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Weapons 20/10/15 – 23/10/15

Posted 19th October 2015 by Geoff Stewart




Tuesday 20/10/2015

warm up

“warm up for clean 10mins

A. clean Pulls.

B. Muscle clean

C. Power clean.

D. Deep Power clean.

E. Clean with a three second pause in the bottom position”

Strength / olly

A Work up to a 3rpm max clean n jerk for the day 15 mins

B Drop weight to 85% of A E2MOM for 10 mins 3rep clean n jerk (you must be stable at every rep hold position for 3 secs)

Skills    15 mins

MU scale and skill as needed every one does 10 baby MU slowly to work transitions.

B1 MU 3xME rest as needed



5×2 min rounds with 2 min rest between rounds

3 Power cleans @ 70Kg / 55kg

6 wall balls

record reps for each round



3rounds AFAP

25 horizontal ring rows

25 box jumps

25 press ups

Accessory work

Seated on the floor cuban DB press

3×20 lite


Friday 23/10/2015


warm up

“warm up for snatches 10mins

A.Snatch Pulls.

B.Muscle Snatch.

C. Power Snatch.

D. Deep Power Snatch.

E. Snatch with a three second pause in the bottom position”


Strength / olly

A Snatch work up to a 80% 1rpm power snatch 10 mins

B 6x 1x power snatch 2x OHS 90rest

C 50xOHS @ 40% A


Skills   12 mins

Pistols – work on ankle / hip mobility

3x10el rest as needed



GO HARD 2 timed rounds rest 5 mins between rounds

row 50mtrs

20 TNG power cleans 60/45

row 500



6 rounds for time

10 wall balls

20 DU


Accessory work

GHD sit ups