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Barbell Club Phase 6

Posted 26th May 2015 by Josh Schouten

Phase 6 will see us building to a 1RM in the Bench and Squat in the later weeks. Be sure to know your %’s for A’s. This should not be exceeded and no failed reps in the first 3 weeks!

For those wondering what the Dimel Deadlift is click the link below and listen to the wise man Dave Tate:

A lot of clients are asking about muscle recovery and what they can do to recover quicker. A simple solution to this is BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids). There are 3 in particular we are looking at for muscle recovery:┬áleucine, isoleucine, and valine. The quicker we can get these in the system the quicker we can recover. Dosages are shown to be varying in different populations. A great place to start is 7-10 grams/ workout. If you’re after faster recovery and would like to know more read the links below and then come and see one of the staff for more on how you can recover quicker.

2015 – Phase 6