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Yoga classes for summer

Posted 30th April 2016 by Josh Schouten

Momentum Training are now offering Yoga sessions to all those who need a little help with their flexibility or perhaps just want to get a little better at it. This is one class of all levels. Alex’s experience with CrossFit and strength and conditioning give her the understanding of where you need to work on most. Allowing you to get the most from her session with maximal crossover to the rest of your weeks training.

Should I go to Yoga?

– Can you touch your toes? No… Go to Yoga

– Can you reach your shoulders? No…Go to Yoga

– Can you squat below parallel? No… Go to Yoga

– Can you touch your feet on your head? No… Go to Yoga

Simple. See you at Yoga 2 pm Sunday & every Sunday.


£10 drop-ins. Bring a friend or 3!


Alex’s recommended reading:

10 Reasons to do Yoga

Take Yoga to re-set from a hectic schedule and destress