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Met Con membership

Posted 12th February 2016 by Geoff Stewart

We pride ourselves on delivering a great Met Con (metabolic conditioning) class. It’s suitable for everyone, it’ll get you well on the road to achieving your goals (whether they are weight loss or strength related or anything in between) and it’s definitely not boring. Yes it’s hard work, but it’s effective hard work and there’s music and team spirit and lots of encouragement and the time flies once you get into the groove.

What is Met Con?

Metabolic conditioning basically means structured patterns of work and rest periods to elicit a desired response from the body. It’s like a kind of fun, hardcore, intelligently programmed circuit class following a simple, effective and tested structure:

–       Warm up section – we get you moving and working through a series of stretches and movement patterns which progressively warm you up and workout aches and pains and allow us to assess and address your problem areas.

–       Main body of work – a set or circuit of exercises, movements and challenges where we you get you working hard. This section will encompass all the big primary functional movements including: squats, lunges, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, hitting, jumping, running, throwing, climbing and, above all, having fun. You will condition your body’s energy systems to build functional strength, co-ordination capabilities and endurance stamina.  We combine various training styles from strongman and bodyweight training to interval, agility, anaerobic and aerobic training using an array of ‘toys’ that include two 18 metre indoor tracks, prowlers, sleds, tyres, hammers, gym rings, a pull up rig and battle ropes.

The format and exact exercise prescription will change from class to class and instructor to instructor and this keeps things interesting. Movements can all be scaled up and down to suit individual goals, needs and abilities but the premise will remain the same and you’ll love it. Classes are all done in a group format often working in pairs or in a team – you will never be alone and there will always been someone there to keep up with, some one to spur on, someone to spur you on and someone to suffer with. Our experiences tell us that working out in this way is the most simple and effective way to achieve your goals, build good gym habits and enjoy your exercise.

How is Met Con different to CrossFit?

In essence, Met Con is simpler than CrossFit, does not contain complex lifts or heavy weights, and is open to all, regardless of skill level. Some of our members go straight into CrossFit, some like to start with metcon and progress to CrossFit once their fitness has increased, and some just stick with metcon. The majority do a bit of both, but it’s totally up to you.

What’s the membership?

If you just want to come to Met Con classes, and not CrossFit (at least for the time being), then we offer a 13 sessions a month Met Con only membership, which is cheaper than full membership, to reflect the simpler Met Con programming and class format. You purchase the membership on a pay as you go, month-to-month basis so you’re not tied into a contract. Follow the link below to sign yourself up:

Look forward to seeing you in class.