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CFH Training Plan 18/05/2015 – 24/05/2015

Posted 17th May 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 8 of 16 Juggernaut


DELOAD week is here.  Some surprising numbers for many of you last week in the realization week of the 8’s wave.  Many of you were a little worried about the 80% ARMAP.  However, I’ve seen and heard about some very strong results, job well done.  A few people have struggle in this phase and possible didn’t lift the bar as many times as they would have liked.  No stress, simply put your results in the spread sheet and continue with the 5’wave next week.  Your strength will continue to increase as long as you keep putting in hard the work.

All smart top-level athletes take delaod weeks in preparation for their competitions.  Its a wise idea to take deload weeks every so often to allow the body to grow stronger and recover.


SRA (STIMULUS-RECOVERY-ADAPTATION): We get better by training, but the real gains are made when we rest. This is exactly why we don’t squat heavy on Monday, squat heavy on Tuesday, then take the rest of the week off. Train, rest and recover, repeat… that’s SRA.

FATIGUE MANAGEMENT: As we train, we accumulate wear-and-tear, our fuel stores deplete, and our hormonal levels change for the worse. A planned reduction in training volume (and sometimes intensity) every so often reduces built-up fatigue and allows you to make gains faster while reducing injury rates.

PHASE POTENTIATION: Training in a certain style one month can enhance the gains made with another style in the month ahead, periodization is key and this is why CrossFit Hackney follows a specific training plan for a number of months (i.e 16weeks of Juggernaut).By doing a hypertrophy phase (10’s wave and the 8’s wave) and then follow that with a strength phase, we will take the new muscle from the hypertrophy phase and make it stronger. The result is a more effective final product.  Doing a strength phase before a hypertrophy phase is not a great idea as the muscle mass could be lost during the strength phase and the end result is never going to be as effective.  Order matters!

The break down of Juggernaut

Phase 1.10) Hypertrophy phase designed to build new muscles

Phase 1.8) A functional strength phase that continues to improve lean muscle mass and slowly increases strength

Phase 1.5)   Strength (make the new muscle stronger)

Phase 1.3)   Peaking (learn to express that new strength maximally)

DEALOD: Mixing thing up this week with a HUGE focus on mobility.  We are going to be spacing a good 20minutes in each class working on some mobility drills to help everyone lean something new.  Don’t see this week as an opportunity to slack off, see it as an opportunity to uncover some limitations that all of us have.  Everyone single one of us has certain tight areas that we need to work on.  By improving position, you can improve movement efficient and strength.  Pay attention to what you learn this week and take note of the mobility drills that help you improve your position.  Take what is useful and apply it to your weekly routine, and don’t worry about the ones that don’t assist you.

Movement is achieved by 3 critical factors:

1) Strength – are you strong enough to perform the movement?

2) Flexibility – do you have the range of motion to achieve the correct position in the movement?

3) Motor Control – do you understand how to move your body through time and space?

Spending too much time focusing on one aspect of movement will limit the other aspects of movement.  A balance needs to be found between all 3 to become a well-rounded athlete.



DailyBurn: Carbs 101: The Truth About Carbohydrates – To be clear, carbs are by themselves neither good nor bad. However, eating certain types of carbs at certain times and in certain amounts can lead to some undesirable consequences. When high GI carbs are consumed in high amounts (especially all at once), they cause an increase in the secretion of the hormone insulin, which can trigger fat gain. Whether you’re a marathoner or a CrossFitter, carbohydrates are considered the go-to fuel source for high-intensity sport competition and training. 

GMB: Knee Health – Start taking care of you knees, so that they can take care of you in the future.  Strength, flexibility and movement technique is critical to the survival of you knees.

JTS-strength: A Pyramid of Strength – The base of the pyramid is broad, it is occupied by the most athletes (beginners), and it can fit the most exercises. When an athlete first begins their training, there is a very large pool of exercises that can help them improve. Think back to your first months of training the squat and all the things that would cause your numbers to go up; squat, front squat, box squat, leg curls, back raises, lunges… and the list goes on.

Athleticlab: Chocolate milk: Not so secret recovery drink – Proper recovery from exercise is just as important as your workout. Depending on your workout, your body needs to replenish its muscle glycogen stores, repair the muscles after all the wear and tear, re-hydrate after the water loss from sweat, and begin the process of muscle growth.  For those who are looking for some extra gains in lean muscle mass I recommend taking a casine protein shake before going to bed.  This will make sure your lean muscle mass does not starve during the night (best to have a food allergies test before taking casine)

T-Nation: A Doctors view of CrossFit  – This was an excellent interview at T-Nation with Dr. Stuart McGill (spine specialist), and it comes back to the article we shared a couple of week back about “CrossFit the Sport, or CrossFit for Fitness“. Dr. McGill covered some good points that haven’t been mentioned previously in the CrossFit debate, and you’ll find quite a few one-liners you’ll want to commit to memory. One that stood out: “Olympic lifting must find the lifter. Not the other way around given the special anatomical gifts needed to lift with efficiency and injury resiliency.”

CrossFitters interested in being better athletes with fewer injuries will be interested in this – and adjust their programming approach as a result.  “The coached group moved with more competencies and fewer injury mechanisms. The high-rep, go-to-failure, form-compromising group had more injury mechanisms in their movements.”

CrossFit Hackney Downloads:

CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet

CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet

MONDAY 18/05/2015


15 Air Squats, then spend :60sec in bottom position

12 Right Leg Reverse Lunges, then spend :60sec stretching right hip flexor

12 Left Leg Reverse Lunges, then spend :60sec stretching left hip flexor

10 Burpees


20min Day 1: Hip hinge or squat archetype 

Test: Feet together, belly tight, hinge over with the back straight, can you get to 90*?

Perform all 4 mobilisation dills on your right leg first and then re-test before doing them on your left leg

Mob1: Hip capsule mob

1. Lateral band distraction of the hip (:60sec)

2. External rotation of the hip (kick the heel inward underneath the body) – HOLD for :60sec

3. Internal rotation of the hip (kick the heel outwards away from the body) – HOLD for :60sec

Mob2: Good morning/Downward dog hip distraction mob 

1. Flex and extend the knee of the leg in the band to make the stretch dynamic – 30-40reps

(note the leg in the band is place slightly forward of the leg without the band.

Mob3: Orb Ball smash of the gluten and lower back

1. Place feet up on a 20’ box and lye flat on your back

2. Place ball at the top of the glute/ lower part of the back

3. Searching for tightness in this area, move the legs around to make it dynamic – HUNT for 2min

Mob 4: Lateral lower Back smash

1. Lie on you back on the floor with legs bent

2. Place the ball in our lower back

3. Twist onto your side, towards the ball and focus on you breathing – HUNT for :2min

Re-Test: Feet together, belly tight, hinge over with the back straight, can you get to 90*?

Reapeat on left leg


Warm-up deadlift to 70% of current Juggernaut working max in this phase (8’s wave)

10min EMOM of:

2 Deadlifts @70% get tight and aim to move the weight with speed

+5 Push-ups – tight FLR position [Scale: Incline Push-ups]


Patern WOD 12min YGIG rounds:

15 KB SDLHP  [P=32/24, S=24/20,F=20/16/M=load as technique allows]

10 Burpees

TUESDAY 19/04/2015


10 Wide hand placement push-ups

10 Start Jumps

10 Normal width push-ups

10 Vertical Jumps, throw arms above you head as you jump

10 Dymond push-ups

10 Star Jumps


20min Day 3: Overhad position archetype

Yes, I know its only Tuesday and we should be on day 2, but today we are going overhead and this mobalisation makes more sense for us today.  We will do day 2 tomorrow.

Full range of motion around the shoulder needs to happen without change in the ribcage 

Test:  Stand up straight, squeeze your but and branch you midline by keeping the bottom rib down.  With STRAIGHT arm, raise your arms overhead with your thumbs pointing behind you in the top position, do not allow you ribcage to rise.

Incomplete range of motion is a bent elbow or internal rotation on the arm.  We need good ROM in the scapular.

Mob1: Thoracic Smash on Roller

1. Lie on you back and place the foam roller under your thoracic spine.

2.  Give yourself a big hug, place you left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder

3. Roll up and down the thoracic spine, flex, extend and rotate from left to right – HUNT for 2min

Mob2: Lacross Ball Shoulder Smash

1. Lie on your back again and place a lacrosse ball between you shoulder blade and spine

2. Roll around the edge of the scapular with the lacrosse ball

3.  When you find a tight spot stop, straighten the arm and try to take it into an overhead position.  Continue to move the arm around in all directions to improve the sliding surfaces of the muscles around the scapular.

4.  If you brave, you can take a weight plate and rest it on your chest to help lockdown the ribcage while you hunt around.  You can also lift your hips off the round (hip bridge) while doing this)  – Hunt for 2-5min each side

Mob3: Work the Lateral seam (Lat smash)

1. Lie on your side with either an across ball/orb ball or foam roller under your lat.

2. Roll from the bottom of the lat (top of your hip) all the way up to the elbow – Hunt for 2min each side

Re-Test:  Stand up straight, squeeze your but and branch you midline by keeping the bottom rib down.  With STRAIGHT arm, raise your arms overhead with your thumbs pointing behind you in the top position, do not allow you ribcage to rise.


A. 10min EMOM of:

3 Bar Muscle-up / Ring Muscle-ups / Pull-ups / Eccentric Pull-ups 5000 / 6 Ring Rows

+3 Push-Press @Working Max weight for current Juggernuat strict press


Nasty Partner Karen

150 Partner Wall Balls*

Note: If the wall ball hits the ground both partners must perform 5 burpees.  If you need to rest one person must hold the wall ball.

* P1 squats and throws the wall ball and P2 catches it.  Then the reverse. 


WEDNESDAY 20/05/2015


10min Clean Drills

5 Tall Muscle Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Scarecrow Cleans

5 High Hang Squat Cleans (power position)

5 Mid-Hang Squat Cleans

3 Rounds of A. building to 65-70%


Day5: Front Rack archetype

Test: Front Rack Position and Front Squat or event HePUS and Press position

The wrist should be straight in the front rack position, we should not have the “my wrist hurts” position or overextended back.  Most of our athletes are rounded in their shoulders and this leaves little room in the shoulder capsule.

Mob1: Resetting the shoulder

1. Tie a band around the rig at shoulder height

2. With you back to the rig place one hand into the band and walk forward to get tension in the band.  The arm will be locked out straight as if bench pressing the band away from the chest.

3. Take your opposite have and grab the elbow of the arm holding the band

4. Try to rotate the arm in the socket, working on external rotation and let the shoulder sink back into the socket – HUNT for :60set each arm

Mob2: Front Rack Banded stretch

1. Tie the band at just below hip height on the rig

2. Place one hand in the band and turn around to face away form the rig

3. Now take the band behind you back and set the arm into the front rack position i.e elbow in front of the body and the wrist sitting just lateral of the shoulder.

4. Take the opposite hand and place support the elbow of the arm in the band.  Try to pull the elbow towards the body

5. Twist the body away from the band to cause external rotation of the shoulder – HOLD 1-2min each side

Mob3: Shoulder rotations

1. Grab a small red band and could it into 3

2. Put the band around both arms just above the elbows

3. Grab hold of a wooden stick with supinated grip, start with the hands narrow and then move them as wide as you can.  The aim is to keep the elbows high as possible

4.  Kneel down next to a bench and place your elbows on the bench, try to keep the elbows in and force a deeper tricep stretch – HUNT for 2min

Mob4: Barbell Tricep Smash

1. Lie not the floor with a barbell in front of you

2. Place one arm overhead and rest the distal point of the tricep on top of the bar

3. Flex and extend the elbow and rock side-to-side, while pushing down on the bar

4. Slowly work your way up the tricep towards the proximal end – HUNT 2min 


A. 12min EMOM of:

Performance and Sport:

1 Full Squat Clean 60-80% of 1RM Clean

+1 Mid-Hand Squat Clean

Functional and Movement:

1 Mid-Hang Power Clean

+1 Mid-Hang Squat Clean


12min EMOM of:

Odd min: 5 Thrusters [P=60/45kg, S=50/35kg, F=40/30kg,M=load as technique allows]

Even min: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Burpees

THURSDAY 21/05/2015


20 DU

10 V-ups

20 DU

10  TTB

20 DU

10 Push-ups


Day 4: Overhead position archetype

Full range of motion around the shoulder needs to happen without change in the ribcage 

Test:  Stand up straight, squeeze your but and branch you midline by keeping the bottom rib down.  With STRAIGHT arm, raise your arms overhead with your thumbs pointing behind you in the top position, do not allow you ribcage to rise.

Incomplete range of motion is a bent elbow or internal rotation on the arm.  We need good ROM in the scapular.

Focus today is  on the Serratus muscle to help position the scapular and deep into the armpit for the sub scapular muscle.

Mob1: Serratus smash

1. Lie on your side and place an orb ball on the serrates under the armpit, the arm it straight and stretched out overhead

2. With the opposite hand try to rotate the orb ball, move it around underneath the serrates – HUNT for :60sec each side

Mod 2: Sup scapular bash

Note: in the video they use a special toy, we will be using a wooden stick instead

1. Grab one of the wooden stick and place one end in the corner of the floor and the upright wall

2.  Place the other end of the stick into your armpit on the anterior side of the scapular.  We are looking to place it on the sub-scapulars muscle.

3.  Once you have the stick in the right place raise you arm over head and lightly lean into the stick

4. Move the arm around slowly – HUNT for 2min each side

Mob3: Banded shoulder distraction

1. Tie an band to the pull-up station

2. Wrap the other end of the band around your wrist

3. Wind up your arming full external rotation (palm up)

4. walk away from the right to get tension in the band

5. Rotate the body away from the arm to feel the stretch around the shoulder capsule – HUNT for 1-2min each side

Mob4: Upper Trap Ball Smash

1. Lie on you back in a hip bridge position

2. Place a lacrosse ball under you upper trap and then lift your arms above you head

3. Now lift you hip off the ground to place more pressure on the traps

4. Move the arms around and rock your body from side to side to smash the traps – HUNT 2min each side


A. 10min EMOM of:

3 Bench Press @ 70% of current Jurrernaut working max for 8’s wave

+ 3 Strict Chin-ups [Scale: 2 Eccentric Chins 5000, 10 Ring Rows]


For Time:

50 Double-Unders [Scale: 3:1]

25 Push-ups [Scale: Incline Push-ups]

25 TTB [Scale: K2E, Hangining Knee Raises, Sit-ups]

50 Double-Unders [Scale: 3:1]

25 TTB

25 Push-ups

50 Double-Unders [Scale: 3:1]

FRIDAY 22/05/2015


3 Rounds of:

10 Air Squats

10 KBS


20min Day 2:  Hip Hinge or Squat archetype 

Test: Air Squat with hands locked together overhead (simulating and overhead squat with very upright torso)

Mob1: Hip capsule distraction

1. Tie a band to the rig at knee heigh.  Step into the band and face away from the rig

2. Walk forward on all fours (hands and knees) to get tension in the band.

3. The leg in the band is them placed into a 1/2 pigeon stretch (i.e leg at 45* externally rotated underneath the body) – HOLD for :60sec

4. Internally rotate the leg (push the heel outside the body) – HOLD for :60sec

Mob2: Hamstring Smash

1. Sit on a box and place a lacrosse ball or orb ball at the fold of the hamstring and glute.

2.  Roll around and find any tight areas, you can also straighten and bend the knee to improve the gliding surfaces. – Hunt for 2min

Mob3: Super double band hamstring stretch

1. Again step into the band attached to the rig, this time place the band around 1 leg at the bottom of the glute, top of the hamstring.

2. Lie down on your back as if to do a hamstring stretch

3. Place the second band around the foot of the leg that is already in the band attached to the rig

4. Stretch the hamstring, and flex and extend the knee – HUNT for 2min

5.  You can also take the leg across the body or outside the body to change the location of the stretch on thigh muscles

Mob4: Ball smash lateral hip

1. Lie on your side and place the ball in the side of you hip

2. Roll around on the “glute flexor wod” and towards the glutes – HUNT for :60sec


12min EMOM of:

2 Back Squats @ 75% of current Juggernaut working weight (8’s wave)

+ 6 Box Jumps


In teams of 3 take it in turns to complete rounds: 16min AMRAP:

Set this circuit up to be start line -> Box -> Kettlebell -> Rower

All 3 team members must start behind the start line.

10 Box Jumps 24/20′

10 KBS

200m Row*

*When the person finishes the rower they must get off the rower, run back to the start line,  and tag the next person before they start a round.

SATURDAY 23/05/2015


Snatch Drills

5 Pressing Snatch

5 Power Snatch from power position

5 Power Snatch from mid-hang

5 Drop Snatch

5 Scarecrow Snatch

5 Mid-hang Squat Snatch

5 Snatch High Pulls from mid-shin


Day7: Working on ankle range of motion.

Mob1:  Banded Ankle flexibility

1. Tie a band around the rig at ankle height and step into the band with one leg, placing the band below the ankle.

2.  Facing away from the rig, walk forward to put tension in the band

3. Sit at the bottom of a squat and hold a weight plate close to your chest and sitting on top of your thighs/knees.

4.  Mobalise the joint by pushing the knee forward and outwards. DO NOT let the knee travel inward. – HUNT 2min

note: if you have a pistol you can put yourself into this position and mobiles here.

Mob2: Heal Smash

1. Sitting in the ground cross one leg in font of your body and rest the shin on an ab-mat (not you will need to take your shoes off)

2. With the foot resign on its side, aim to put your heel towards the ground.  Place one elbow on the knee of the bent leg and hold the foot.  With the other hand push down on the heel to free up the heel

3. Another way to do this is to use a lacrosse ball and roll it around the heel – HUNT 2min each side

Mob3:  Barbell Heel Smash

1. Sit on the floor with a barbell underneath your heel cords

2. Cross one leg over the other leg and add some pressure to the heel cord that remains resting on the barbell

3. Rock side-to-side on and slowly work you way up the calf muscles

4.  You can also flex and extend the ankle to hit the sliding surfaces of the muscles – HUNT 2min each side

Re-Test: Can you spend 10min in the bottom of a squat?


A. 10min Snatch Complex EMOM of:

Performance and Sport:

1 Full Snatch

+ 1 Snatch Balance

+1 Mid-Hang Snatch

Functional and Movement:

1 Mid-Hang Power Snatch

+1 OHS

+1 Mid-Hang Snatch

B. 8min Partner EMOM of:

odd min :30sec Deadlift [P=100/70, S=90/60, F=80/50, M=load as technique allows]

even min :30sec Over the bar burpess

P1 works for the first :30sec of the minute and then P2: works for the second :30sec of the minute


Run 4 x 400m on the 4min

Run 400m and then rest the remainder of the 4min.  400m round will start on 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00

SUNDAY Movement Day 24/04/2015


Locomotions and Hand Balancing

Wrist mobalisation – read more here

Fogger Round 1

– Front Squat position jump forward onto your hand

– With each jump we should travel forward

Forward Walking Frogger (hip flexibility and motor skills)

– Place the weight on the hands and to one side (left)

– Step forward with one leg (right)

– Then place the weight on the other hand (right)

– Step forward with the opposite leg (left)

Backwards Walking Frogger 

– reverse the above

Fogger Round 2 (hip mobility should have improved)

Fogger Jump and turn

– turn 90* at the start, hand placement is important

– tuen 180* turn


Forward rolls from bent arm and tuck handstand

Forward roll – tuck your chin

Forward roll with a pause form bent arm stand – rest knees on elbows and place head on the ground (tripod stand)

Forward roll from bent arm stand with off 1 leg – the other leg is off the ground with the heel tucked behind your butt

Forward roll from bent arm stand – keep the elbows tucked in

Backward rolls  (scary movement)

** Always protect your head and neck**

Slow motion back roll

– sit on your butt with knees bent

– roll back by taking straight legs over your head

– at the same time place you hands palm down next to your ears

– tuck you chin in

– push away from the ground with you hands

* try to add momentum

Back Roll from squat

– start with your chin tucked and your hands placed in the “front rack” position

– repeat the above steps in the slow motion roll

Back Roll from standing

– from standing squat down and then repeat the steps above

Back roll, kick to handstand 

– as you come out of the roll aim to kick the feet upwards and press into a handstand


In the remaining time repeat as many play with:

Frogger kick to tuck handstand on wallfocus on keeping the legs bent and kicking your butt up agains the wall.  Remember to keep the arms locked out, never let the elbows bend.  AS you get better at the movement, try not to slam yourself agains the wall. Can you kick-up into tuck handstand without touching the wall?

Toe-pull on wall in tuck position – after kicking up to a tuck handstand on the wall, try to pull your feet off the wall.  Use your wrist strenth to do this, do not push of the wall with you feet.  Aim to do 10 toe-pulls off the wall. After each rep you feet go back to the wall.

10-15 Ring Rollouts – maintain hollow position, aim to perform them on you feet, if you struggle drop to your knees

:30sec Hollow Dish Holds – scale leaver length as required

Bonus: B-Boy break dancing