Heavy Metcon 11/5/16

Posted 10th May 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Warm up YGIG

KB / BB warm up

KB swings 10

Power clean 5

KB squats 50

Push press 5

10mins work increasing weight as you feel.

Part A

Teams 3 – EMOM for 30 mins

Power cleans 6

Thrusters 6

Pull ups 6

Part B

HR Press ups 100

Horizontal Ring rows 100

Every time you break you start on a Kcal ladder +5 kcals each break alt rower / bike

Time under what?  This Eccentric Training is killing me!

Posted 8th May 2016 by Josh Schouten

gainyoumustThe new strength phase has started at CrossFit Hackney and week 1 has been a shock to the system for some.  Where did this delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) come from?  I’ve not felt this sore in a long time?  Welcome to the wonderful world of slow eccentrics training my friends.

After 5 weeks of the basic building phase we have launched into a new 16week strength focus.  Over the first 4 weeks this focus will be on slow eccentric movements in squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing and pull-ups.  “The time under tension (TUT) dictates the training response.”  TUT is critical for strength development and slow velocity movements have been shown to deliver greater strength gains than fast explosive movements.  It is far easier to gain relative and absolute strength by performing slow controlled movements than fast movements.  This is the money maker right here. (more…)

Barbell Club Phase 5

Posted by Jenna Fisher

Barbell May Homer Simpson

Last week’s structural balance tests revealed that most people need to add trap 3 raises and external rotation exercises into their training routine. This will strengthen your stabilisers, which will help you to get bigger lifts. It will also help to prevent injury. These exercises have been included in the warm up for all classes. If you do not attend both sessions please ensure that you do the exercises when you attend the gym on another day (there are two external rotation exercises and both should be completed). 

During this phase we will be focussing on single leg work for lower body with some pre-exhaust sets to make you work harder. After an intense phase on shoulders we will be switching to a bicep pump for session 1 and chest and triceps for session 2. Pulling remains in both sessions to try to counterbalance the hours you spend hunched over a desk. The rep range and tempo remains targeted at hypertrophy and getting you sweaty. Do not cheat the tempo!


CFH training plan 9/5/16 -15/5/16 week 2

Posted by Josh Schouten

Moving on to week 2 we have had some sore bodies in the gym this week. This is bound to happen when we change the training stimulus. Taking care of yourself during this time is as important as always. We have been doing the Y,T & W along with all the scapula work in the sessions. If you find this is one of your weaker areas it’s as important as ever to make sure you are keeping this up. If you’re early to class standing around grab a band or the rig can start warming up those shoulders. Same goes for the lower extremities. It’s impossible for us to squeeze it all in the sessions and we want our members to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Week 2 of the Eccentric Strength Phase:


CrossFit Engineering – May 2016

Posted 3rd May 2016 by Josh Schouten

As we start to move from foundations and towards CrossFit classes @ Momentum Training offers a bridging session/s being CrossFit Engineering (CFE) where we spend time learning the finer movements for those who are new to all the technical jargon. If this is you, CFE will get you up to speed and well on the way to achieving results.

In this month’s Engineering post we are going to start offering some recommended reading for new and old @ Momentum Training. Knowledge is power. Let that power get you greater results.

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