CFH Training Plan 01/06/2015 – 07/06/2015

Josh Schouten | 31-05-2015
Week 10 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT:  Another week of the Juggernaut rolls on...  As the intensity increases (the weight on the bar), the volume (number of repetitions) continues to drop.   This week we will be performing 6 sets of 2,2,5,5,5, AMRAP. The weeks ahead are going to test your strength and bravery, and hopefully results in some solid improvements.  The... [Read more]

GMB 2-Day Workshop at Momentum Training

Josh Schouten | 28-05-2015
“Don’t Die Without Exploring What Your Body Is Truly Capable Of” The GMB curriculum builds strength, flexibility, and motor control with fun movement skills that carryover to sports performance and everyday life.  GMB are coming to Momentum Training to host a 2day workshop... As Crossfitters we often believe we are fit and strong because we can move large loads over... [Read more]

My Deadlift Mantra

Josh Schouten | 26-05-2015
All humans should possess the ability to lift things off the ground.  If squats are the king of exercises, deadlifts are the queen. One thing to love about the deadlift is the fact that there is no way to cheat in this movement.  Don't get me wrong, and there is loads of room to seriously hurt yourself if you're a Lego man with... [Read more]

Barbell Club Phase 6

Josh Schouten
Phase 6 will see us building to a 1RM in the Bench and Squat in the later weeks. Be sure to know your %'s for A's. This should not be exceeded and no failed reps in the first 3 weeks! For those wondering what the Dimel Deadlift is click the link below and listen to the wise man Dave Tate:... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 25/05/2015 – 31/05/2015

Josh Schouten | 24-05-2015
Week 9 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT:  8 Weeks away from smashing your PR’s Rested, recharged, and ready to see your strength gains go through the roof?  Its time to put your strength to the test and bring out the big boy weights!  The hypertrophy training over the last 2 months has prpared you for the strength training ahead, the correct... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 18/05/2015 – 24/05/2015

Josh Schouten | 17-05-2015
Week 8 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT:  DELOAD week is here.  Some surprising numbers for many of you last week in the realization week of the 8's wave.  Many of you were a little worried about the 80% ARMAP.  However, I've seen and heard about some very strong results, job well done.  A few people have struggle in this phase... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 11/05/2015 – 17/05/2015

Josh Schouten | 10-05-2015
Week 7 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT: LAZY, CRAZY or SMART? Starting and maintaining an exercise program can be difficult. We’ve all been there… But once we get past the first few weeks and get into the routine, we enjoy the challenge, especially because gains and improvements happen pretty much every time you workout (in the beginning). Eventually, no matter who we... [Read more]

Barbell Club Phase 5

Josh Schouten | 03-05-2015
Barbell Club Phase 5 is out now. We are gearing up again for an attempt to increase those vital numbers again. In this phase it will be vital to make sure we know what the %'s are on the big lifts and have these written down before coming to class to make sure you get the most out of it.... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 04/05/2015 – 10/05/2015

Josh Schouten
Week 6 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT: The desire to move better should be at the heart of everything we do in training.  Strength and power are all well and good, but we should also be working on body awareness, motor control and performing difficult skills and movements to challenge both the mind and the body. Moving skilfully requires agility, strength, power, balance... [Read more]