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CrossFit Hackney: The “BUILDING” phase

Posted 26th March 2016 by Josh Schouten

The BasePhaseThe CrossFit Open 2016 has finally come to a close and its time to get back to some more quality training.  In 2015-2016 the CrossFit Hackney program worked through a very comprehensive structure of building strength (Juggernaut phase), increasing speed and power (Olympic lifting phase), and then pushing members fitness to a whole new level (Energy System Training (EST) phase).  A lot of hard work, research and time was put into the design and structure of every single training week over the last 12 months. Our members have increased their strength, improved their force production and shown some outstanding fitness improvements during each of the specific phases. So where the hell do we go form here?

The plan for then next 12 months is going to be similar, in the fact that we will again focus on a serious strength phases, followed by and Olympic lifting phase and then EST near the end of the year. The next 5-weeks of the CrossFit Hackney program is going to be a base building phase.   We are going to go back to the basic and dedicate some time to hardcore strength training.  This will prepare our members for the next heavy powerlifting phase that will follow.  Don’t be fooled into thinking this is going to be easy, this is going to be a lot of hard work and many of you are going to have some series DOMS after these sessions.  Your bodies have adapted to the EST and now we are about to change hats and apply a whole new training stress.  

The next 5 weeks:

There will be 4 different style of CrossFit classes in the next phase:

  1. 1. CP (strength) – each week there will be 2 pure CP-Strength days that will focus on strength training.  There will be no WODs and no aerobic EST on these days.  CP-Strength days are designed to get you stronger, focus on your weaknesses, and prepare you for the powerlifting phase ahead.  These days will feel similar to a barbell club classes.
  1. 2. CP (strength) + Anaerobic – each week there will be 2 days that will include a combination of CP-Strength and Anaerobic EST work.  We don’t want to lose the fitness you have worked so hard to build, although our main focus will remain on the quality strength sets on these days.  Be prepared for the lactic acid on these days.
  1. 3. Aerobic: each week there will be 2 aerobic EST days that will be used to maintain the aerobic fitness levels.  These days will feel like a met-con class – with the more complex barbell movements – and there will be multiple workouts ranging between :30/:30 to 10minute repeated efforts. 
  1. 4. Gymnastics:  Thursdays will remain a gymnastic focused day, we will also be starting a new phase here.  The focus over the next couple of months will be on Bent Arm Strength (BAS) and improving hip ability (read more here tomorrow). 

Our bodies are remarkable and our ability to adapt to different training stresses is incredible.  Its easy to get comfortable with one style of training and only do the things we like.  This often leads to limited improvements and training plateaus as our bodies adapt to the training stress.  Doing the same thing over and over has minimal impact after a short time, and if we want to continue making improvements (body composition, hypertrophy, strength, fitness and all round awesomeness), we need to change hats every so often and apply a new training stress to keep the adaptations coming.  

This new phase is one of those hat changes, and its going to be vey different to what you have been doing in the CrossFit classes over the last few months.  Stay focuses and follow the program for a few weeks before you make judgement, you will be glad that you did this base phase when the big lifting starts.

Its time to get strong people!