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Crossfit training plan 24/10/16 – 30/10/16

Posted 23rd October 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Into week 2 of 2 of our GPP realization phase. So a number of pieces will be coming round again, you know what to expect – where that extra kilo might be hiding and where that extra rep is. Put that extra kilo on your timed pieces and increase the amount of weight shifted. Same as last week please folk. Let’s keep this simple and honest, get the work done, take no prisoners.


People have been showing that their GPP levels have improved through varied training domains. People have lifted more, pushed more total weight, increased output for longer. Remember some times it’s the sum of many parts that make the whole.


This week’s focus.

 Numbers on those lifts – record and remember them, we will be using them.

Timed pieces – where are you going to get those extra kilos?

Olly lifting – we are looking for some good 3rpm lifts (there shouldn’t be any failed reps) and then into our 4min piece to test that form with weight. Folks this should be a heavy weight, you’ll need to reset each rep.

Breathing days – there is some good old fashioned work to be done here, you’re getting the idea of what we are looking for and those engines are coming together nicely.

WODs – have fun and work hard.


Let’s work.