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Heavy Metcon 12/10/2016

Posted 11th October 2016 by Geoff Stewart



Alex-Solis-fat-Sper-Heros-Pop-5-600x595Odds and evens


Working with a partner in an 8 min EMOM.

We would like you and you will need to go heavy and fast to get through these each 8min EMOM. We would like everyone to start with the BB movement please.


Power clean x5 @ BW

Bike 15/20kcals

Rest 5 mins

Squats x5 @ BW++

Rowing 12/15kcals

rest 5 mins

Bench press x5 @ 90% BW

Bike 15/20kcals

rest 5mins

Deadlifts x5 @ 1.5xBW

Rowing 12/15kcals