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CFH Training Plan 08/06/2015 – 14/06/2015

Posted 7th June 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 11 of 16 Juggernaut


Member: “I think there is a error on my spread sheet?”
Coach: “Really? Why do you say that?”
Member: “The weights are really heavy, so I think I’m going to do less”
Coach: “Stick with the spread sheet and see how you go, be brave”

Coach: “How did your Juggernaut squats go?”
Member: “I didn’t use the weight on the spread sheet, I went lighter”
Coach: “How many repetitions did you do?”
Member: “I did 16peretitions on the AMRAP’
Coach: “You failed then…”

We are currently in the 5’s wave of Juggernaut and the weights on is wk1:70% AMRAP, Wk2: 77.5% AMRAP, Wk3:85% AMRAP of your predicted working max.  If your following this correctly you should be hitting wk1: 10reps, wk2: 8reps, wk3: 5reps plus or minus 2-3reps.  If your doing more than repetitions you have FAILED to achieve the desired training result.

There are many different type of strength including relative strength, functional strength, explosive strength, starting strength, hypertrophy strength and endurance strength, and each has its own training protocols.  In the Juggernaut 5’s wave and the 3’s wave the intension is to training relative/functional strength by keeping the number of repetitions in a certain range.  If you are taking the easy option, lightening the weight on the bar and doing more repetitions, you are training the wrong type of strength.  You have FAILED! you are not doing the HARD WORK.  If you go heavy and you do less repetitions you will still be training relative/functional strength and working towards the desired affect. More is not better in this situation, less is more!

Then we have the individuals who have fallen behind the Juggernaut programme and have decided to catch-up by doing everything at once.  “I’ll go to the gym today and do my Juggernaut deadlifts, squat and bench…” FAIL!  This is not the time to be putting all the lifts into one day, you are failing by doing “hard to do work.”

The unfortunate fact is that every athlete has a very real limit to his or her work capacity and ability to productively respond to training. As much as we would all love to train eight hours every day, it isn’t possible. This means prioritising elements of training is a critical part of creating effective programming and getting real results.  Quality over quantity is the key.  Juggernaut is about building strength with HARD WORK and plenty of rest.

“Do less. But do what you do with complete and hard focus. Then when you’re done be done, and go enjoy the rest of the day.”

  • Hard work is deliberate practice. It’s not fun while you’re doing it, but you don’t have to do too much of it in any one day. It also provides you measurable progress in a skill, which generates a strong sense of contentment and motivation. Therefore, although hard work is hard, it’s not draining and it can fit nicely into a relaxed and enjoyable day.
  • Hard to do work, by contrast, is draining. It has you running around all day in a state of false busyness that leaves you, like the average players from the Berlin study, feeling tired and stressed. It also, as we just learned, has very little to do with real accomplishment.


Calnewport:  The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers Why are the elite players better than the average players? The obvious guess is that the elite players are more dedicated to their craft. That is, they’re willing to put in the long,Tiger Mom-style hours required to get good, while the average players are off goofing around and enjoying life. 

The data, as it turns out, had a different story to tell…

XLAthlete: Proper Breathing for Sports Recovery – An often overlooked component of many programs is restoration and recovery. Coaches attempt to manipulate variables in their workouts, changing intensities, volume, and exercises in order to cause adaptation. However, a training program is most effective if the athlete is able to recover from and adapt to the previous stress/workout.

Mobility WOD: Audio: Gray Cook talks about flexibility or mobility? – Flexibility or mobility?  Mobility is the only intelligent word to be used here!  Flexibility implies that stretching can fix and issue, and this is generally not the case.  Mobility is a medically appropriate word to demonstrate both joint mobility dysfunction and soft tissue extensibility dysfunction. If you have a joint problem and you start stretching the muscles, you can actually make the issue worse.  The problem may not be a question of flexibility, but a missing range of motion can be a issue of the joint or motor control.  Mobility defines the truth about range of motion and the principles that impact it.

Catalyst Athletics: The Press for Weightlifting: How usedul Is it? The speed of the movement is arguably the biggest issue. I feel pretty confident saying that’s it’s common knowledge that in order to develop speed, you need to train with speed, and that training slow movements will limit your development of speed to some degree. Training what is essentially the exact same movement of the drive under the bar with slow speeds and potentially poor lockout overhead at a significant volume and frequency is negatively influencing the speed of the drive under the jerk.

EatToPerform:  43 Delicious Carbs to Keep you Lean While You Kill Your WorkoutsCarbs are not the Devil.  If you honestly want to perform you need to eat your CHO around your training.  Eating the right carbs will improve you workout intensity and produce better body composition results that training on an empty stomach.

CrossFit Hackney Downloads

CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet

CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet

MONDAY 08/06/2015


3 Rounds of:

:30sec Hollow dish hold

:30sec FLR  (front leaning rest)

Take the FLR and Hollow positions and apply them to dynamic movement

3 Rounds of:

:30sec Push-up   – hold tight FLR throughout the movement

:30sec KBS – maintain hollow position as the KB goes overhead (tight butt and bottom rib down)


25min to complete A. and B.

A. 6 Rounds of: [5,3,1,1,1,AMRAP] Deadlift

50%,60%,70%,75%,80%, 85% of working max

Straps allowed (Not a fan of alternate grip when deadlifts get heavy)

B. [5,5,3,1,AMRAP] Incline 45* Bench


45* Incline bench is not the same weight as flat bench press, its going to be 5-10% less

NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 1 reps


5 rounds for time of:

15UB KBS [P:32/24kg, S:24/20kg, F:20/16kg, M:technique]

15 Deficit push-ups, hands on 15kg plates [Scale: Push-ups, Incline Push-ups]

Post rounds+reps to whiteboard

WOD GOAL: MOVER, continue to move as much as possible in this WOD.  The KBS must be unbroken, and you will need a plan to get through the push-ups (break them from the start) unless you are push-up NINJA!

TUESDAY 09/06/2015


3 Rounds:

:30sec Air Squats

:30sec Rest

:30sec Box Jump step downs

:30sec rest

HeSPU Tekkers

2 Rounds of:

:30sec FLR (front leaning rest) – tight midline with slight aanterior tilt of the pelvic

Wall Walk and handstand hold – tight midline with slight aanterior tilt of the pelvic

2 Rounds of:

:30sec Tuck headstand hold

[3-5] Tuck headstand kick to FLR

Stict HeSPU progressions:

5 Push-ups

5 Pike Push-ups on P-bars

5 HeSPU feet on Box

[2-5] Strict HeSPU

Kipping HePU Tekkers


25min to complete A. and B.

A. 6 Rounds of:  [5,3,1,1,1,AMRAP] Strict OHP

50%,60%,70%,75%,80%, 85% of working max

3-4 Rounds of:

B1. [6,6,5,5] Dips on dip stations (weighted) 20×0, :60

[Scale: Eccentric Dips, Dips on boxes with feet on the ground]

B2. [3-5] Dead Hang STRICT explosive bodyweight Pull-ups*, :15

[Scale: [2-3] Eccentric Pull-ups 5000, [10-15] Kneeling Band Pull-downs]

* Aim to bounce (not kip) out of the bottom of the pull-up, pull as high as possible (working towards bar-muscle-ups). As you pull-up exhale.

B3. [12-15] Vertical Ring Rows, 20×0, :60


For time:

30 Box Jump step-down 24/20inch

15 HeSPU [Scale: HeSPU feet on box, pike push-up, push-up, M=technique]

25 Box Jump step-down

12 HeSPU

20  Box Jump step-down


15 Box Jump step-down


10 Box Jump step-down


Post time to whiteboard

WOD GOAL: MOVER, The step-down will help to keep the heart rate lower than jumping. The aim is to keep moving in this workout. Minimal rest.

WEDNESDAY 10/06/2015


2 Rounds of:

10 Air Squats to Wall Ball, butt touches Wall Ball

10 Front Squats with Wall Ball

5 Wall Ball Throws, no squat

5 Wall Balls

Clean Drills

5 Tall Muscle Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Scarecrow Cleans

2 Rounds of:

5 High Hang (power position) Squat Cleans

5 Clean High Pulls from below the knee

5 Squat Cleans from below the knee


A. 12min E2MOM of Clean Complex:

6 Rounds of (1+1+1):

Clean High-Pull From Floor

+ Hang Clean from below the knee

+ Clean

70-80% of Clean

20min to Complete: 5 Rounds of:

B1.Wendler [5,5,3,1, AMRAP] Pause Front Squats, 33×0 


– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 1 rep

B2. [6-8] DB Squat Jumps @ 10% of 1RM Back Squat

Holding a DB in each hand, perform a 1/4 squat and then jump as high as you can.  Aim to rebound and link the jumps together



Performance and Sport:

10min AMRAP of:

5 Cleans[P: 85/60kg, S=75/45kg]

20UB Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft

Functional & Movement

10min AMRAP of:

5 Cleans [F=50/30, M=technique]

15UB Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft  [Scale: 6/5kg]

-then Rest 2min-

1 Round of ME UB Wall Balls

Post total round and reps + ME UB reps

WOD GOAL: STRENGTH , Yes the cleans are heavy and this is the focus.  You should not be able to do the repetitions unbroken.  BREAK THEM UP.  Don’t pick up the wall ball until you know you can do the unbroken repetitions. If you drop the ball you must start the reps again! .

THURSDAY 11/06/2015


:60sec Single Skips

:30sec rest

:60sec 1 DU + 1 Single Skip  (rope control)

:30sec rest

:60sec DU  (if you dont have them, practice them)

Pull-up Tekkers

Hollow hold

Superman hold

Beat Swings

Pull-up, pause at the top 3sec, push away form the bar and kip back to the pause

Kipping pull-ups


25min to complete A. and B.

A. 6 Rounds of:  [5,3,1,1,1,AMRAP] Flat BB Bench

50%,60%,70%,75%,80%, 85% of working max

B. Push-Up GAINZ – we are aiming to improve your push-ups over the next 4 weeks.  The aim is to work with correct form.  Use an inclince (weight plates, p-bars, box) if you can not do them on the floor.  Make sure you challange yourself with the incline.

Everyone will perform 1 Round MAX EFFORT Push-ups

Male: If you can do more than 20 push-ups, do workout A.

Female: If you can do more 15, do workout A

Everyone else do workout B.

Workout A: 3 Rounds of:

A1. [6-8] Ring Press-up + Ring Fly

1 rep is to go down to the bottom of the ring push-up, extend both arms out to the side.  Then bring both arms back to the bottom of the push-up beofre pusing up.

A2. [8-10] 1-Arm KB/DB Row (knee on bench), 30×0

Workout B.

B1. 7min EMOM (0.5 x ME Push-ups)


B2. 7 Rounds of Partner YGIG:

10 Vertical Ring Rows



Alternating EMOM for 14:00-

odd min: 10 C2B Pullups [Scale: Pull-ups, Ring Rows]

even min: 40 DU [Scale: ME DU, everyone must practice DU during this minute]

Post total successful reps to whiteboard

WOD GOAL: SKILL, aim to do the C2B pull-ups in as little sets as possible. Can you get all 280 DU? 

FRIDAY 12/06/2015


Work in pairs and take it in turns to complete the following reps:

10 Air Squats

10 V-ups (hollow dish, snap to V-up)

10 2x KB Golblet Squats

5 2x KB Push-Press  (slow dip and explosive drive)

5 2x KB Thrusters  (as you reach the 1/4 squat postion (same as the dip from the push-press) accelerate your hips by driving the knees back to assist the overhead press)

Coach’s choice: Hamstring mobility drill

TTB Tekkers:

Strict hangining knee raises, active shoulders

Strict knees to eblows  (tuck position)

Knees to elbows with leg kick (after your toes touch the bar aim to come back to the tuck position)


25min to complete A. and B.

A. 6 Rounds of:  [5,3,1,1,1,AMRAP] Back Squat

50%,60%,70%,75%,80%, 85% of working max

3 Rounds of:

B-1 [10-12ea leg] KB/DB Lateral Step-ups (mid-shin height), :60

B-2 [6-8] Nordic Raises, 30×0, :60


Working in pairs, each person will complete

3 rounds for time of:

24 Dual DB/KB Thrusters as a pair [P:24/16kg, S:20/12.5kg,F:16/8kg, M:technique]


12 TTB each

12 Split Jumps (each jump counts 1 rep) each

Athletes share a set of DB/KB.  At the start of each round  both athletes will work together to complee the thrusters.  Each athlete will then complete 12 TTB and 12 Split jumps.  Both athletes must complete the split jumps before starting the next round. 

Post total reps+cals to whiteboard

WOD GOAL:  BURNER, one to make the legs and shoulders burn.  Work as a team to find a way through the thrusters.

SATURDAY 13/06/2015


KB Snatch Tekkers

Snatch Drills

5 Tall Muscle Snatch

5 Pressing Snatch

2 Rounds of:

5 High Hang (power position) Squat Snatch

5 Snatch High Pulls from below the knee

5 Squat Snatch from below the knee


A. 12min E2MOM of Clean Complex:

6 Rounds of (1+1+1):

Snatch High-Pull From Floor

+ Hang Snatch from below the knee

+ Snatch

70-80% of Clean

20min  5 Round of :

B1.Wendler: [5,5,3,1, AMRAP]  Snatch Grip Deadlift


– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 5 reps

Straps and alternate grip are allowed

B2.[8-12] Strict Knees-to-Elbows, 30×1


15min 3 x 4min AMRAP of:

Run 400 Meters or Row 500m

AMRAP for the remainder of the 4min

3 R-hand KB Snatch [P:24/20kg, S:20/16kg, F:16/12kg, M:technique]

3 L-hand KB Snatch

Rest 1 minutes between rounds

WOD GOAL: ENDURANCE, find a comfortable pace and maintain it thought the rounds.  Try to get the same number of KB Snatches in each round

SUNDAY Momentum Movement 14/06/2015


Locomotions and Hand Balancing

Wrist mobalisation – read more here


– Forward/Backwards

– Sidways – working on jump overs

Fogger Jump and turn

– turn 90* at the start, hand placement is important

– turn 180* turn

Frogger spin (Corta Capim Spin)

– go onto the balls of you feet

– transition the weight to one leg and then use you hands to spin you 90*

– try to do this without using your hands

– try to do this with on leg our straigh (cc)

Frogger Rebound

– Bend the arms slightly, as you press up with the arms you kick you legs our straight and land back in the squat


Crow Pose

Dimond hand position, slightly separated

Take shoulders forward of the hands

Crow pose is not about strength, its about finding the balance point

Work through each progression:

1. Place knees on elbows and rock back and forth – overcome the fear and find the balance point

2. Alternate one foot up at a time by pointing the toe back, not lifting the heel up

3. Both feet at the same time and bring your chest up

Crow Pose to Tuck Headstand & Crow Pose to Headstand

1. Create a triangle to figure out where you place your head

3. Practice lifting one knee off at a time, use a wall behind you

4. Bring both knees together

5. Bring one leg up into the air

6. Push through your fingers to help raise the head back off the floor, find the balance point again


— PLAY —

Frogger (Forward, Back, Side, Turn, Spin)

Tuck Handstand

Roll (Forward, Back, PKRoll)

Crow Pose to Headstand


Bonus: Teddy Bear Roll