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Barbell Club Phase 7

Posted 26th June 2015 by Josh Schouten

The work put in by those who follow the Barbell Club programming  has wreaked rewards with some nice increases in kilos on the bar also plenty of bell ringing during the 1RM attempts!

Remember that dedication to consistency will lead to long term results. One thing that makes Momentum Training stand out is that accountability with a relaxed style. As a coach it makes my day seeing clients take pride in hitting numbers and reps beyond what we have previously achieved. Not only this learning how to workout is essential in this era as we are no longer active in the majority of your day.

As a program forces the body to adapt to the stress, therefore we need to have the resources to refuel after a workout. Lets try and make the following part of our daily habit over the next 4 weeks:

Body weight x 3 /100 = Litres of water needed per day to function. This is a minimum. (Ie. 80kg x 3 =240)

Protein of 1.7-3 grams x 1kg body weight

Vegetables 3 x per day!

Enjoy the next 4 weeks!

Phase 7

P.s. This phase is dedicated to Eoin Casey who is leaving us to move to the Middle East. Look forward to your return Eoin.