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Weapons 15/12/15 – 17/12/15

Posted 14th December 2015 by Geoff Stewart

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Tuesday 14/12/2015


warm up

Spend 10mins with a foam roller please

Warm up for clean 10mins

A. Clean Pulls.

B. Muscle clean

C. Power clean.

D. Deep Power clean.

E. Clean with a three second pause in the bottom position


Strength / olly

A Work up to a 3rpm max clean for the day 15 mins

B Drop weight to 80% of A E2MOM for 12 mins 3rep TNG cleans



MU scale and skill as needed every one does 10 baby MU slowly to work transitions. 15 mins

B1 MU 3xME rest as needed



5┬árounds – each round is timed with 1 min rest between each SPRINT

10 power cleans @ 50kg / 40

10 T2B

10 Burpees



10:00 AMRAP:

3 Cal Row

3 Over the Rower Burpees

6 Cal Row

6 Over the Rower Burpees

9 Cal Row

etc etc etc


Accessory work

GHD sit ups



Friday 17/12/2015


warm up

Spend 10mins with a foam roller please

Spend 5 mins working on a YOGA flow

3 rounds

5 wall squats

10 goblet squats

15 air squats

30 walking lunges


Strength / olly

A1 Deadlifts 6×3 each DL from a dead stop no letting go of the bar. Rst 90

A2 Dip 6×3 build up to a good weighted dip rst 90



Working on kickout toes at bottom and tight close tuck with kick to bar

3xME rest as needed



20 mins work

Minute A: 3 Power Snatch Singles @85% of Technical Max

Minute B: 15 kcal Air Dyne



5 rounds for time

20 DU

10 CTB pull ups

20 Air sqiuats


Accessory work

Standing band face pulls 50

Seated on floor back to rig Cuban rotations 50 (lite)