Heavy Metcon 26/5/16

Posted 24th May 2016 by Geoff Stewart



Warm up

KB swings 10

Press ups 10

KB squats 10

Ring rows 10


Part A

YGIG format 1 rep of each exercise for 15 mins

Squat cleans (challenging weight)

Pull ups (weighted chains)


Part B

YGIG format 1 rep of each exercise for 15 mins

Deadlifts (challenging weight)

Dips (weighted chains)


Part C YGIG format

Death by death crawl 1- 5 reps

Bike or row @ 70% until partner finishes crawl then change.



Heavy Metcon 18/5/16

Posted 18th May 2016 by Geoff Stewart



Heavy metcon

Warm up

Swing 10

Press 5

Squat 10

Pull 5

6mins work


Working in teams 3 in follow the leader format.

5 rounds each

3 Deadlifts @140%bw

9 KB swings – heavy


Row 2K 45 seconds each person only

Cycle 2k 45seconds  each person only

Working in teams 3 in follow the leader format.

3 Bench press BW

9 Pressups


Row 2K 45 seconds each person only

Cycle 2k 45seconds each person only

One of the best supplement for fat loss?

Posted by Josh Schouten

We have talked about supplement more than once in previous blog posts at Momentum Training. We often get asked “should I be taking supplements if I want to …. <insert look good naked goal here>.”  Before answering this question please be aware that the following post is only my opinion based on my experience and research, you can choose to take it or leave it.  I am not a “qualified nutritionist” and I don’t pretend to be.

probioticsThere is no such thing as a free lunch, and just by taking supplement you can never balance out a bad diet, your nutrition is important as so is the balance between exercise and sleep.  Supplements can help, but they are never a bandaid to a crappy diet, poor sleeping habits and limited physical activity.   I’ve spent years learning about health, fitness and nutrition by listening to experts in the field, study, asking questions, reading and researching to build my own opinions. There are many conflicting opinions in the nutrition industry and you need to find what works for you. I like to practice what I preach and I never take one persons word as fact.  Do the research, and everything you hear is bullshit until you can prove otherwise…. including this blog post!

I have been very fortunate to have trained with some amazing coaches and been lucky enough to have had some fantastic mentors. I’ve attended countless workshops and seminars, trained with some incredible coaches, built partnerships with blood labs, holistic nutritionists and holistic doctors.  Each of them have their own professional experience and advice to offer. (more…)