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Weapons 1/12/15 – 4/12/15

Posted 30th November 2015 by Geoff Stewart




Tuesday 1/12/2015


10 mins band mobility

warm up for clean 10mins

A. 3x Clean Pulls.

B. 3x Muscle clean

C. 3x Power clean.

D. 3x Deep Power clean.

E. 3x Clean with a three second pause in the bottom position

Strength / olly

A/ squat clean n jerk

10 mins to establish best 1RM for the day.


B. Drop down to 70% and perform 8x 1 clean and 2 split jerks rest 120 sec between efforts


C. MU scale and skill as needed every one does 10 baby MU slowly to work transitions. 15 mins

D. MU 6×1 MUx2 dips rest as needed



For time:

30 wall balls 9/7

30 T2B 30 Burpees

30Kcal row

30 thruster 45/30

30 Kcal row

30 burpees

30 T2B

30 wall balls


Accessory work

Spend 10 mins on a Foam Roller please


Friday 4/12/2015


10 mins band mobility


warm up

3x10x10x10 band upper complex



A. BB bench press 5×5 @ 75% 31X0 90

B. L-sit chin ups from floor 5xME 2120

With a BB in the rack set to a height where you arms are at full extension but your bum is on the floor



C. pistol squat

Spend at least 10 mins stretching out ankles / calves / hamstrings

D. On a step do 4x6el pistols rest 45 seconds between legs



Thusters 3xME unbroken Thruster @ 50% BW this means no pause at bottom, middle and only a slight pause at top….be strict rest

3 mins between efforts


3 rounds

20 kcal on bike

20 HR press ups

20 KB swings 24/20

20 sit ups

Accessory work

Workout a simple YOGA flow and spend 5 mins going through it.