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Crossfit Training Plan 17/10/2016

Posted 16th October 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Into week 1 of 2 of our GPP realization phase. This week we going to be testing your 3-5 rep max looking for your to move a good amount of Kilo’s on your timed pieces as well as usual working hard digging into those pain caves and having fun. You will get 2 runs at your lifts and a few workouts will come rounds again.


You have been working and developing that GPP (general physical preparedness) although there has not been a direct focus on any thing specific you will be surprised at how much carry over you will get from one activity, movement, energy system and fundamental lift to another, look for gains across a broad spectrum the game of fitness has many attributes.


This week’s focus. 

If you have been tracking your weights and number now is the time to review and set new ones -Squats ,pull ups, deadlifts and OH pressing

On our 2 min timed pieces workout the load Reps x weight = load if you plan it well you’ll be surprise what you have in the tank.

Olly lifting: we are looking for some good 3rpm max lifts (there shouldn’t be any failed reps) and the into a 4min piece to test that form with weight. Folks this should be a “heavy” weight you’ll need to reset each rep.

Breathing days: There is an old favorite in there that we have seen to keep you on your toes you’ll know what coming so get it done you know you can.

WODs: have fun and work hard


We might not tell our members this often enough but you guys are in the top percentile of human beings you are fit and strong – you will be harder to kill if the time ever comes.


Let’s work.



Plan for Success

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

This is especially true when talking about achieving your fitness goals. Whether your aiming to lose 10kg, do 5 pull ups do a sub 4min Fran , you need a plan to succeed. The advice and saying, “eating five meals a day speeds up your metabolism,” has never been proven. The reason people succeed when they eat five meals a day is because they are making a plan and making healthy food choices. By planning your meals and structuring your workouts you’re more likely to do it. If its all on the fly who know what might happen.


– Plan your meals for the middle of the day. Have you got it with you? Where are you going to buy it? Why don’t you buy it on your way to your desk? Most people have time to make breakfast and dinner.

– Only buy and keep healthy groceries in your house. If you aren’t

around bad food, the chances are you aint going to eat it.