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CFH Training Plan 13/04/2015 – 19/04/2015

Posted 12th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 3 of 16 Juggernaut


Week 3 is here, realisation week or testing week in the first Juggernaut wave.  Has your hard work produced any strength improvements?  Lets find out shall we!

The number repetitions you perform in this week’s AMRAP’s will dictate your “new working max” weights in the next Juggernaut 8’s wave.  You will notice that the final percentage in this week’s Juggernaut sets are 75%, this is typically your 10RM weight.  The aim is to do more than 10 repetitions in this final set. If you fail to get more than 10repetitions the new working max will be lower than your current working max. So dig deep and give the AMRAP your best shot!  The CrossFitters should have no trouble with this, but the “Barbell Bludgers” who insist on not being “overachievers” (their words not mine) will struggle to push past 11reps  (Is that a challenge?).   Anyhow, it’s time to switch mind-sets and aim for the highest number of quality repetitions possible. Grip the bar tight, take a deep breath and lets lift some heavy shi*.

There are many factors that will contribute to your output this week.  If your nutrition is not up to speed or your not getting enough sleep, don’t be surprised if your repetitions are not as high as they could be.  Take this into consideration, do the best you can in preparation for each training day.  If this week is not as successful as you would have hope, there are still another 3 waves to go in the Juggernaut cycle.  Live and learn.



 What your lower back says about your KB Swing Video: Some pillow talk about back pain that can be cause by overextension in many of our overhead movements. Limited shoulder mobility can be the cause of this over extension.
The Importance of Quality Skills Practice  The art of continued patience is the path to DU, Kipping Pull-ups, Dips, Muscle-ups, Handstands and all the other cool CrossFit movements. Enjoy the journey required to master these movements and stop looking for the “golden trick” or shortcut to achiving them.
 Colin Burns Snatch Instruction Video

Video: Step-by-step instructions to improve you snatch.

Twelve Benefits of Magnesium, The Anti-Stress Mineral  Sleep better, improve brain function, raise testosterone, get stronger, improve heart health, stronger bones, improve insulin sensativity, manage stress hormone, improve digestion, lower belly fat,
Methylation: Why Ir Matters For Your Immunity, Inflammation & More

Methyl groups control:

The stress (fight-or-flight) response
The production and recycling of glutathione — the body’s master antioxidant
The detoxification of hormones, chemicals and heavy metals
The inflammation response
Genetic expression and the repair of DNA
Neurotransmitters and the balancing of brain chemistry
Energy production
The repair of cells damaged by free radicals
The immune response, controlling T-cell production, fighting infections and viruses and regulating the immune response
If you have a shortage of methyl groups, or your methylation cycle is interrupted, any or all of these processes can become compromised, and you could get sick. Research has clearly linked impaired methylation with autoimmune conditions.

CrossFit Hackney Levels SpreadsheetCrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet

MONDAY 13/04/2015


15min Glute Activation (Glutes are fucking great):

20/side Side lying Clam

:60sec/side Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

10 Inch-Worms for QUALITY

– Pausing to stretch hamstrings in Pike

– Pausing in Hollow Hold Position

20 Hip Bridges

Teach FLR Position:

– Feet together, pushing heels together to activate the glutes

– Squeeze the glutes to set the pelvis in a slight prosterior tilt. If you had a tail, you would be tucking it in between your legs

– Hands are cubit width apart, shoulders are actively pushing into the ground.  Think about rounding your upper back and spreading your shoulder blades

– Hollow dish shape

Push-up Tekkers  (maintain FLR position throught the movement)

L4: Push-up

L3: Band around elbows push-ups

L2: Incline on weight plates

L1: Incline on box


(All levels)


(Level Specific)

30mins to complete both A. and B.

Working in groups of 2 with similar strength.  You have 15min on each A&B to get the sets done.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut: 

 [5,5,3,1, AMRAP] Deadlift


of working weight for all sets

*No straps and no mixed grip.  This is raw strength and you need to work on your grip now.


Deadlift, load as tehnique allows

Wall Balls, load and height as technique allows


Deadlift 40/30kg

15min to establish 

B.  Wendler Bench



*NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 1 reps


Same as Performance


For time:

[18,15,12,9,6,3] reps for time of:

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 45/35kg

Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft



TUESDAY 14/03/2015


15min Swing and Pull-up Tekkers

Single Arm KB Swings

10x 2-Handed KB Deadlift

5/arm Single Arm KB Deadlift

– hand placement

– twist of the torso

– free hand used for stabilisation

10/arm Single Arm Swing

– Change hands at the top of the swing without putting the Kettlebell down!

Kipping Pull-up Tekkers

– Active hollow (dish) hang on bar

– Active superman hang on bar

– Beat swings, keeping feet together

– The point of weightlessness and when to pull

– The pull and keeping the feet infront of the bar, toes and heels together

– The push-away at the top

– NO OVER EXTENSION at the bottom of the swing in both the shoulders and the lower back


(All levels)


(Level Specific)

25mins to complete:

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[5,5,3,1, AMRAP] Strict OHP

50%,55%,60%,70%,75% of working max

B.  10min EMOM of:

Death By Strict Pull-ups (any grip allowed)


If you can not do strict pull-ups:

B. 10min EMOM

Death by Eccentric Pull-ups, each minute aim for the following time under tension


If you can not do eccentric pull-up you will do eccentric ring rows.


Same as Functional

SA KBS, load as tehnique allows


PRE WOD TEST:  Strict Pull-ups; M>10, F>5; if not you MUST scale (NO KIPPING)

PRE WOD TEST:  Strict HeSPU; M>5, F>3; if not you MUST scale (NO KIPPING)

HeSPU/ Feet on Box/ Pike Push-up/ Push-up

Pull-ups / Ring Rows

SA KBS 20/16kg


Same as Performance


12min EMOM


10 Pull-ups

20 SA KBS  (10ea arm) 24/16kg



WEDNESDAY 15/04/2015


15min Jumping and Clean Tekkers:

Box Jumping Tekkers

All athletes use a height that they can rebound onto, suggest weight plates for Movement and Functional

A. 10 Box Jumps with hands behind your head, pause for 5sec on the ground between each jump

B. 10 Box Jumps, swinging the arms to help you jump on the box, pause 5sec on the ground between each rep

C. 10 Box Jumps, swing arms and aim to re-bound of the ground back into the box

Where should you feet be on the box?  For safty we want both feet to land fully on the box, however jumping back of the box is not the most efficient this way. Why?  Because you need to jump up off the box before going back towards the ground.  Where should the feet go and what is the most efficient way off the box?

* can you do a big toe click as you jump down to the floor?

Clean Tekkers

5 Tall Muscle Clean

5 High Hang Power Clean (from the power position)

5 Mid-Hang to High Hang transitions

5 Mid-hang Power Cleans

5 Below the Knee to High Hang Transitions

5 Below the Knee Power Cleans


(All levels)


(Level Specific)

A. E2MOM for 10min (5sets)

3-position Clean  (1 rep from each position, a total of 3 reps every 2min)

75-85% of Power Clean

Performance and Sport: (mid-hang, below knee, floor)

Function and Movement: (high hang, mid-hang, below the knee)


Same as Functional

GTOH, load as techique allows, or scale by using a weight plate.


PRE WOD TEST:  Strict Pull-ups; M>10, F>5; if not you MUST scale (NO KIPPING)

GTOH 50/30kg

Pull-up / Ring Rows

20min to complete:

5 Round of:

B1. Wendler Front Squat / OHS



*NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 1rep (not to failure)

B2.  [3-5] Bounding Box Jumps* of increasing height

*Jump Over 20inch, then 24inch, then 30inch… keep the hight increaseing.  All jumps should be a rebound jump, athletes need to perform a small forward bound before jumping on the first box.

** use heights that are challenging but achievable


Same as Performance


Working in teams of 3, each person starts on a different station

12min Capacity (2 Rounds ) of:

1min of Ground to Overhead 60/40kg

1min rest

1 min of Muscle-Ups / Pull-ups

1min rest

1 min of Row for Cals

1min rest

Score is total reps+cals



THURSDAY 16/04/2015


10min Warm-up

DU Tekkers (coach to decide)

Burpee Tekkers

Teach basic burpee mechanics

A 10 Blocking Burpee, feet together and kneeds out

B 10 Burpee jumping feet forward outside the hands, jump back with feet together

C 10 Burpess jumping feet forward outside the hands, jumping feet back at the same width

Whats the difference between B and C?  Which one allows a stronger position (tight midline)  in the push-up position?

Its not wrong to perform the burpee with your feet wide, it simple requires more control and midline activation than with the feet together.  its simular to trying to hold a hollow dish position with the feet together or the feet apart.


(All levels)


(Level Specific)

25min to complete:

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[5,5,3,1, AMRAP] Flat BB Bench

50%,55%,60%,70%,75% of working max

A2. 5 Rounds of:

[6-8] Pendlay Row, 21×0

* work on torso position being over the bar.  It is NOT an upright row, load as technique allows


Same as Functional


3 x Single Skips = 1 DU

B. 10min AMRAP of: 

Work in pairs and take it in turns to complete 3 Rounds each of:

odd min: [8-12] Sheena Push-ups, 31×1,

even min: [8-12] Vertical Ring Rows (see levels) **, 30×1

* Push-ups – STRICT TEMPO with full lockout at the top. (scale: use incline that allows you to maintain a tight midline and PERFECT push-up mechanics)

** Ring Rows – STRICT TEMPO and tight form

L3: Feet on box, straps vertical

L2: Feet on floor straps vertical

L1: Feet on floor, change the strap angle


Same as Performance


4 rounds of (12min):

2min AMRAP  6″ Target Burpees (at a conversational pace)

1min AMRAP  Double-Unders (all out effort)

Score is total reps.  Stop and think about this one.  The repetitions will come form the DU, not the burpees, do the burpees but save your energy on the burpees.



FRIDAY 17/04/2015


 10min Squat Mobility

Ido Portel Squat 2.0 Routine


(All levels)


(Level Specific)

15min to complete A and B:

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[5,5,3,1, AMRAP] Back Squat

50%,55%,60%,70%,75% of working max

(Athletes are allowed only one full breathing cycle at the top of the lift – exhale, inhale, brace and descend – if more rest is taken at the top, the set is over!)


Thruster, load as technique allows


Thruster 40/30kg

B. EMOM for 10min (5 Rounds):

 In pairs, both working at the same time on alternate exercises.  The partner performing the lunges will first place the weight plate onto their partner before they start.

odd: [8-10 each leg] DB/KB Alternating Fwd Lunges*

– you are aiming to have the hamstring on the front leg cover the top of the calf of the front leg at the end range.  You back knee should softly touch the floor with each step

even: :45sec Weighted Plank (weight plate)

* Movement and Functional hold one KB in Goblet position

* Sport and Performance hold 2xKB in front rack position


Same as Performance


“EMOM: 100 Thrusters”

Work in pairs YGIG :60/:60

At the start of the minute perform: 10 Air Squats

For the remainder of the minute: Max Reps Thrusters 45/35kg

Continue to work until a total of 100 Thrusters is completed

* P1 works on the odd minute and P2 works on the even minute


SATURDAY 18/04/2015


Box Jumping Tekkers

A. 10 Box Jumps at a comfortable height

B. 10 Tuck jumps, pull your knees to your chest as you jump off the ground.  Pause between each rep

C. Make your box heigher – 10 Box Jumps that require you to pull your knees to your chest to clear the height.

** Can you land softly on the box.. sssssshhhhhhh not a sound!!

Snatch Skillz

6 Tall Muscle Snatch

6 Power Snatch from Power Position (high hang)

6 Power Snatch from mid-hang


6 Pressing Snatch

6 Drop Snatch

6 Snatch Balance

Working in pairs of equal snatch ability.  Take it in turns to complete A.  P1 starts on 00:00 and P2 starts on 01:00


(All levels)


(Level Specific)

E2MOM for 16minutes (8sets):

Performance and Sport:

1 Power Snatch

1 Mid-hang Snatch (squat)

1 Snatch Balance

*Start at 70-85% of 1RM Power Snatch and aim to increase weight each set

Functional and Movement:

1 High Hang Power Snatch

1 Mid-Hang Power Snatch

1 OHS (work depth to best ability)


Deadlift, load as technique allows

Box Jump a height you can rebound.


Deadlift BW

Box Jump 24/20′

B. 15min to complete:

5 Rounds of Wendler:

[5,5,3,1,AMRAP] Sumo Deadlift


*NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 1 rep (not to failure)


Same as Performance


4 RFT:

10 Deadlifts @115% BW

25 Box Jump 24/20inch


SUNDAY 19/04/2015




Wrist Push-up Progressions and Wrist Conditioning (15min)

A. 2 Rounds of Wrist Mobility:  (first round on knees, second round in FLR position)

1. Fingers Back

2. Fingers Forward

3. Back of Wrist on Floor

4. Fingers Pointing to the Side

B. Wrist Push-ups

Step 1: 10 From Knees

Step 2: 10 From Knees, hollow position + increase ROM

Step3: 10 Full Wrist Push-ups (Decrease ROM)… Good luck

C. First Knuckle Push-up Progressions

Step 1: 10 From Knees

Step 2: 10 From Knees, hollow position

Step 3: 10 FLR position

D. 1 Round of [8-10] Gathering Variation 1.

Start in a squat position; place your hands forward slightly wider than shoulder width and have your hands turned out 45deg.  Your knees will be outside of the elbows and balance your weight between you hands and feet.  Rock directly forward and place you knees on your upper arm. Balancing on you hands rock forward until you head touches the floor.  Then push back with your hands until you rock back into the squat position.

3 Rounds of Hand Balancing and Hip Mobility #1 (15min) 

E-1. Four Position Lifts 10 reps + 10 sec pause (per side)

Sit in a ‘Four Position’ on the floor with your back leg bent at 90 degrees or less (according to flexibility)
and the foot flexed (harder) or pointed. Lift yourself up into your knees only and when you reach a completely open hip position start to reverse down but trying to bring the buttock of the back foot to the floor only. This will create a big internal rotation stretch on the back leg side. Strain on the knee indicates weakness of the tendons and surrounding musculature and requires that you back off and allow adaptation to occur slowly. 

Keep rising and sinking towards the back buttock, realising it may never touch the floor. Once you finish the prescribed reps, pause at the lowest position possible for 10sec count.

E-2. [8-10] Alternating Queda De Rins (pronounced Keda-Ji-Hins) Rotational Push-ups. The QDR is part of the basic floor work in Capoeira training and is also found in break dancing (Take from Ido Portal: read more here):

This simple flow will start in the squat position. Place your hands forward slightly wider than shoulder width and have your hands turned out 45deg.  Your knees will be outside of the elbows and balance your weight between you hands and feet. Slowly rotating the your right knee to 90deg inside the elbow. Rest your hip on the elbow as you lean forward to place your head on the floor. Keeping both hands on the floor aim to lift both legs off the floor, keeping the knees close to your chest. Come back into neutral and repeat with the other side.

The progression towards the One Arm QDR is as follows:
Level 1. 3 point support closed position QDR resting the upper knee on the non supporting elbow.
Level 2. 3 point support closed position QDR knees in the air.
Level 3. 3 point support open position QDR.
Level 4. 2 point support open position QDR. (no head)
Level 5. 1 point support + fingertips open position QDR.
Level 6. 1 point support QDR.

3 Rounds of (BASS) & Hip Mobility #2 (15min):

F-1 Active Pigeon Stretch 10reps + 10 sec pause (per side)

From a front lunge stance, with the back leg on the toes and the front flat, place both hands on the sides of the front foot. Slowly externally rotate the front leg until the shin touches the floor in 90-degree position to the back leg. Do not allow any other angle and if impossible to reach the floor -just lower as deeply as you can. The back knee stays off the floor for the duration of the set. Keep rotating the front leg down and back into the lunge in a slow but dynamic fashion. Once you complete all the prescribed reps, pause for the last and hold for 10sec count.

F-2. [8-10] Bridge Push-ups

This is the basic variation. Lay on your back, bring your heels close to your butt and place your hands, with fingers pointing at your feet, under your shoulders. Push up into the highest back bridge you can reach, hold momentarily and lower down, trying to bring your butt and shoulder blades at the same time to the floor. Notice that unlike other performers of this type of push ups I use the full range of motion – back on the floor to complete elbow lockout. You should do the same for maximum results.

Extra Challange: can you balance on 1 arm in the extended bridge position (try left and right)?

3 Rounds of (SASS) & Shoulder Pre-Hab (15min):

G-1 Skin the Cat Variations

Advanced: Locked elbows and slow, controlled reps! LOCKED ELBOW, not almost, FULLY LOCKED. You start in a passive hang with legs straight, relaxed shoulders and from there activate by depressing shoulder blades. Continue by leaning back and retracting as you bring lets into an l-sit position and roll into an inverted hang. Lower behind into a german hang as deep as you can go, pause for 3seconds and reverse the process. All with LOCKED elbows.

Intermediate: Same as advanced, stay in a tuck position (knees to chest) during the rotations.  You can extend your legs in the german hang position.

Beginner Perform:

[8-10] Active Arch scapular pull-ups on the rings

[:20-30sec] German Hang on the rings (scale by placing your feet on the floor)

G-2 [12,10,8,8] BB/DB Cuban Rotations (no-press)