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Gymnastics Phase 2: BAS

Posted 2nd May 2016 by Josh Schouten

IMG_1358Perfect technique is the name of the game as shitty repetitions equal shitty results, so lets avoid this as much as possible.  In our last gymnastics phase we spent 5 weeks focusing on building Bent Arm Strength (BAS).  In this new gymnastics phase our goal is to continue developing BAS by increasing the complexity of the movements.

We are all individual with our own level of strength and ability, some of us are stronger at pushing movements, and others are stronger in the pulling movements.  Just like the last phase there are a number of different pushing and pulling exercises to choose from  Your selection should be based on your strength and ability, so choose wisely and remember the hair and the tortoise principle especially with body weight training.

We all need to take ownership on our gymnastics training and work at an intensity that delivers the maximum progress over the course of each phase. How do we do this?  For each exercise you choose to complete,  the first set perform each week will be for the maximum number of perfect repetitions possible (MAX REPS).  This MAX REPS number will dictate the number of repetitions to perform for each set of this exercise in part A and part B. 50% of this MAX REP score will be use as the WORKING REPS for the sets ahead.

For example, if you choose station dips and ring chin-ups for your first 2 exercises.  Lets say you perform 7 strict dips and you perform 8 strict chin-ups.  50% of your dips equals 2 (always round it down) WORKING REPS, and 50% of your MAX REP chin-ups will be 4 WORKING REPS.  For the first 15min AMRAP of 1 Pushing and 1 Pulling exercise you will perform repeated sets of 2 on the dips and 4 on the chin-ups.   Again, the aim is to perform and many perfect repetitions as possible by completing a high number of sets and a low number of high quality repetitions.  You should not be going to failure.  If you can perform 7 sets you will complete 14 strict dips and 28 strict chin-ups.  This is the secret sauce that will allow you to improve you bodyweight strength over the coming weeks, slow and steady volume is the critical part.

PART A.  Choose 1 pulling and 1 pressing exercise, I suggest you start with the harder exercise first, while you are fresh.

PART B. Choose 1 pulling and 1 pressing exercise, these exercises should be easier than PART A, as your pushing and pulling muscles will be a little fatigued from PART A.

PART C. This will be focusing on strengthening the core muscle for the next phase.

If you enjoy the gymnastics sessions and you would like to work on your back/front levers, handstand, planche, pull-ups, dips, muscles-up, p-bars, or ring work please come and chat to me (StreTch) about personal training, small group sessions, or online coaching.


[8-10] Push-ups / P-bar Push-ups
[8-10] Scapular Chin-ups
[8-10] Scapular Dips (stations or rings)
[8-10] Scapular Arch Chin-ups (pulling prep)


PART A & B. BAS Work 15min AMRAP (choose 2 exercises for Part A and 2 exercises for Part B.) 

BAS Push BAS Pull
1. Rings: Push-ups, Ring Turn Out (RTO), 31×1
2. P-Bars: Reverse Grip Push-up, 3010
– Challenge: single p-bar (find balance point for bent arm straddle planche or elbow planche)
3. Rings: Archer Push-up (lvl1), RTO, 2211
4. Rings: Arch Push-up (lvl2), RTO, 2211
5. Rings: Full RTO Push-ups, 3010
– Challenge: find balance point in straddle for bent arm planche

6. Station: Assisted Dips (feet on floor), 3111
7. Station: Eccentric Dips, 4000
8. Station: Dips, 3010
9. Rings: Assisted Dips (feet on floor), RTO, 3111
10. Rings: Eccentric Dips, 4000
11. Rings: Dips, RTO, 3010
12. Rings: Bulgarian Dip, RTO, 3111
1. Rings: Assisted Chin-ups (feet on floor), 3111
2. Rings: Iso Chin-holds [:15-:40sec]
3. Bar: Scapular Arch Chin-ups (pulling prep), 2222
4. Rings: Eccentric Chin-ups, 4000
5. Rings: Chin-ups, 3111
6. Ropes: Rope Pull-ups, 30×1
– Increase the distance between your hands to increase the difficulty
7. Rings: Alt Archer Chin-up, 3111
8. Rings: Eccentric One Arm Chin (OAC) (little finger support), 42X1
– The 2sec pause at the bottom is an isometric hold of scapular retraction and depression
9. Rings: Eccentric OAC, 5201, 4201
-The 2sec pause at the bottom is an isometric hold of scapular retraction and depression

PART C. Mobility and Equilibrium

2-3 Rounds of:

[16-20] Straddle Hollow Rocks / Straddle Hollow Holds
[16-20] Table Top Rocks / Table Top Hold :30-40sec

[16-20] Hollow Rocks / Hollow Holds
[10-12] Seal Rocks

[:40-:60] Planche Lean Hold  (FLR hands slightly turned out)
[:30-:40] Elbow Bridge Hold, straight legs & hips as high as possible