the intensity (percentage will go up) to overload the system and continually deliver results.


CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Plan

In the coming 16 weeks we will be using the Juggernaut Method on the following days:

Monday: Juggernaut Deadlifts, Wendler Bench

Tuesday: Juggernaut Strict Overhead Press

Wednesday: Cleans, Wendler Squats

Thursdays: Juggernaut Bench Press

Friday: Juggernaut Squat

Saturday: Snatch, Wendler Deadlift

Sunday: Gymnastics Focus


A chance to Deadlift, Squat and Bench 2 times per week with a dedicated focus on improving strength and punching out some honest repetitions!

Each consecutive Mesocycle (wave) will take place:

10’s Wave: 30-Mar-2015 – 26-Apr-2015

8’s Wave: 27-Apr-2015 – 24-May-2015

5’s Wave: 25-May-2015 – 21-Jun-2015

3’s Wave: 22-Jun-2015 – 19-Juy-2015


In our next post we will be giving you the tools you need to calculate and record your workout weights for the 16-weeks ahead.  

To learn more about the Juggernaut Method visit