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CFH Training Plan 04/05/2015 – 10/05/2015

Posted 3rd May 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 6 of 16 Juggernaut


The desire to move better should be at the heart of everything we do in training.  Strength and power are all well and good, but we should also be working on body awareness, motor control and performing difficult skills and movements to challenge both the mind and the body. Moving skilfully requires agility, strength, power, balance and special awareness (something some of our members seem to lack when they stroll around the gym during a WOD #rantover).  Its one thing to do a movement, it is another thing to do a movement mindfully. Why just train the physical aspects of the body, start being more mindful and train the mental aspect as well.

Why not try and learn some new shit once is a while?  Who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Make it a habit to learn new movements – weekly. Dance, martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, circus arts, tai chi, yoga, etc..  when was the last time you step outside your comfort zone. Every time you learn something new you challenge your mind and you’re actually creating new brain cells.  Yes, learning to move efficiently will make you smarter.

Regardless of where you are in your training cycle, learning to move smoothly will improve your performance in every aspect of your training.  Skilful movements are efficient movements; the more efficient you are the better your stamina and endurance will be. Inefficient movers will bring on muscle fatigue a lot faster than you think!  As CrossFit is always a race against the clock, athletes need to work on the efficiency of the movement.  The fittest athlete will not always win the battle if they move inefficiently.

Every day, see every movement you make as an opportunity to practice mindful moving.  How do you walk? Can you move in your environment without making a sound?  Why do you fall forward in your squat?   What’s stopping your from lift your arms above your head without arching you back?  Can you perform a handstand and hold it for :60sec? We lift up heavy weights all the time, but do we have the awareness and motor control to move our own bodyweight?  Every physical action can be performed more mindfully and with greater efficiency.  The only way to master efficient movement is to practice and make it become habit.

This weeks challange, be more mindful in  your movements. 


GMB – 5 Simple Adjustments to Move Better Instantly – 

1. Slow the fu*% down for awareness (be mindful).
2. Use your hips for instant power.
3. Use visual aim for instant control (vestibulocular reflex)
4. Notice weight transfer
5. Breath for instant poise and calm

GMB – 6 Flexibility Tips to Loosen Tight Hamstrings – The following video shows fundamental hamstring stretches that just require an elevated surface – a bench, chair, table, or anything sturdy enough to put your foot on. Just as described above, ease into the stretches with smooth rhythmic movements into and out of the stretch, followed by a short holding period.

MindBodyGreen – 7 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Magnesium – 

Are your chocolate cravings so intense that you feel like it screams your name? Do you ever jump out of bed in the middle of the night because of a muscle spasm? Or, no matter what you try, do you have difficulty sleeping? There’s a good chance you’re deficient in magnesium.

1. Muscle cramps or spasms
2. Trouble sleeping
3. Chocolate cravings
4. Anxiety
5. High blood pressure
6. Irregular heartbeat
7. Constipation

There aren’t “new” or “secret” techniques. That’s just some BS somebody made up with a lot of marketing hype.

Bonvec Strength – 3 Reasons to Lift Weights Slower – There are times in training where lifting a weight with speed and cruch every repetition is important.  Here’s the deal: in order to be a truly well-rounded lifter (that’s big and strong and skilled in various barbell exercises), sometimes you gotta slow things down.

BornFitness – How to Lose Weight: Why Sleep Can Make you Fat – Sleep controls your diet. Poor sleep changes your fat cells. Lack of rest makes you rave food.  Poor sleep weakens your workouts.  Sleep is the instant health boost

CrossFit Hackney Downloads
CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet
CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet

MONDAY 04/04/2015


Glute and Hip Activation

20 Lateral Band Walks (left and right)
20 Forward and Backward banded walks
10 Hip Bridges
:30sec Partner Resisted Hip Bridge Iso Hold
20/leg Banded Dynamic Hamstring Stretch, lying on your back

+ Banded Hip Stretches – coaches choice


25min to complete A. and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

 [3,3,8,8, AMRAP] Deadlift 60%, 67.5%,72.5%,72.5%, 72.5%

B. 5 Round of Wendler:

[5,5,3,3,AMRAP] Bench 55%, 60%, 65%,75%,85%

NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 3 reps

Note: .New Wendler Max = Week 3 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM 


5 Rounds for time:

[15,12,9,6,3] Deadlift [P&S=1.25 x Body Weight, F= Body weight, M= load as technique allows]

[10,15,20,25,30] Burpees

* Each round the deadlift repetitions decrease by 3reps and the Burpees increase by 5reps


TUESDAY 05/04/2015


3 Rounds of:

1A: Slow Bear Walk 15-20m

The bear walk is a great movement in order to test your pressing strength, hamstring flexibility, and stamina. The bear can immediately let a person know where they are lacking in their flexibility, as well how much control they have over using their upper and lower body together effectively. Master this movement and it will set you up for great strength gains in hand balancing holds as well as other pressing movements.

Note: Arms and legs are straight, the left leg moves at the same time as the right hand. Be mindful with this movement and get it right.

1B: [8-10] BB Cuban Rotations (no press)


25min to omplete A and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[3,3,8,8, AMRAP]  Strict OHP 60%, 67.5%,72.5%,72.5%, 72.5%

3-4 Rounds of:

B1.  [8-12] Ring Chin-ups, 22×0*, rest :60sec

Full extension and palms turned out at the bottom of the movement

B2. [4-5] TEMPO Dips on Dip Stations, 33×1, rest :10sec

B3.  ME: Ring Push-ups, 20×0, rest :60sec

Perform TEMPO dips on dip stations, with 3sec eccentric +3sec pause at the bottom, then continue with as many ring push-ups as possible.


2 Rounds of (15min cut off):

80 DU [Scale: 240 Single Skips]

40 Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft [Scale: weight and height as needed]

20 Box Jumps [P&S=30/24inch, F=24/20inch, M=height as technique allows]

10 HeSPU [Scale: Feet on Box, Pike Push-up, Incline Push-up]


WEDNESDAY 06/04/2015


Clean Drills

5 Tall Muscle Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Scarecrow Cleans

5 High Hang Squat Cleans (power position)

5 Mid-Hang Squat Cleans

3 Rounds of A. building to 65-70%


35min to completeboth A. and B.

A. Clean Complex (8sets total, 15min)

2 Mid-Hang Pwr Cleans
+1 Mid-Hang Squat Clean

Part A: 3min EMOM (3sets):
65-75% of 1RM Pwr Clean

Part B: 6min E2-MOM (3sets):
75%-80% of 1RM Pwr Clean

Part C: 6min E3-MOM (2sets):
80%+ of 3RM Pwr Clean

B1. 5 Rounds of Wendler:

[5,5,3,3,AMRAP] Front Squat/OHS 55%, 60%, 65%,75%,85%

– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 3reps

Note: New Wendler Max = Week 3 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM 

B2 [6-8] Body Weight Vertical Ski Position Jumps for MAX height*

“The “ski jump” alignment position involves a good hip hinge and forward bend, with your butt back and knees just in front of your toes. This position aligns you for the best coordination of muscular action. With your torso hinged forward and your butt back, you prime your hip extensor muscles in a “pre-stretch” for optimal force generation.” Read more here…


(13min) In Teams of 3. 

PART A (1 person): 3min:

Max Distance Row

PART B (2 person): 3min AMRAP of:

3 Mid-Hang Cleans* [P=70 S=60, F=40 M=load as technique allows]

6 Air Squats

Rest 2min between rounds

Each person in the team will perform Part A once and Part B two times.

From 00:00 – 03:00 P1 will row max distance, while P2 and P3 perform 3min AMRAP. Rest 2min

From 05:00 – 08:00 P2 will then row max distance in 3min, while P1 and P3 perform 3min AMRAP, Rest 2min

From 10:00 – 13:00 P3 will then row max distance in 3min, while P1 and P2 perform 3min AMRAP.

-rest 2min between rounds-


THURSDAY 07/04/2015


Ido Portal: Scapular Mobilization Routine

2 RoundsL 10 reps of each

1. Banded Scapular Push-ups (Hold FLR position)

2. Overhead Straight arm lateral pulldown

3. The Whippet (banded chest fly)

4. Banded Shoulder Dislocations (passthroughs)

Efficient TTB Skillz

Tuck, Pull, Scoop!

The biggest mistake athletes make when performing this movement is allowing their legs to fall from the bar. This causes athletes to loose rhythem and swing our of control.  Once your toes have touched the bar, you’ve got to actively bring your knees toward your chest, bend your knees and pull your heels back underneath you before kicking them back and down.

As you move into the next rep, think about kicking your feet forward, tucking your knees towards your chest and then kicking your toes to the bar. One of the more challenging parts of the toes to bar movement is connecting them and finding a rhythm. Just like double-unders and pull-ups, it doesn’t happen right away. Keep practicing and you’ll get there.

Iso Holds

:20sec Hollow Dish Hold on the bar

:20sec Superman Hold on the bar

:20sec Tuck hold on the bar – tuck your knees into your chest and pull your heels towards you butt,  and hold them there.  This is the position you need to pass through on the way up and on the way down.

Add the Momentum

Kipping Knees to Chest – keep the heels close to your butt asyou bring knees to chest

Kipping toes to bar

– superman snap to hollow

– Knees to chest, heels to butt

– Extend the legs and kick towards the bar

– Tuck by pulling your heels back to your butt

– Push your heels back towards the groud, superman position


25min to complete both A. and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

[3,3,8,8, AMRAP] Flat Bench Press 60%, 67.5%,72.5%,72.5%, 72.5%

3-4 Rounds of:

B1.[8-10]  Lying BB Tricep Extensions* 31×0, :60

Lower the bar behind the head to focus the work on the long head of the tricep brachii.

B2. [7-9] Narrow Grip Supinated BB Curles with back against  wall, 31×0, :60

Placing the hands inside shoulder width isolates the longer head of the biceps brachii.  At the top of the movement the forarm should contact the bicep, and at the bottom of the movement you contract the triceps for the count of 1sec..  Do not allow the elbows or the shoulders to move forward during the movement.


8 rounds of (12min AMRAP):

:30sec ME: TTB [Scale: K2E/Hanging Knee Raises]

:30sec ME: Target Burpees (touch the rig)

:30sec Rest

FRIDAY 08/05/2015


Stretch Routine for Hip Mobility & Flexibiity (12-15min)

Test/Retest: 20 Air Squats

1. Lying Hip Rotation 10 reps + 10sec hold each leg

2. Piriformus Stretch 10reps + 10sec hold each leg

3. Butterfly Adductor Stretch 10reps + press each knee down for 10sec

4. Frog Stretch on hands and knees 10reps on hands + 10reps on elbows + 10sec hold

5. Kneeling Lunge hip flexor stretch (bend and hold back leg if possible) 10reps + 10sec hold each leg

6. Travelling Butterflt Adductor Stretch 10reps

7. Squatting Internal Rotation 10reps each leg

8. Pidgen Stretch 10reps each leg


30min to complete both A. and B.

A. 5 Rounds of Juggernaut:

 [3,3,8,8, AMRAP]  Back Squat 60%, 67.5%,72.5%,72.5%, 72.5%

3-4 Rounds of:

B1. [6-8] BB Romanian Deadlifts, 30×0

B2.[8-10]  Controlled High Box Step* 30×0

*Box as high as possible, slow and controlled eccentric and not pushing off the back leg.  The back toe should not touch the ground, just the heel.  Suggest no additional weight, we are looking for quality movement.


7 Rounds of:

7 Thruster  [P&S=45/35kg,  F=40/30kg, M=Load as technique allows]

49 DU [Scale: 147 single skips]


SATURDAY 09/05/2015


Snatch Drills

5 Tall Muscle Snatch


5 Snatch High Pull From Power Position

5 Mid-Hang Snatch Hish Pulls

5 Scarecrow Snatch

5 Snatch Balance

3 Rounds of A. building to 55-65%


30min to complete A. and B.

A. Snatch Complex

Performance and Sport:

1 Snatch High Pull

+1 Mid-Hang  Snatch

+ 1 Snatch

Functional and Movement:

1 Mid-hang Snatch High Pull

+1 Mid-Hang Snatch

+ 1 OHS

Part A: 3min EMOM (3sets):

55-65% of Snatch

Part B: 6min E2-MOM (3sets):

65%-75% of Snatch

Part C: 6min E3-MOM (2sets):

70%+ of Snatch

B. 5 Round of Wendler:

[5,5,3,3,AMRAP] 2″ Podium Pause Deadlifts, 22×0 55%, 60%, 65%,75%,85%

– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 3 reps

Note: New Wendler Max = Week 3 Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM 


Give “Helen” a shot:

3 Rounds for time of:

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings [Rx: 24/16kg.  Be brave and go heavy!]

12 Pull-ups

SUNDAY Movement Day 10/04/2015


A. PK Roll/ Safty Roll/ Break Fall Roll

Today we are going to start playing with rolling .  Number 1 goal is to take care of your neck.  Rolling requires coordination and is an excellent tool to further develop the vestibular system. For example, if you were in a situation where you needed to balance on something high, narrow and scary, you could very likely be under a lot of pressure and you could feel dizzy. Training the vestibular system further ensures that you are prepared for possible real world situations.  Rolling is an essential life skill and more people should learn how to roll as a safty procedure when falling over.  If you know how to roll you won’t break your neck, face, hip, wrist or arm.

Spend time playing with rolls on both sides, start al level 1 no matter how confident you are, get the basics right first:

Safty Forward Roll (protect your next and roll across your spine, not down it)

Level 1 – From kneeling – if the left leg is forward we are rolling on the left shoulder to the right hip. Think about threading your left arm between your right arm and right leg.

Level 2 – From the Squat –  placing your hands to one side in a dymond shape.  If the hands are placed to the left, you are rolling on your right shoulder.  Think of threading your right arm between your left arm and left leg

Level 3 – From Standing – all the above steps still apply.  See if you can roll back to standing

Safty Backward Roll  (protect your next and roll across your spine, not down it)

Level 1 – sitting on your butt, roll back onto your left/right shoulder.  If you roll to your right side, you bring your left foot up

Level 2 – sitting on your butt, roll onto your left/right shoulder. This time, if you roll onto your right shoulder, bring the right foot up.  It helpt to look at the right foot as you perform the roll

Level 3 – from sitting perform level 2, this time take it a little further. If you woll onto your right shoulder the right arm will be out to the side, you will need to place you left hand on the ground to brance so you can pop your head through the gap.

Level 4 –  once your comfortable with level 3 you can increase the momentum and roll all the way through.  If you brave you can try if from squatting or standing.


Locomotions and Hand Balancing

B. 5 Levels of Quadrupedal Locomotion

Perform 2 Rounds of each level – the aim is to be MINDFUL about the movement and to take it slow. The desire to move better needs to be at the heart of everything we do in training.  This movement will help to warm-up the wrists for G.

2 Rounds of each:

level 1: Bear Walk 15-20m

Level 2: Bear Walk with bent knees (take right knee to left elbow and left knee to right elbow) 15-20m

Level 3: High Spiderman Crawl (Same as Level 2, but this time rotate the torso and twist the hips towards the touching knee and elbow)

Level 4: Push-up Spidermen Crawl (same as Level 3, but now add a push-up to the movement)

Level 5: Low Spiderman Crawl, stay as low to the ground as possible and crawl

C-1. 6 Levels of Alternating Queda De Rins (pronounced Keda-Ji-Hins) Rotational Push-ups. The QDR is part of the basic floor work in Capoeira training and is also found in break dancing (Take from Ido Portal: read more here):

Over the last 3 weeks we have practiced the following levels:  It your still working towards QDR please continue with these levels:

Level 1. 5 point support: head, both hands and both feet remian on the ground
Level 2. 4 point support: head, both hands and lower leg remain on the floor, top leg is in the air pulled back behind the head
Level 3. 3 point support: open position QDR with head and both hands on the floor
Level 4. 2 point support open position QDR, with only the hands on the floor
Level 5. 1 point support + fingertips open position QDR.
Level 6. 1 point support QDR.

If you have a QDR you can start woring on the intermediate steps:

Level 1. Straight into 2 point support without putting you head on the ground
Level 2. 2 Point support, slowly take your head touch the stabalising hand (i.e not the hand under your hip) (see variation 2 in the attached video)
Level 3. Reapeat level 2, but now take the top leg and reach touch it on the ground behind you, reach around as far as you can (see variation 3)
Level 4. Reapeat level 3, but now see if you can integrate the QDR into the back bridge

C-2. [6-8] Bridge Push-ups & Single Arm Bridge holds

Level 1. Bridge Push-ups 8-10 reps up and down
Level 2. Bridge Push-ups and balance on a single arm – perform the push up and then take 1 arm to touch your hip, repalce it and then the other arm
Level 3. Rotation into Bridge (see video attached)

Variation 1. Low bridge slide
Variation 2. Rotations into arch using wall
Variation 3. Rotation into low Bridge

C-3. :45-:60sec Double Tricep and Lat Stretch

You may either use a box and a Dumbbell


You may use the Wall.