Small Group Personal Training

Posted 21st June 2016 by Josh Schouten


Momentum Training continues to evolve to meet the demands and desires of an ever changing health and fitness industry. We are venturing into new territory and we be trialling a small group (1-4 people) personal training offer. The new Group P.T offer comes from feedback regarding a service that is tailored towards individual goal and abilities.  CrossFit, Met-con and Barbell are all great classes for General Physical Preparedness (GPP), however they are not tailored to each individual’s goals, needs and abilities.  If the trial Group P.T sessions are a hit, we will be looking to include additional Group P.T sessions focused on Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Power Lifting and more.
To kick start our Group P.T sessions we plan to launch a “Body Composition” focused option. These sessions are aimed at members who want to work on improving their body composition (losing fat, toning up, changing shape).


How is this different from Barbell Club?


This is all about losing that body fat and building/maintaining lean muscle mass. The sessions will be based on a simple whole body approach to get as much bang for your buck as possible using proven body composition techniques. You’ll be working hard, moving some metal and killing some calories. Your body fat measurements, tape measurements and photos (private) will be taken and monitored so we can track your progress. Food diaries will be kept and dietary and supplementation advice will be given, which you will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR.
Additional options include a blood test for gut function, and/or vitamin and mineral deficiencies to allow further nutrition and supplementation advice (note these are at an additional cost).


Group P.T Body Composition will include:


4 available sessions (max 4ppl in each session) on the schedule each week:
Monday 7am – Geoff
Tuesday 6:30pm – StreTch
Wednesday 7am – Geoff
Thursday 6:30pm – StreTch
Body Fat Measurements / nutrition Advice / food diary assessments / supplement advice (10% off supplements) goal setting / step by step targets, structured Body Composition Training sessions (strict sets, reps, tempos and rest time intervals).




6 Sessions : £315 (£52.50per session) / £270 for MT members (£45 per session)
12 Sessions: £600 (£50 per session) / £480 for MT members (£40 per session)
24 Sessions: £1100 (£45per session) / £840 for MT members (£35 per session)
*A 15 week expiry date is set from the purchase date. A 24 hour notice period is needed for cancellation to avoid losing the booked session. Sessions can be used to attend any given time provided there is availability.

Heavy Metcon 15/6/16 – Cindy

Posted 14th June 2016 by Geoff Stewart




Warm and get mobile:

With a BB increasing weight as you go 10mins


Clean pull

Squat clean



Workout part A”

Working with a partner YGIG format alt reps and rounds work up the ladder from 1 to ? in a 30 min window

Heavy Squat clean to thruster (75/50) 1>2>3 etc

Cindy 1 round 1>2>3 etc

5 pull ups / ring rows

10 press ups

15 air squats


Workout part B:

Teams of 3x equal numbers and genders any way you wish but must all do equal amounts.

Up hill rowing first to 2000K wins a prize.

Barbell club

CFH TRAINING PLAN 13/6/16 -19/6/16 WEEK 7

Posted 12th June 2016 by Josh Schouten

Week 7, we’ve nearly completed this current phase of Strength focused training. Those of you who’ve been attending week in and out should see and feel an adaption to the strength we have thrown at you. Like always adapting to a stimulus see the need to seek a new form of stress. Read on for some more tips on understanding and handling stress.

Five things we should know about stress

10 Tips to reduce stress and increase your performance

This weeks training program:  CF_Hackney_Strength_Phase_2016 W7


Gymnastics Phase 3: BAS

Posted 5th June 2016 by Josh Schouten

Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the current Bent-Arm-Strength (BAS) Gymnastic phase has been focused on building bodyweight pushing and pulling strength for all levels.  Those that have been consistent with the program have seen some steady progress over the last 10weeks, well done.  The next phase will focus on inverted pressing and ring muscle-ups, especially false grip strength.

Where do we start?  How can we possible take a simple push-up and progress towards strict handstand press-up? Or a pull-up and dip to a strict muscle-up?

To start, let’s be clear on a few things you should have before you look to build a strict Handstand Push-Up (HSPU) or Muscle-Ups (MU).

RingsHandstand:  First, you should be comfortable kicking into a handstand against the wall. Hopefully you are comfortable with being upside down and maintaining a stable position? This stable position should be a nice straight line from wrists to ankles with a nice posterior pelvic tilt (PPT).  If you can not create this position you should not be upside down!  Would you deadlift with a rounded back?  HELL NO!  Overextension in the handstand can places a significant load onto the lower back if a PPT is not used, its only a matter of time before you have a sore lower back if you persist with bad form. (more…)