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CFH Training Plan 27/04/2015 – 03/05/2015

Posted 26th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 5 of 16 Juggernaut


New Juggernaut wave and a new format to the blog post this week, its well overdue as the old format was messy.  So where do we go from here?  Welcome to the 8’s wave and a new accumulation, intensification and realization mesocycle.  Sh%^ get heavy this time around and its very unlikely you will be smashing out 20+rep AMRAPS.  As CrossFitters, and even Metconners, we are typically very good at lifting light weights for large number of repetitions.  Although, when the bar starts to get heavy we will quickly start to see a drop in the total output. Do you best to stick to the prescribed weights and don’t be surprised if you AMRAPs drop down to 10 or 12 max repetitions.

Juggernaut phase 1.10 and 1.8 are basically a hypertrophy (get more lean muscle mass) focused – you may have noticed your metabolism has been working harder last month and your eating more food.  This is a good sign that you are build some lean muscles mass.  If your diet is right you will also be storing less body fat and looking leaner.  Ideally you should be looking to build some lean muscle mass to boost your metabolism and to help burn more body fat.  Remember that 1kg of muscles in less than 1/2 the size (volume) of 1kg of fat.  So if you can put on 2-3kg of muscle and drop 5-6kg of fat, your body composition will be remarkably different, but the weight on the scale will only be 3kg less. Just some food for thought!  Also remember that muscle mass has the potential to lift more weight, something that will come in handy during Juggernaut phase 1.5 and 1.3 when the sh%6 get REALY HEAVY!

Please make sure you read my last blog post (FAQ’s) in preparation for the coming weeks.



JTS-Strength: Complete Guide to Putting PRS on the Platform
Throughout the Juggernaut programme we are using sub maximal loads to improve overall strength.  Percentages are used to accumulate quality lifts and build confidence under the bar.  Your overall PR’s will increase even though we are not performing 1RM attempts.

GMB: All Work and No Play? Adding Unstructured Movement Exploration to Your Routine 
Discovering new ways of playing with movements provides a boost of energy and interest that can keep you training when you might otherwise burn out. I’ve (stretch) have started my own 4week project to try a new movement everyday for the next 4 week. I’m posting my ninja videos to facebook and instagram

GMB: Finding (and Fixing) the Missing Link in Your Athletic Development 
As adults, most of us have forgotten how to move and build new skills –It’s the fundamental movement patterns that are often neglected and are key to continued progress in your athletic abilities. When we stop learning, our physical movement and mental development both suffer.

Strength Sensei: The Best Stance for Maximal Load in the Deadlift 
The deadlift is a excellent test of strength, and a key factor to pulling a maximal load is your setup position.  Once key point is how wide you place your feet?

Marks Daily Apple: Whats so healthy about avocado oil? 
Avocardo just doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Consider the fact that an avocado is over 75% fat. For a plant, this is a small and glorious miracle. What this fruit lacks in sweetness, it overachieves in satiety. But let’s look at the healthy fat breakdown.

CrossFit Hackney Downloads
CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet
CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet

MONDAY 27/04/2015


Glute and Hip Activation

20 Lateral Band Walks (left and right)
20 Forward and Backward banded walks
10 Hip Bridges
:30sec Partner Resisted Hip Bridge Iso Hold
20/leg Banded Dynamic Hamstring Stretch, lying on your back

+ Banded Hip Stretches – coaches choice


25min to complete A. and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[8,8,8,8,AMRAP] Deadlift 65% of new working weight

B. 5 Round of Wendler:

[5,5,5,5, AMRAP] Bench  60%,65%,70%,75%, 80%

NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 5 reps

Note: .New Wendler Max = Week 3 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM 


For time (12min time cap):

Complete 150 AKBS [P=32/24kg, S=24/20kg, F=20/16kg, M=Load as technique allows]

EMOM stop and perform 10 Push-ups


TUESDAY 28/04/2015


3 Rounds of:

1A: Slow Bear Walk 15-20m

The bear walk is a great movement in order to test your pressing strength, hamstring flexibility, and stamina. The bear can immediately let a person know where they are lacking in their flexibility, as well how much control they have over using their upper and lower body together effectively. Master this movement and it will set you up for great strength gains in hand balancing holds as well as other pressing movements.

Note: Arms and legs are straight, the left leg moves at the same time as the right hand. Be mindful with this movement and get it right.

1B: [8-10] BB Cuban Rotations


25min to omplete A and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[8,8,8,8,AMRAP] Strict OHP 65% of new working weight

4 Rounds of:

B1.  [8-12] Ring Chin-ups, 22×0*

Full extension and palms turned out at the bottom of the movement

B2. [4-5] TEMPO Dips 33×1 + ME: Ring Push-ups

Perform TEMPO dips on dip stations, with 3sec eccentric +3sec pause at the bottom, then continue with as many ring push-ups as possible.


Working in teams of 3, perform 4min Tabata (:20/:10) on each station with :40sec rest between stations (13min total):

Tabata Row (Cals)
Tabata Wall Balls [S&P=9/7kg 10/9ft, F=7/5kg, M=Load as technique allows]
Tabata Vertical Ring Rows


WEDNESDAY 29/04/2015


Clean Drills

5 Tall Muscle Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Scarecrow Cleans

5 High Hang Squat Cleans (power position)

5 Mid-Hang Squat Cleans

3 Rounds of A. building to 65-70%


35min to completeboth A. and B.

A. Clean Complex (8sets total, 15min)

2 Mid-Hang Pwr Cleans
+1 Mid-Hang Squat Clean

Part A: 3min EMOM (3sets):
65-75% of 1RM Pwr Clean

Part B: 6min E2-MOM (3sets):
75%-80% of 1RM Pwr Clean

Part C: 6min E3-MOM (2sets):
80%+ of 3RM Pwr Clean

B1. 5 Rounds of Wendler:

[5,5,5,5,AMRAP] OHS / Front Squat 60%,65%,70%,75%, 80%

– NO MISSED reps, a confident 5RM

Note: New Wendler Max = Week 3 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM 

B2 [6-8] Body Weight Vertical Ski Position Jumps for MAX height*

“The “ski jump” alignment position involves a good hip hinge and forward bend, with your butt back and knees just in front of your toes. This position aligns you for the best coordination of muscular action. With your torso hinged forward and your butt back, you prime your hip extensor muscles in a “pre-stretch” for optimal force generation.” Read more here…


Partner WOD 5 Rounds of:

P1: Run 200m

P2: AMRAP of:

 3 Cleans [P=85/55kg, S=70/45kg, F=50/30kg, M=Load as technique allows]

6 Over the Bar Burpees

Each partner will complete 5 x 200m runs, while the other partner performs AMRAP.  How many rounds of the AMRAP can you do?  Continue AMRAP from where you leave off before each run.


THURSDAY 30/04/2015


Ido Portal: Scapular Mobilization Routine

2 RoundsL 10 reps of each

1. Banded Scapular Push-ups (Hold FLR position)

2. Overhead Straight arm lateral pulldown

3. The Whippet (banded chest fly)

4. Banded Shoulder Dislocations (passthroughs)

KB Clean and Press:

Single Arm Swings (hand position in corner, twisting of the torso)

KB Cleans (rack position, elbow stays tight to the body)

KB Clean and Press (Push-press, lowering the KB)


25min to complete both A. and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[8,8,8,8,AMRAP] Flat BB Bench 65% of new working weight

3-4 Rounds of:

B1.[8-10]  Lying BB Tricep Extensions* 31×0, :60

Lower the bar behind the head to focus the work on the long head of the tricep brachii.

B2. [7-9] Narrow Grip Supinated BB Curles with back against  wall, 31×0, :60

Placing the hands inside shoulder width isolates the longer head of the biceps brachii.  At the top of the movement the forarm should contact the bicep, and at the bottom of the movement you contract the triceps for the count of 1sec..  Do not allow the elbows or the shoulders to move forward during the movement.


12min AMRAP of:

8 Pull-ups [Pre-WOD Test: Strict Pull-ups: M>10, F>5, or you MUST scale to Rng Rows]

16 KB Clean and Press (8ea arm) [P&S=24/16kg, F=20/12kg, M=Load as technique allows]


FRIDAY 01/05/2015


Stretch Routine for Hip Mobility & Flexibiity (12-15min)

1. Lying Hip Rotation 10 reps + 10sec hold each leg

2. Piriformus Stretch 10reps + 10sec hold each leg

3. Butterfly Adductor Stretch 10reps + press each knee down for 10sec

4. Frog Stretch on hands and knees 10reps on hands + 10reps on elbows + 10sec hold

5. Kneeling Lunge hip flexor stretch (bend and hold back leg if possible) 10reps + 10sec hold each leg

6. Travelling Butterflt Adductor Stretch 10reps

7. Squatting Internal Rotation 10reps each leg

8. Pidgen Stretch 10reps each leg


30min to complete both A. and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[8,8,8,8,AMRAP] Back Squat 65% of new working weight

3-4 Rounds of:

B1. [6-8] BB Romanian Deadlifts, 30×0

B2.[8-10]  Controlled High Box Step* 30×0

*Box as high as possible, slow and controlled eccentric and not pushing off the back leg.  The back toe should not touch the ground, just the heel.  Suggest no additional weight, we are looking for quality movement.


For Time:

3 Thruster** [P&S=45/35kg,  F=40/30kg, M=Load as technique allows]

30 Box Jump 24/20inch

6 Thruster

25 Box Jump

9 Thruster

20 Box Jump

12 Thruster

15 Box Jump

15 Thruster

10 Box Jump

20 Thruster

5 Box Jump

**Note: Dropping the bar from above hip height is an instant 5 Burpee penalty.  Breaking a 5kg plate is an instant 50 Burpee penalty. 


SATURDAY 02/05/2015


Snatch Drills

5 Tall Muscle Snatch


5 Snatch High Pull From Power Position

5 Mid-Hang Snatch Hish Pulls

5 Scarecrow Snatch

5 Snatch Balance

3 Rounds of A. building to 55-65%


30min to complete A. and B.

A. Snatch Complex

Performance and Sport:

1 Snatch High Pull

+1 Mid-Hang  Snatch

+ 1 Snatch

Functional and Movement:

1 Mid-hang Snatch High Pull

+1 Mid-Hang Snatch

+ 1 OHS

Part A: 3min EMOM (3sets):

55-65% of Snatch

Part B: 6min E2-MOM (3sets):

65%-75% of Snatch

Part C: 6min E3-MOM (2sets):

70%+ of Snatch

B. 5 Round of Wendler:

[5,5,5,5, AMRAP] 2″ Podium Pause Deadlifts, 22×0, 60%,65%,70%,75%, 80% (based on Sumo Deadlift from week 3)

– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 5 reps

Note: .New Wendler Max = Week 3 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM 



Partner WOD for time, work together to complete (18min time cap):

10 Bar Muscle-ups / Muscle-ups / Pull-ups / Ring Rows

20 Ring Dips / Box Dips / [Scale: feet on floor box dips]

30 Power Snatch [P=60/40kg, S=50/35kg, F= Mid-Hang Pwr Snatch 40/30kg, M=Load as technique allows]

40 Push-ups / [Scale: Incline push-ups]

40 Air Squats

30 STOH [P=60/40kg, S=50/35kg, F= 40/30kg, M=Load as technique allows]

20 OHS/Front Squat [P=60/40kg, S=50/35kg, F= 40/30kg, M=Load as technique allows]

10 HeSPU / [Scale: Feet on box / Pike Push-up / Push-up /Incline Push-up]


SUNDAY 03/04/2015


Wrist Push-up Progressions and Wrist Conditioning (20min)

A. 2 Rounds of Wrist Mobility:  (first round on knees, second round in FLR position)

1. Fingers Back

2. Fingers Forward

3. Back of Wrist on Floor

4. Fingers Pointing to the Side

B. Wrist Push-ups

Step 1: 10 From Knees

Step 2: 10 From Knees, hollow position + increase ROM

Step3: 10 Full Wrist Push-ups (Decrease ROM)… Good luck

C. First Knuckle Push-up Progressions

Step 1: 10 From Knees

Step 2: 10 From Knees, hollow position

Step 3: 10 FLR position

D. 1 Round of: Active Pigeon Stretch 10reps + 10 sec pause (per side)

From a front lunge stance, with the back leg on the toes and the front flat, place both hands on the sides of the front foot. Slowly externally rotate the front leg until the shin touches the floor in 90-degree position to the back leg. Do not allow any other angle and if impossible to reach the floor -just lower as deeply as you can. The back knee stays off the floor for the duration of the set. Keep rotating the front leg down and back into the lunge in a slow but dynamic fashion. Once you complete all the prescribed reps, pause for the last and hold for 10sec count.

E. 1 Round of: Four Position Lifts 10 reps + 10 sec pause (per side)

Sit in a ‘Four Position’ on the floor with your back leg bent at 90 degrees or less (according to flexibility)
and the foot flexed (harder) or pointed. Lift yourself up into your knees only and when you reach a completely open hip position start to reverse down but trying to bring the buttock of the back foot to the floor only. This will create a big internal rotation stretch on the back leg side. Strain on the knee indicates weakness of the tendons and surrounding musculature and requires that you back off and allow adaptation to occur slowly. 

Keep rising and sinking towards the back buttock, realising it may never touch the floor. Once you finish the prescribed reps, pause at the lowest position possible for 10sec count.



Locomotions and Hand Balancing

F. 5 Levels of Quadrupedal Locomotion

Perform 2 Rounds of each level – the aim is to be MINDFUL about the movement and to take it slow. The desire to move better needs to be at the heart of everything we do in training.

level 1: Bear Walk 15-20m

Level 2: Bear Walk with bent knees (take right knee to left elbow and left knee to right elbow) 15-20m

Level 3: High Spiderman Crawl (Same as Level 2, but this time rotate the torso and twist the hips towards the touching knee and elbow)

Level 4: Push-up Spidermen Crawl (same as Level 3, but now add a push-up to the movement)

Level 5: Low Spiderman Crawl, stay as low to the ground as possible and crawl

G. 6 Levels of Alternating Queda De Rins (pronounced Keda-Ji-Hins) Rotational Push-ups. The QDR is part of the basic floor work in Capoeira training and is also found in break dancing (Take from Ido Portal: read more here):

Perform 8-10 repetitions at each level.  If the next level is too dificult continue practicing the leve highest level possible.  Even is you can achieve level 4, start at level 1 to fine tune the fundementals.

Level 1. 5 point support: head, both hands and both feet remian on the ground
Level 2. 4 point support: head, both hands and lower leg remain on the floor, top leg is in the air pulled back behind the head
Level 3. 3 point support: open position QDR with head and both hands on the floor
Level 4. 2 point support open position QDR, with only the hands on the floor
Level 5. 1 point support + fingertips open position QDR.
Level 6. 1 point support QDR.

Note: Video 2 has further variations to work towards.

This simple flow will start in the squat position. Place your hands forward slightly wider than shoulder width and have your hands turned out 45deg.  Your knees will be outside of the elbows and balance your weight between you hands and feet. Slowly rotating the your right knee to 90deg inside the elbow. Rest your hip on the elbow as you lean forward to place your head on the floor. Keeping both hands on the floor aim to lift both legs off the floor, keeping the knees close to your chest. Come back into neutral and repeat with the other side.

3 Rounds of:

H-1. [6-8] Bridge Push-ups & Single Arm Bridge holds

This is the basic variation. Lay on your back, bring your heels close to your butt and place your hands, with fingers pointing at your feet, under your shoulders. Push up into the highest back bridge you can reach, hold momentarily and lower down, trying to bring your butt and shoulder blades at the same time to the floor. Notice that unlike other performers of this type of push ups I use the full range of motion – back on the floor to complete elbow lockout. You should do the same for maximum results.

Extra Challange: can you balance on 1 arm in the extended bridge position (try left and right)?

H-2. :45-:60sec Double Tricep and Lat Stretch

You may either use a box and a Dumbbell


You may use the Wall.