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CFH TRAINING PLAN 1/8/16 – 7/08/16 WEEK 13

Posted 31st July 2016 by Geoff Stewart

Starting this week with a few words of wisdom posted up by  barbell shrug via  our Jenna.

“‘You can go from couch potato to ripped up in 6-weeks’. None of that shit is true. It’s really just what people want to hear. Good marketing, sure. People don’t want to hear the truth.

The truth is you’re going to work your ass off. 

None of us did any 30-day or 6-week bullshit. It took us years and years to get where we are. 

The truth is you’re going to work your ass off and it’s going to take a long time”. (Barbell Shrugged) 

Substance is very different to glitter. There is too much glitter in the fitness world. Sign up with someone who tells it as it is, or does it as it is, (without being a dick).

(Barbell Shrugged)

We are moving into week 13 of our strength phase. You need to remember those numbers in those big lifts these week starting recording them ,if you don’t already and let see how many KGS you can add to those max reps in the next couple of weeks. Good luck people,