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Posted 24th June 2015 by Josh Schouten


Let the Battles Commencefinal_logo

With a successful round 1 out of the way we roll on to round 2.

Round 2:  Any weekend between July 18th – August 9th

Format: Same sex partner teams for Group A, Group B and Group C

Athletes: Maximum of 15 teams from each box (30athletes)





Battle Hosting Box Visiting Box(s)
Battle 1 CrossFit Perpetua  Sunbury Performance CrossFit
Battle 2 CrossFit Ivy CrossFit Blackfriars
Battle 3 CrossFit Thames CrossFit Hackney
Battle 4 CrossFit Bold CrossFit London
Battle 5 CrossFit Evolving CrossFit City Road
Battle 6 CrossFit Muswell Hill CrossFit Hammersmith
Battle 7 CrossFit Vauxhall CrossFit Central London
Battle 8 CrossFit 1971 CrossFit SE11

The Groups:

We all love CrossFit, and everyone should have the chance to compete in a regular CrossFit competition.  No matter if you are a competition veteran or a first time competitor, Box Battles has a group for you:

Group A: The top CrossFit athletes from each box.  The guys and girls who fancy themselves as competitive athletes and who want to compete against the best London has to offer.

Group B: CrossFit athletes that are training for general health and fitness and don’t want to compete with the big guns.  Most of these athletes will have been doing CrossFit for over 12 months.  This groups WODs will be slightly scaled to suit the level of fitness.

Group C: First time competitors or athletes that have been doing CrossFit for less than 12 months.   Again these WODs will be scaled to suit the level of fitness.

Note: It is the responsibility of each box to put each athlete in the most appropriate group for their skill and fitness levels.  The aim is to have athletes form each box competing against athletes of similar ability.

There will be limited spaces in each group due to the available space at each hosting box.  Therefore, we will be using qualification workouts to select the competing athletes from each box.

In 2015 there will be a maximum of 10 athletes in Group A.  The remaining athletes will be in Group B and C.



WOD 15.1 Complax Grace

Part A.

Starting with a single empty bar, pairs have 7minutes to establish a maximum combined weight for the following complex:

Clean Complex:

1 Deadlift

+1 Hang Clean (power clean or squat clean, as long as the bar starts from above the knee in the hang clean)

+1 Front Squat


If partner 1 completes the complex with 100kg and partner 2 completes the complex with 80kg the combined score is 180kg

-then :60secs to set the weights for Part B.

Part B

When the running clock reaches 8min the pair will have 6minutes (running clock stops at 14min) to complete:

Double Grace: 60 Clean and Press

Double Grace Weights (male/female)

Group A:  70/50kg

Group B: 60/40kg

Group C:  50/30kg

Athletes can perform a maximum of 3 repetitions per set.  After completing 1-3 repetitions partner 1 must step away from the bar and partner 2 can then choose to perform 1-3 repetitions.  Partner 2 must perform at least 1 successful repetition before partner 1 can return to the bar.  Anymore than 3repetitions performed in one set will be counted as a no-rep.

WOD 15.2 The Hold Ups (12min AMRAP):

Pairs will complete work for 12mnutes and complete as many repetitions as possible:

Group A

25 Handstand Press-ups

50 TTB while partner hangs onto the pull-up bar

75 Alternating Burpee Box Jumps 24/20inch

100 Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft while partner holds high plank

Group B:

25 Push-Press @ 45/35kg

50 TTB while partner hangs onto the pull-up bar

75 Alternating Burpee Box Jumps 24/20inch

100 Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft while partner holds high plank

Group C

20 Push-Press @ 40/30kg

30 Hanging Knee Raises

40 Alternating Burpee Box Jumps 24/20inch

50 Wall Balls 7/5kg 9/8ft while partner holds high plank

Athletes can share the repetitions anyway they choose, as long as they are performed in the order specified (i.e. 25 Handstand press-ups / Push-press  are completed before starting TTB)

When performing TTB [or scaled versions] 1 partner must be hanging form the pull-up station while the other partner is performing TTB repetitions.  Any repetitions performed when the partner is not hanging on the bar will be counted as no-reps.  Athletes are allowed to drop off the bar when resting and switching places.

When performing wall balls 1 partner must be holding a high plank while the other partner is performing wall balls.  Any repetitions performed when the partner is not holding the high plank will be counted as no-reps.

15.3 The FINAL:

Each box will choose 2 guys and 2 girls form any category.  Each athlete will then perform one round each of:

21 KBS  (suggest 32/24kg)

15 Thruster   (suggest 50/35kg)

9 Pull-ups (suggest guy C2B and chin above)

Teams may choose the order of the athletes to complete a round.  As soon as athlete 1 finishes the pull-ups, athlete 2 can start the KBS (then athlete 3 and then athlete 4).  Battling boxes may choose to modify the suggested weights/standards of the final WOD as the overall points for this workout are between the paired boxes and not the overall event.  The winner team will recieve and additional point towards their final score that will effect the overall ladder.


Additional Scoring Check

After each event the overall scorecards need to be signed off by each box representative on the day.  No scorecards will be accepted after the event.   It is the responsibility of box representatives and individual athletes to make sure all scores are correctly recorded on the overall scorecards provided.


Each competing athlete need to pay £10 to their affiliate.  The payment will be spent on post-comp food and drinks.

Its time to get to work in the box and focus on strength GAINZ and improving your CrossFit skills.  Best of luck to everyone competing in round 2



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