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CFH Training Plan 26/10/2015 – 01/11/2015

Posted 25th October 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 15 of 16 Olympic Lifting and Russian Squats


The first rule for intelligent eating in the modern world – Part 2

In part 1 last week we talked about “Is it food, or is it food stuff?”    To continue on from this we need to begin by shelving conventional wisdom:

–       Forget the food pyramid / food plateIntelligentEating

–       Forget vegetarianism and carnivory

–       Forget leptin, blood types, protein size and calories

–       Forget glycemic index

–       Forget Oprah, Scardale, Beverly Hills, Weight Watchers, the Zonn, South Beach, Atkins, Ornish, and the French.

The single most important thing we need to know about nutrition in the modern world is how to recognise the difference between food and food products.  Once we’ve learned to make this distinction, our nutritional decision-making process will rest on a very solid foundation.

Choose food over food products.  Eat all the food you want, but avoid products whenever possible.

This is the first rule for intelligent eating in the modern world.  If we can consistently manage this distinction, our health will improve and our anxieties about nutrition will diminish considerably, along with our waistline.  This could possibly be the only rule of nutrition most of us need to live a happy and healthy life.

Given the fact that humans co-evolved over millions of years with natural foods, it is safe to assume that our digestive system is well tuned to ancestral foods.  There were toxic plants and poisonous meat in our primal world, but most of what we ate was beneficial.  In contrast, today’s food products are likely to be loaded with substances that are completely alien to our primal heritage.   This modern age has given us an impressive quantity of food, but the nutritional quality hasn’t improved. Modern technology has found ways to keep food fresh for longer periods and in a few cases; we’ve added a few key ingredients that help alleviate certain nutritional deficiencies.

Food is no better now than it was a million years ago.  In most cases primal (older foods) are far better than new foods.  Thus, an important restatement on the first rule:

Eat primal. Avoid modern.


Momentum-Training: Every System Training Part 1 – Energy Production – What do you know about EST?  Do you understand the difference between aerobic, anaerobic, immediate energy metabolism, lactic and alactic training?  Understanding the basics of human energy production can be helpful in understanding fatigue and how different training principles can be used to maximize it.  Energy production is critical to human survival and our body is continually regulating the process to make sure energy demands are met through homeostasis.

GMB: How to Do an L-Sit – Preparation, Programming, and Progression Video -Your shoulders and arms have to be capable of lifting you up, your stomach has to remain solid to keep your legs elevated, and your legs have to be flexible and strong enough to maintain a straight line. Weakness in even one area can make the L-Sit incredibly tough.

Ergo-log: Heavy Strength Training Burns Hundereds Of Calories for Days After – In the days following the training session, the adiponectin level remained considerably higher in the high-intensity group. Adiponectin is a hormone that makes muscles extract more nutrients from the blood. The cortisol level was lower in the high-intensity group than the other groups after the training session. The high-intensity group (intensity = lifting heavy sh** not doing 100’s of reps in a short period of time) had a raised energy expenditure [REE] for days after the test. During the period that the researchers took measurements, the men in the high-intensity group burned several hundred calories more. The energy was spent on helping the body to recover from the strength training. Almost all of this energy for EPOC is derived from fat. . . A Systems Perspective on Motor Control, Part One – Humans are complex systems that have an amazing capacity to self-organize. If you give them the right motivation, environment, and task to perform, they will find good movement solutions, often with great speed and efficiency. The proper role of a coach is often not so much about telling people how to move, but creating the right conditions for learning and then getting out of the way.

Strength Sensei: Squats – The Facts Crouching down is a natural movement. Almost all of us did it as infants to pick something up and it is common in many parts of the world as a waiting position or for food intake. By the way, those are part of the world, where back disorders are not the number one disease of the population! Also, nobody there is walking on crutches because he has damaged his knees by spending too much time in a crouched position.

CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet

CrossFit Hackney Russian Squat Programme

MONDAY 26/10/2015


TUESDAY 27/10/2015


Technique Primer:  (5-10min):

3 Rounds of:

Muscle Clean

Helpful at lighter weights to learn and reinforce the proper upper body mechanics of the turnover (third pull) of the clean

+3 Push Press

Warm up the elbows and shoulders for pressing

+3 Hang Power Cleans

Develop better force production in the extension and more aggressiveness in the pull under due to the limited time and distance to accelerate and elevate the bar, and the limited movement down under the bar.

+3 Push Jerk

Train better and higher drive on the bar, balance in the dip and drive, a more precise vertical drive, a quicker transition between the drive and the movement down under the bar, and proper movement of the bar into position overhead, all of which will improve the split jerk.

+ 3 Tall Split Jerk

Helps with aggressiveness, timing and accuracy in the jerk.


PART A. 16min EMOM Split Jerk (SJ) & Lateral Hurdle Jump:

Even min:

0:00 – 05:00: 2 x SJ 70%

06:00 – 10:00: 1 x  SJ 75%

11:00 – 15:00: 1 x SJ 80%

Odd min:

10 Lateral Hurdle Jumps (Jump over reebok step or p-bar)

PART B. 15min EMOM Power Cleans (PC)

0:00 – 05:00: 2 x PC 70%

06:00 – 10:00: 1 x PC 75%

11:00 – 15:00: 1 x PC  80%


Last week you completes the same movements as an E3MOM.  How long did it take you to complete one round?  You should aim to add 25% to this time and try to pace this workout appropriatly.  Example: If it took :60sec to complete a round during the E3MOM your goal woul de to pace this workout at 1:15 per round.

PART C.  18min AMRAP

6 STOH [P:55/40kg, S:45/35, F:40/30,M:Technique]

9 TTB [Scale: K2E, Knee Raises, V-ups, Dbl Crunch]

12 Box Jumps, Step-Down (BJSD) 24/20inch

WOD GOAL: Stead even pace and completing all repetition in the allocated time.

WEDNESDAY 28/10/2015


Technique Primer:  (5-10min):

3 Rounds of:

3 Muscle Clean

Helpful at lighter weights to learn and reinforce the proper upper body mechanics of the turnover (third pull) of the clean

+3 Tall Clean 

Helps train and reinforce the proper mechanics of the pull under the bar, and train speed, aggressiveness, confidence and precision in the turnover.


PART A. 15min to estamlis 1RM Squat Clean (SC)

0:00 – 05:00: 1-2 SC 60-75%

06:00 – 10:00: 1 SC 75-90%

11:00 – 15:00: 1 SC  90%+

C. 10min E2MOM

4 Clean Pull on Riser (10kg plate) – 100%, 105%, 110%, 90%x2 of 1RM Clean

** If mobility is limited do not pull from a rise.


PART D. Russian Squats: Week15: Day3 (15min to complete):

Performance & Sport:

 5 Rounds of: 2 Back Squat 20×0 @100% of working max


 5 Rounds of: 7 Back Squat 20×0 @90% of working max


8 Rounds of: 10 Back Squat 30×0 @80% of working max


PART D.  “Lactic Alternate Elizabeth”

For Time:

Performance & Sport:

21-15-9 Power Clean (PC) 60/40kg

9-12-21 Ring Dips (RDip)

Function & Movement:

21-15-9 Power Clean (PC) [F:50/30kg, M:Technique]

9-12-21 Push-ups [Scale: Incline]

WOD GOAL: Test of your ability to work hard and fast baby!

THURSDAY 29/10/2015


Shoulder mobalisation (tie the band around the upright of the rig)

Perform all stretches on 1 arm before repeating on the other side:

Straight arm OH lat stretch, facing away from rig
Banded Triceps Stretch
Banded Bully Stretch
Straight arm Lat Stretch, facing toward the rig


3-4 Rounds of:

[4-6] L-Sit Ring Chin-ups – aim to pull from the shoulder blades first and then the arms [Scale: Eccentric Tuck/L-Sit hold + lower]

[2-3] P-bars Shoulder Stand Tuck Roll to L-Sit back to shoulder stand [Scale: 4-6 shoulder stands, then do 4-6 swing to tuck/L-sit]

[6-8] Sheena Dive Bomber Push-ups and back [Scale: BattleRam push-ups]

[ALAP] False Grip Hang from pull-up bar [Scale: feet on box supporting partial weight]

3-4 Rounds of:

[3-5] Ball-ups on pull-up bar [Scale: Partner Assisted]

[3-5] Inverted Pike to L-Sit Chin + lower [Scale: Inverted pike to tuck chin]

[3-8] Russiam Dips on Boxes [Scale: Russian Push-ups]

[8-12] P-bar L-Sit Scissors (straddle) [Scale: L-Sits :15sec, Tuck sits :15sec]

FRIDAY 30/10/2015


Technique Primer:  (5-10min):

3 Rounds of:

Muscle Snatch

Helpful at lighter weights to learn and reinforce the proper upper body mechanics of the turnover (third pull) of the snatch

+ 3 Push Jerk in Snatch

Just like the press in snatch, the push jerk in snatch helps improve snatch receiving position mobility in the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders. It also helps improve trunk stability strength, back extension strength (particularly mid and upper back), upper body overhead strength, balance in the receiving position, and accuracy in the overhead position


PART A. 9min EMOM Power Snatch (PSn):

0:00 – 03:00: 2 x PSn 70%

04:00 – 06:00: 1 x PSn 75%

07:00 – 09:00: 1 x PSn  80%

PART B. 9min EMOM Push Jerk (PJk):

0:00 – 03:00: 2 PJk 70%

04:00 – 06:00: 1 PJk 75%

07:00 – 09:00: 1 PJk  80%


PART C.  30min to try and complete 5 rounds of:

Rounds 1,3 &5 Start with the burpees and go down.

Rounds 2 & 4 are performed backwards, start at DU and go back up the exercises

15 Burpees

15 Wall Balls 9/7kg 10/9ft (WB)

15 Box Jump, Step-Downs (BJSD) 24/20inch

15 RKBS [P:32/24kg, S:24/20kg, F:20/16kg, M:Technique]

45 DU [Scale: 3:1]

Rest 3min between round

WOD GOAL: Record individual rounds and reps for each :90sec effort. Your score is you highest round – your lowest round.  The lower the score the better.

SATURDAY 31/10/2015


Hip Mobility


PART A. Russian Squats: Week14: Day6 (15min to complete):

Performance & Sport:

6 Rounds of: 6 Front Squat 20×0 @80% of working max


 5 Rounds of: 9 Back Squat 20×0 @70% of working max


 4 Rounds of: 12 Back Squat 30×0 @60% of working max

PART B: 3 Rounds of:

B. [8-10] Lateral Russian Step-ups, 2010, :45

B2. [8-12] V-ups, 21×0, :60


PART C:  “The Andrea’s Special”

12min AMRAP of:

3 Muscle-ups [Scale: 6 Strict Pull-ups + 6 Strict Dips, 10 Ring Rows + 10 Push-ups]

6 Power Cleans (PC) [P:70/50kg, S:60/40kg, F:50/30kg M:Technique] [Scale: Hang Power Clean (HgPC)]

9 Heavy Wall Balls


SUNDAY 01/11/2015


2 Rounds:

8-10 Push-ups – full Scapular protaction at the top of the press

 10,10,10 Standing B/O Y,T,W’s


PART A. 15min to complete:

A1. Flat Db Bench Press 4 x 8-10, 30×0, :60

A2. Standing B/O 1-Arm DB/KB Row* 4 x 810, 3020, :60

* Retract shoulderblade before bending the arm



2 PIEACES OF (32min to complete):

 5min AMRAP of:

500m Row – moderate to tough pace

+Max burpees over erg in remaining time

Rest walk 3min

For time (aiming for sub 5min):

Buy In: 50 DU [Scale: 3:1 Singles]


Deadlift 100/70kg [Scale: Weight as needed]

Burpee TTB* [Scale: Burpess + Hanging Knee Raises]

Cash Out: 50 DU [Scale: 3:1 Singles]

* perform a burpee, jump to the pull-up bar and perform a TTB = 1 rep

Rest walk 3min