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Momentum Training – Welcome Sinan

Posted 24th February 2016 by Josh Schouten

Momentum Training is all about the community. Sinan is local to Momentum and used to regularly come and kick the ball with the boys in the early days. Now, 3 years on and old enough to be on Work Experience he has chosen to spend the week @ Momentum Training with the boys and girls of Hackney. If you haven’t already get around and introduce yourself to Sinan!

A little bit from the man himself:

Hello, my name is Sinan and I’m here for work experience. Learning how to have a healthy lifestyle by being mentally and physically fit. As a sport I’m interested in football and different types of fighting e.g boxing,mma etc. To do my training I use a program called Athlean-X which is very helpful because it tells me which exercise would be most effective on a certain part of the body and other than that I’m interested in FAST cars but mostly the BMW because I think the design from the outside is perfect in my eyes. I also enjoy gaming. With the likes of  C.O.D, G.T.A, FIFA and a lot more. My goals are to improve my mental and physically fitness and to have an active lifestyle, also if I’m successful in the future I would like to go onwards to being a personal trainer. The things I would like to achieve @ Momentum Training is seeing how personal trainers teach and motivate people when working out and how I could go onwards with my training.