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CFH Training Plan 22/06/2015 – 28/06/2015

Posted 21st June 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 13 of 16 Juggernaut


All of you should be proud of your Juggernaut accomplishments over the last 12 weeks. You worked for them. We now enter the heaviest phase of the 16-week program, the 3’s wave.  Now is the time to start believing in yourself and your ability to take your strength to the next level. Now is not the time to doubt the numbers, If you believe you can, and you take the leap of faith you just may surprise yourself.  So it’s up to you to take it upon yourself to install the belief that you are a force to be reckoned with! Only you can be the one to take the next giant step and achieve your personal best results.

All of us need to remember that the journey we are on is in fact a marathon, and not a sprint.  Over the last 12 weeks we have followed the percentages and worked our little butts off to slowly increase the weights on the bat.  Many of us have already set new personal records, and some of us are about to.  Remember that solid strength takes years to build, often decades at a time to climb up one rung on the ladder. Now is the time to unleash the incredible hulk inside and give it your best shot. It is imperative that you find a way to stay positive and reflect on the improvements you have already made.  Some of us will have already reached our peak strength at this point in the journey, and this is nothing to be disappointed by.   It simply means that now is the time to reload and start a new phase of training.  You will not loose the strength you have gained over the last 3 months; this will simply become a new base to build from.

“Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering.” ― Santosh Kalwar


Examine: I get by with a little help from my friends: probiotics and depression – For thousands of years, clinicians have observed a connection between the gut, brain, and overall health. Hippocrates is famously quoted as saying “all disease begins in the gut.” “Cognitive reactivity appears to be a cause of, rather than simply an association with, depression, since higher cognitive reactivity scores precede and predict the onset of depression, even in people with no prior incidence of depression.”

JTS-strength: Patience and Belief – The only person I need to measure up to each day, and get better than, is the competition I see in the mirror.  That guy needs to be better today, than he was yesterday.  And tomorrow, he needs to be a little bit better than he was today.  It takes years to build strength, the sooner we stop comparing ourselves to others the easier the journey will be.  Watch, record and embrace your individual improvements no matter how small.

If I do not understand the process behind reaching my goals I will not come to an understanding of patience.  I may whine and cry about how long it’s taking, or I may believe that I am in fact doing enough, and that my efforts feel as though they are in vain.

Cal Newport: What the Study of Chess Experts Teaches Us about Building a Remarkable Life – When we look at any kind of cognitively complex field — for example, playing chess, writing fiction or being a neurosurgeon — we find that you are unlikely to master it unless you have practiced for 10,000 hours. That’s 20 hours a week for 10 years.  It all come down to “deliberate practice”

GMB: Body Control Fundamentals – What They are and 3 Tactics To Improve Them – “Motor Moron,” “klutzy,” “clumsy,” “two left feet” – the endless stream of terms for people like this just demonstrates how widespread this phenomenon is. Motor Control involves the interaction of the sensations within the body and outside of it, and our initiation and continuation of a movement based on the feedback we get from these sensations. There’s a world of research and science exploring the details and specifics of what’s happening when we learn and perform physical activities.

CrossFit Hackney Downloads

CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet

CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet

MONDAY 22/06/2015


Band Scapular Activation

– Band pull aparts

– Band shoulder dislocations

– Band Rows

– Overhead Lateral Band Pull aprats

– Band flys (banf behind back)

– Banded Scapluar push-ups

Push-up Tekkers

– hands in cubit position

– tight FLR, take the shoulders forward over the hands

– chest and thighs must touch the floor

– elbows tight to the body

Kipping Tekkers

– Active and passive hang

– Hollow and Extended holds

– Beat Swings with straight legs

– 3 Beat Swings + 1 Pull-up – remember to push away at the top

– Kipping Pull-up Pracrice


A. 7 Rounds of: Juggernaut Deadlift 

[3,3,3,3,3,3, AMRAP] all sets @75% of working max

B. 5 Round of Wendler: Floor Press 

[5,5,5,5, AMRAP] 60%,65%,70%,75%, 80%

– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 5 reps


“Death By Push & Pull”

12min EMOM perform increasing repetitions of:

min 1: 4 pull-ups + 4 push-ups  [Scale: Ring Rows]

min 2: 5 pull-ups + 5 push-ups

min 3: 6 pull-ups + 6 push-ups

min 12: 15 pull-ups + 15 push-ups

Note: if you fail to complete a round, rest for 1min and then try the same round again.

Post the number of successful rounds completed (i.e if I ger 10pulls and press my score is 10)

WOD GOAL:  STRATERGY/BURNER: a nice east start…  don’t be fooled by this one, its going to get spicy very quickly.  Try to spread the rest time out as much as possible and move at a steady speed.  Do not go to faiure in any of the repetitions as you simply don’t have the time to recover if you blow up.. 

TUESDAY 23/06/2015


3 Rounds of:

:30 sec Hollow Dish Hold, rest :30

:30sec Front Body Line Drill, , rest :30

 Lie on your stomach with arms overhead grabbing a stick in a shoulder width, or a bit wider if impossible. Contract your butt and abs and tilt your pelvis forward – and take your belly  off the floor without raking your ribs off the floor nor your thighs. Leave your nose lightly touching the floor and lift the stick off the floor with locked elbows. If impossible, widen your grip slightly. Hold the position for time without letting your stomach touch the floor nor the stick. Notice – FEET ARE ON THE FLOOR and not off it which means arching!

Wall Walks and Russian KBS

– Lie in push-up position with feet touching the wall

– perform press-up and look at your toes to help maintain hollow position as you walk up the wall

– :30sec 60* Wall walk hold, rest :30sec

-: 30sec RKBS – keep a tight midline, rest :30

– :30sec Wall Walk hold with nose and toes touching the wall.  Do not walk past the point wher you can’t maintain a nutral midline, rest :30

-: 30sec RKBS – keep a tight midline, rest :30

TTB Tekkers: Choaches drills


A. 7 Rounds of: Strict OHP 

 [3,3,3,3,3,3, AMRAP] 75%

3-4 Rounds of:

B1. [6-8] Ring Dips (weighted) 20×0 [Scale: Accumulate Max Time Ring Support hold (straight arm)]

B2. [12-15] Horizontal Ring Rows


In both part A and B 1 athlete must be holding while the other athlete is performing an AMRAP.  If the athlete come out of the hold the AMRAP athlete must stop.  Athletes can break up the repetitions anyway they like.

Part A. 5min AMRAP:

Hold: Handstand agains wall

AMRAP: RKBS [P:32/24kg, S:24/20kg, F:20/16kg, M:Technique]

-rest :2min-

Part B. 5min AMRAP:

Hold: Hang from rig


Post total combined repetitions to the whiteboard

WOD GOAL:  STRATERGY – find a repetitions range that suit both athletes and stick to the plan.  

WEDNESDAY 24/06/2015


Clean Drills

6 Tall Muscle Cleans

6 Front Squats

6 Scarecrow Cleans

6 Clean from Power Position (Drill this postion HARD, this is the most important position of the clean)

6 Clean from below the knee

Take 2-3 sets to build up to 60% weight on the bar to start A.


A. 15min EMOM:

min 1-5: 3 Clean from floor* 60-70%

min 6-10: 2 Clean form floor* 70-80%

min 10-15: 1 Clean from floor* 80-90%

* Scale: Hang Clean

15 min to Complete: 5 Rounds of 

B.Wendler: Front Squat 

[5,5,5,5,AMRAP]  60%,65%,70%,75%, 80%

– NO MISSED reps, a confident 5RM

C. Bar Muscle-Up Progressions

If the athlete can perform bar muscle-ups the will work on section 1.  Athletes that can do strict pull-ups (male: 10, female: 8) will work on  section 2.  All athletes who are still working on the strength for stict pull-ups will work on section 3.  Athletes that are not yet strong enought to do eccentric pull-ups will partner assisted eccentric pull-ups.

Section 1: 10min EMOM of:

3 Bar-Muslce-ups

Section 2: 3-4 Rounds of 

[2-3] Partner Assisted bar muslce-ups

Section 3: 4-5 Rounds of:

1 Eccentric Pull-up 5sec pause at the top and then a 10sec lower  (weighted if possible)

Or partner assisted eccentric pull-ups


4 RFT:

5 Ring Muscle-ups

5 Cleans [P:70/50kg, S:60/40kg, F:50/30, M:Technique]


5 Strict pull-ups [10 Ring Rows]

5 Strict Ring Dips [5 Dips on Boxes]

5 Cleans

Post time to whiteboard

WOD GOAL: PERFORMANCE: good clean repetitions and move move quickly. The cleans and the muscle-ups should be unbroken!  If you can not perform linked muscle-ups you should scale the movement. 

THURSDAY 25/06/2015


Burpee Tekkers with Weight Plate

BurpeeFeet Use a weight plate as a guide to perform quality burpees.  Place you hands at the edge of the weight plate in line with the centre of the weight plate.  Your chest should then touch the center of the weightplate and you head should be forward of the weightplate.





BurpeeFLRBurpeeHinge10 Burpee Jump Backs on weight plate – from standing position, hinge at the hip  and then jump to tight FLR position with feet together.





BurpeeKipBurpeeHingeFeetTG410 Burpee KIP-ups on weight plate

– start at the bottom of press-up and then arch you back (yoga:upward dog)

– use a kipping motion to snap you hips up into the air and bring your feet to touch the edge of the weightplate

– jump back into FLR position and then lower yourself back to the starting position

10 Burpees on the weight plate

Wall Ball Tekkers

5 Wall Ball Front Squats

5 Wall Balls with no squat – just throw the ball with the arms

5 Wall Balls


During the next 10 Wall Balls athletes will focus on brining the arms back to down to the chest as soon as they throw the Wall Ball.  Leaving the arms overhead is a waste of energy and will increase the ahletes heart rate due to the fact the heart will need to pump blood to the arms overhead (uphill).

10 Wall Balls, pulling the arms back down as fast as possible


A. 7 Rounds of: Juggernaut Flat Bench 

[3,3,3,3,3,3, AMRAP] all sets @ 75% of working max

3-4 Rounds of:

B1.[8-10] Battle Ram Push-ups on p-bars/dip stations

B2. [15-20] Hangining Scapular retractions (weighted)


Part A. 1-10


Wall Balls (as heavy as possible)

-then rest 2min-

Part B. 10-1


Wall Balls (as heavy as possible)

WOD GOAL: CAPACITY – Suck it up, and go for it.  Enjoy the rest in the middle and then get back down the ladder faster than you went up it.

FRIDAY 26/06/2015


2 Rounds of:

1min Single Skips

1min DU

Thruster Tekkers

– Front Rack position

– 5 Strict Press, pause for 2sec at the top of each repetion

– 5 Front Squats

– 5 Push-Press, puase for 2 sec at the bottom of the dip, and then pause 2sec at the top of each repetition

– 5 Thrusters with 3 seperate pauses:

– pause 2sec in a 1/4 squat on the way up (the same position as the push-press dip)

– pause 2sec with the bar overhead

– pause 2sec when returning to the front rack position (top of the front squat)


A. 7 Rounds of:Back Squat 

 [3,3,3,3,3,3, AMRAP] all sets @ 75% of working max

3-4 Rounds of:

B1. [18-20] Weightplate Overhead Walking Lunges

B2. [15-20m] Catapilar Walks (feet on frizbee) – keep your legs straight


Part A. 6min EMOM of:

3UB Thrusters [P:70/50, S:60:40kg, F: 45/25kg, M: Technique]

+ 30 DU [Scale: 50 Single Skips]

-rest 2min-

Part B. 6min EMOM of:

5UB Thrusters  [P:60/40, S:50:30kg, F: 40/20kg, M: Technique]

+ 20 DU  [Scale: 40 Single Skips]

If you fail to complete the round within the 60 seconds, continue and finish the round and then rest for the remainder of the next 60 seconds. Then jumpback into the next round.

WOD GOAL:  STRENGTH and SKILL, yes the thrusters are heavy and you will need to work hard to do the repetitions UNBROKEN.  Work on your DU technique and get them out of the way as fast as possible to allow you to recover before strength.

SATURDAY 27/06/2015


Snatch Drills

6 Tall Muscle Snatch

6 OHS Squats

6 Scarecrow Snatch, pause for 2sec at the bottom of OHS catch

6 Snatch from Power Position pause for 2sec at the bottom of OHS catch (Drill the power position HARD as this is a very important part of the snatch)

6 Snatch from below the knee, pause for 2sec at the bottom of OHS catch


A. 15min EMOM:

min 1-5: 3 Snatch 60-70%

min 6-10: 2 Snatch 70-80%

min 10-15: 1 Snatch 80-90%

B1.5 Rounds of: Wendler Sumo Deadlift

[5,5,5,5, AMRAP]  60%,65%,70%,75%, 80%

– NO MISSED reps, a confident AMRAP that has more than 5 reps

B2.[3-5] x :05sec Tuck Sit Holds on P-bars/KBs, rest :10sec between each rep


“1/3 Tripple 3”

In teams of 3:

1000m Row

100 DU [Scale: 300 Single Skips]

1000m Run

All 3 athletes will complete all repetitions. Each person will start on a separate station.  If the runner finishes before the rower the runner must wait.

Post total time to the whiteboard

WOD GOAL: GAS…  all simple movements, just keep moving.  

SUNDAY Momentum Movement 28/06/2015


3 different feet positions to work on:

Partner Balancing Game

– All 3 feet positions, reaching for partners hand

– All 3 feet positions, nose touches finger

Practice balance

– :30sec hold each foot position on sheena or P-bar


Frogger to to the left, Frogger to the right

Cartwheel progressions

– imagine two lines on the ground creating a V-shape on the ground and use this as a guide for the hands and the feet

– imagine one single straight line on the ground, now place the hands on the line and take the feet around the hands

– on the same straight line, now aim to put the feet and the hands on the line

– the Monkey Locomotion: Lateral Cartwheel from the squat position.


Crow Pose

Dimond hand position, slightly separated

Take shoulders forward of the hands

Crow pose is not about strength, its about finding the balance point

Work through each progression:

1. Place knees on elbows and rock back and forth – overcome the fear and find the balance point

2. Alternate one foot up at a time by pointing the toe back, not lifting the heel up

3. Both feet at the same time and bring your chest up

Crow Pose to Tuck Headstand & Crow Pose to Headstand

1. Create a triangle to figure out where you place your head

3. Practice lifting one knee off at a time, use a wall behind you

4. Bring both knees together

5. Bring one leg up into the air

6. Push through your fingers to help raise the head back off the floor, find the balance point again


— PLAY —