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Barbell Club Phase 9 – The Godfather

Posted 4th September 2016 by Jenna Fisher

Joe Weider and Arnie 1

Barbell Club Phase 9 – The Godfather

After the success of Arnold’s Blueprint we will be using Joe Weider’s muscle confusion technique for the next phase.

The number of sets and reps will change each week so that your body does not know what is coming next. The variation of the lift might also change, as might the equipment (i.e. front squat one week and back squat the next or barbell one week and dumbbells the next).

Having spoken to you individually about your goals I have created three versions of this programme. Only follow the programme appropriate to your goal – S (strength), H (hypertrophy – size and shape), or C (composition – fat burning).

The first sheet is session 1 (Mon/Tues) and the second sheet is session 2 (Fri/Sat). Each sheet has the strength programme at the top, hypertrophy in the middle and composition at the bottom. Only follow ONE of these. If you can, print out the programme and bring it with you to class.

New members – if you have less than a year’s training experience please do the composition programme and keep your reps consistent each week (your muscles will be confused enough as it is). Speak to your coach about what to do.

Strength programme – to do this programme you must already be able to squat 1.5x bodyweight, deadlift 2x bodyweight, and bench bodyweight (or be close to it). I know the goal of many beginners is to increase strength but going into the strength programme too early would be like trying to fight a black belt in jiu jit su when you still don’t even have a belt. You are not going to win. There is a process you need to go through to set yourself up for success. Start with composition and progress to hypertrophy when your coach thinks you are ready. The strength programme may be a few years down the line but that does not mean that you will not get stronger from all your efforts beforehand. Following the other programmes will still make you stronger than what you were before.

A few points to note to ensure you succeed:

-This should be organised confusion, not chaos. As with your linear training you will need to be consistent in attending each session every week in order to get results.

-Record your weights every week. This is essential for progress. You will not achieve much if you do 20 reps one week with 50kg and 7 reps the next week with only 55 because you forgot what weight you used the previous week. You must adjust the weight appropriately according to the rep range (use the chart in the gym for % guidance). It must feel challenging. Ask your coach if you are unsure.

-Test your progress. The fifth week is the same as the first so that you are able to track if you have improved. Try to do the fifth week heavier than the first.

-This is one of many techniques and is being used for one phase to avoid plateau. It is a supportive tool, not a permanent replacement for progressive training.

-As the programme needs to vary each week it is ok to use different equipment if something is not free – i.e. a barbell instead of dumbbells, if appropriate. Just try and switch the next week.

-Form, as always is the priority. There should be no confusion here.

Joe Weider’s techniques have been used by some of the world’s greatest bodybuilders and I will be putting posters up in the gym again for a little inspiration. Moustaches are optional. Sweat bands are not.

Any questions please feel free to come and talk to me.

Work in teams, have fun, and push those weights. It is going to be a great month x 

Programme for Barbell Club Phase 9 – The Godfather