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Weapons 8/12/15 – 11/12/15

Posted 7th December 2015 by Geoff Stewart



Tuesday 8/12/2015

warm up

Spend 10mins with a foam roller please

3 rounds

5 wall squats

10 goblet squats

15 air squats

30 walking lunges

Strength / olly

A walking lunges 6x 8 steps work up to MX for day (use racks) 90rst


B. Bar MU skills 20mins

6×3 top down BMU (Start at full lockout and lower through range with control)

6×3 Bottom up BMU (use a box to jump yourself)


C. 10 rounds E90sec

2x power cleans

2xfront squats

2x push press @50% clean



D. 5mins working up the ladder 1 >


Ring dips

Tuck jump


Accessory work

Standing YTW 3x20ea

Work through your YOGA flow for 6mins


Friday 11/12/2015


warm up

Spend 10mins with a foam roller please

warm up for snatches 10mins

A.Snatch Pulls.

B.Muscle Snatch.

C. Power Snatch.

D. Deep Power Snatch.

E. Snatch with a three second pause in the bottom position”

Strength / olly

A1 snatch 8×3 @70% 1RM focus on speed please 90-120 rst



Headstand n handstands

3×10 Headstands knee from elbow to full extension

3×10 UB kipping HSPU


Emom for 10min

1MU +3 burpees



Rowing / wall balls

30 sec row Mx distance

30 rest

30 sec Mx reps wall balls 9/7

rest 30


Accessory work

With a band do your shoulder complex 3×20 each

Work through your YOGA flow for 6mins