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Heavy Metcon 2/12/15

Posted 1st December 2015 by Geoff Stewart

I’m back from holiday and regular heavy met con service is now resumed and open to those of you who have got some skills and most importantly, are willing to put the effort in. Any questions, give me a buzz G x





Warm up

A 3x Wall squats 5 Goblet squats 10 Air squats 15

B 3x press ups 5 walking lunges 10el Kb swings 15

Working in teams of 3 in a UGIG format

45 sec Max reps work 15 to switch

3x rounds each per station.

A            BB bench press @ 70% BW

B            Deadlifts @ 120%@BW

C            Horizontal ring rows @ BW

D            Back squats @ 80% BW