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Crossfit training plan 26/9/2016-2/10/2016

Posted 25th September 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Heading into week 2 of our GPP intensification phase and how are you finding it?  Our aim this week is to put a few more kg on the functional rep ranges and aim to get a few extra reps out of your timed pieces on our foundation movements. Reps x weight = total volume – how are these numbers standing up? Another interesting calculation to give you a predicted 1rmp max is weight x reps x 0.033 + weight lifted = predicted max, try it see how you get on there is a lot of thinking out there that says a predicted 1rmp max is far safer and rep ranges from 3-7 are far better predictors of real rounded fitness and strength. How is your oly lifting coming along? We are looking for a good level of speed through the gassy reps. On our breathing days we are asking you to dig into and build those anaerobic bases  and push those perceived effort levels a bit higher: you will be getting some extra rest so you can push.

A much discussed and maligned topic in the fitness world is the pull up. We ourselves in the Momentum team have had many a discussion and hold varied views on what’s good, bad and ugly. Strict, negative, weighted, kipping, butterfly, they all have a place somewhere in the wonderful world of CF and GPP. What we all do agree on is that there is a high injury risk (ask Geoff about “slap tears”) and a good structured progression is the way forward. Don’t get stuck in a rut, try another scale version or ask you coach for some tips. Have a go folks but please be mindful of injuries.

Tally Ho and onwards

Let’s work.


Train in the Correct Rep Ranges

The amount of reps you are completing per set of an exercise is a very important component of building muscle. Sets of 1-5 reps are geared for strength gains. You can definitely build muscle mass with these sets, but low reps like this are better for building absolute strength. Sets of 15+ are great to build muscular endurance, but cause less muscle damage and less growth. If you are serious about building muscle, you must spend a significant amount of time training in rep ranges geared toward hypertrophy (muscle growth). Sets of 6-15 reps are great for building muscle, with the sweet spot landing in the 8-12 rep range.

Here’s the kicker – train to failure (or at least close to it). We’ve all seen people in the gym rack the weight on a set of 12 when they clearly have more in the tank. Completing a set of 12 when you are good for 25 reps isn’t going to get the job done. However, for compound, multi-joint leg movements, you must be careful and follow a periodized plan. Training to complete failure on these movements on a weekly basis can have a negative impact on your training and overtax the central nervous system.