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Heavy Metcon 21/9/16

Posted 20th September 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Its all about the numbers..

Warm up like you mean it.


With a BB.

Muscle cleans x5

High clean pull x5

Power clean x5

Push press x5


Increase weight on the bar slowly until to a good weight then move to clean and press and build to a good heavy single approx. 70% 1rpm


Workout in pairs YGIG format

Power clean and press x1

Bike / rowing x2kcals

Power clean and press x2

Bike / rowing x4kcals

Power clean and press x3

Bike / rowing x6kcals

Contuntie to work up numbers format for 30mins


KB breathing 16mins

KB swing 30sec

Hold KB 30sec

KB squat 30sec

Hold KB 30sec

KB press 30sec

Hold KB 30sec

Kb thrusters 30sec

Hold KB 30sec