Gymnastics Phase 3: BAS

Josh Schouten | 05-06-2016
Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the current Bent-Arm-Strength (BAS) Gymnastic phase has been focused on building bodyweight pushing and pulling strength for all levels.  Those that have been consistent with the program have seen some steady progress over the last 10weeks, well done.  The next phase will focus on inverted pressing and ring muscle-ups, especially false grip strength. Where... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 6/6/16 -12/6/16 WEEK 6

Geoff Stewart
We are heading into week 6 of our training program and there has been some new sets of aches from all the paused reps we are moving into another week of paused reps so keep it tight strong.   CF_Hackney_Strength_Phase_WK6 2016

Barbell Club – Phase 6 – 6/6/2016

Jenna Fisher
The last phase saw some great work from everyone on single leg exercises and getting the bis and tris stacked. This phase will focus on shoulders and back for upper body and will return to the main lifts for lower body with single leg work moving to accessory. (So you boys don’t get too twitchy rest assured that chest will... [Read more]